Lance Bass to Proceed With 10th Egg Donor After Surrogate Suffers Miscarriage at 8 Weeks. Lance Bass is not giving up on his dream to be a dad. The star is revealing he and husband Michael Turchin have been trying to conceive a baby via IVF for the better part of two years to no avail. He tells Entertainment Tonight, "It's been a very long process, years in the making... There have been a lot of ups and downs -- way more downs than ups." Most recently, the *NSYNC singer and his husband of almost six years attempted their ninth round of IVF, but unfortunately their surrogate miscarried eight weeks into the pregnancy in August, something he says "happens to pretty much everyone when you're going through IVF." "You try to trick yourself into not getting excited because you know anything can happen at any time, especially in those first few weeks when there's a huge possibility that the [embryos] won't stick," the 40-year-old explains. "You keep telling yourself that and trying not to get your hopes up, but you're always going to have those thoughts in the back of your brain where you're already planning out their lives. Especially once you know the sex -- you can't help but fast-forward over their entire lives and imagine who they're going to be like, who they might marry and all kinds of stuff." Understandably, Lance shares "getting over" the disappointment is a difficult process but he's not lost hope yet. He says he and Michael know that "everything happens for a reason" and are keeping their heads held high. In the coming days, the performer hopes to proceed with their 10th, and hopefully final, round of IVF. Whether they end up with a child is not a matter of if, but when. The celebrity says in a "perfect world" he'd have children of his own, but if "it's not meant in the cards" he and Michael would be more than willing to adopt. "There are plenty of kids who need adopting. So, I'm not opposed to going right ahead and adopting if this fails next time," Lance shares. Bass previously shared on Heather Dubrow's podcast that he and Michael were hoping to have twin boys and were timing it with the astrological calendar in mind. "If we end up getting pregnant, like, soon, that puts them right on the boarder of Taurus-Gemini," he joked. "So, we had to do it now for them to stay a Taurus." That being said, the star will be happy with the child he's gifted with, Gemini or not. He said, "It's been delayed so much. Like, I'm just kind of like itching to be a dad. You know, I'm 40 now. So, I mean, it's time. I've been waiting for this." (Eonline)

Katy Perry Is "Slowing Down" to Enjoy Her Pregnancy After Postponing Her Wedding. Katy Perry is enjoying her pregnancy... con calma. After debuting her baby bump two weeks ago in her "Never Worn White" music video, it looks the 35-year-old star is keeping a low-profile and cherishing her precious pregnancy moments at home. Especially with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the "Con Calma" songstress and her fiance Orlando Bloom appear to be taking things seriously. According to a source, Katy is focused on her health and wellbeing, which means her and the Bloom's wedding is officially on hold right now. "She postponed the wedding and no other dates are being discussed. She is resting at home and taking one day at a time," the insider shared with E! News. "At this point, she isn't thinking about the wedding and when it will happen." The source added, "She is just slowing down and trying to enjoy her pregnancy. She is relieved that she made it home [from Australia] and is feeling good." After flying back home from Australia, where she performed and made several media appearances, the American Idol judge was spotted on a quick grocery run with her fiance. Because like many of us during this time, buying the necessities is essential as we practice social distancing. It appeared the celebrity pair were grabbing produce, frozen food, vegetables, water and more at a Whole Foods in Los Angeles. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the newly engaged couple decided to postpone their wedding amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Originally, they planned to get married in Japan sometime this year. They both played around with the idea of changing things to the U.S., according to a separate source. However, they ultimately felt it was best to put the whole wedding on hold. Despite postponing their wedding, Katy and Orlando have a lot to look forward to with the new addition to their family. As some fans know, this will mark the Carnival Row actor's second child -- he shares a son, Flynn, with ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. Earlier this year, a second source mentioned the American Idol judge was "about five months" pregnant. While the couple has yet to share their baby's gender, Katy previously touched on the subject. While onstage at Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia in early March, she told the crowd, "I hope it's a girl." Only time will tell what the couple has! (Eonline)

Morgan Stewart Is Dating Dr. Phil's Son Jordan McGraw. Morgan Stewart and musician Jordan McGraw are Instagram (Live) official! The E! host revealed in a Nightly Pop Instagram Live Wednesday that she's been dating McGraw (yes, Dr. Phil McGraw's son) for about three months. Fans were quick to make sure McGraw plans to treat her right, and one in particular even asked about his "intentions." "What are Jordan's intentions?" Stewart said before turning to McGraw. "Do you see the overprotective nature of people who follow me?" But as it turns out, this isn't the first time the two have dated. "You wanna know a very fun fact, you guys? We dated 10 years ago for a year and then he broke up with me...'" Stewart joked. "And I was like, 'Fine, whatever. I don't care.' And then I went on obviously to have another relationship and then the past year we got back together." What sparked the reunion? "I don't know, he was persistent and I was like, 'Alright,'" she explained to a fan who asked. Stewart and McGraw are currently social distancing together because of coronavirus. Luckily, they're in an oceanfront house in Malibu and drinking Aperol spritzes! Plus, they're not sick of each other quite yet. The "Met At A Party" singer said being cooped up with Stewart is "all entertaining all the time." The couple signed off after talking to fans for a bit, but not before one could ask if McGraw was committed enough to get a face tattoo that says "Morgan." "Yeah!" he jokingly replied. For more fun surprises from your favorite E! personalities, don't miss Nightly Pop and Daily Pop on Instagram Live. (Eonline)

Tom Hanks doing 'not great but still OK' while recovering from coronavirus. Tom Hanks is doing "not great but still OK," the coronavirus-stricken star's sister told the Daily Mail. The 63-year-old Oscar winner and his wife, Rita Wilson, remain in isolation in an Australian residence after being discharged from a hospital following their diagnosis with COVID0-19. "I have communicated with my brother. He's not great, but still OK. [Am I] shocked? No. He's an actor, not a god [but] medical care in Australia is good," Hanks' eldest sibling, Sandra Hanks Benoiton, told the news outlet. Benoiton is on lockdown herself in hard-hit Italy, where she moved with her family in 2016. "We're OK here ... staying home is fine with us, and this community is wonderful. I'm lucky to be here, the spirit of the people is amazing!" she told the Daily Mail. "The US and the UK are failing miserably, however," she added. The actor earlier this week gave an update on the couple's condition. "Hey folks. Good news: One week after testing positive, in self-isolation, the symptoms are much the same. No fever but the blahs. Folding the laundry and doing the dishes leads to a nap on the couch," he wrote on social media. "Bad news: my wife has won 6 straight hands of Gin Rummy and now leads by 201 points," he said. In January, the couple arrived in Australia, where an Elvis Presley biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann was to be shot. Hanks plays Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker. The film, slated for release in October 2021, has suspended production, Warner Bros. has said. (PageSix)

Tori Spelling Apologizes After Photo of Daughter Sparks Racism Accusations. Tori Spelling says she is "truly sorry" for posting an Instagram Story photo of one of her daughters, which stirred quite a bit of controversy. The picture showed 8-year-old daughter Hattie, one of the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum and husband Dean's five children, posing with a green handkerchief on her head and Cheetos tied to the edges of her fingers. Spelling wrote alongside the image, "Days kept inside we have to get creative... Hattie has become McQuisha in her Cheeto extension nails!" The actress' photo sparked accusations of racism. "I posted a story the other day that upset many of you," she wrote on Instagram Story on Wednesday. "I'm truly sorry. That was NOT the intention at ALL. Hattie is 8. We watch and adore old reruns of Martin. She loves the character Shanaynay. She made up that name with "Mc" bc her last name is McDermott. She was reenacting the other the top fun and amazing character from Martin." "She is innocent and didn't mean anything by it," Spelling continued. "I should have thought about how it could have been perceived and misconstrued before I posted. I did not. I'm truly sorry." Spelling and her family are among millions of people who are remaining at home and practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. Days earlier, she complained on Instagram," We're all sick and the kids' schools are closed, so we're all home. And it's raining. And the stores are out of toilet paper and we have seven butts to wipe and no toilet paper to be found." She later said that her husband "is a rock star... he found TP!" (Eonline)

Vanessa Bryant has filed legal docs to protect all of her children ...she's asking a judge to amend Kobe's trust so she can provide for their youngest daughter, Capri, who was born after the most recent trust document was drafted and signed. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Kobe created a trust to provide for Vanessa and his kids way back in 2003. The trust was amended several times, most recently in 2017. It seems every time one of their 4 children was born, they amended the trust to include them. Problem is ... Capri was born 9 months ago and it didn't seem like there was a mad rush to amend the document again, since Kobe was healthy and young. Obviously, no one could have anticipated the tragedy that befell the family when both Kobe and Gigi were killed in a helicopter crash last January. Vanessa is asking the judge to include Capri, and explains it was clearly Kobe's intent to provide for his children. He even says so generally in one on the documents. It seems pretty certain a judge will allow the amendment. According to the trust agreement, Vanessa, Natalia and Bianka can draw from the principal and income in the trust during Vanessa's lifetime, and then her kids get the remainder upon her death. Vanessa wants to include Capri in that distribution. (TMZ)

Will warring exes Johnny Depp and Heard finally come face to face at a trial over his alleged abuse at London's High Court? Despite the worldwide travel restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic, Depp plans to fly in from his French chateau to be at the court in person for the anticipated start of the trial Monday. He has suggested Heard should be there too. Depp is suing British paper the Sun over a 2018 story stating he is a "wife-beater," which he claims cost him the role in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise. Depp, who finalized his divorce from Heard in 2016, is also suing her in the US in a $50 million defamation case. Depp strongly denies abusing Heard, claiming she was the "aggressor." Depp is currently practicing social distancing at his sprawling $63 million chateau in the South of France, while Heard is in LA. A British judge will rule on Friday if the trial can proceed, given the risk of gathering a large group of lawyers and media in a courtroom. A rep for Heard told Page Six, on the heels of a series of leaked tapes from the stars' toxic marriage, "Amber ... is very eager for the UK trial to proceed. In the lead-up to trial, Mr. Depp and his team have engaged in a daily press campaign to selectively leak materials, spin them in every way possible and embarrass and harass Amber and the people around her, including potential witnesses. "Ms. Heard believes that the truth coming to light through the presentation of evidence in court will finally put an end to this abusive campaign. If she is required to testify in person, Ms. Heard will travel to London if she is legally permitted to do so ... Otherwise, Ms. Heard will make sure that she is available to testify [via] video." Depp's attorney Adam Waldman -- after another day of allegations about the events leading up to the actor suffering a severed finger in 2015 -- said, "Our opponents are so lost in their lies, they can't even get their fake sequence of events, times or dates straight." (Page Six)


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