• I don't know if this is true around the country, but in Washington State, Drive-In theaters are making a big comeback. Think of it-you keep social distancing in your car and still get to see the new movies.
  • Meghan McCain has announced she's pregnant and in self-isolation.
  • It's sounding more and more like this year's summer Olympics are going to get bumped until NEXT summer.
  • Queen Elizabeth's grandson Peter Phillips is separating from his wife, Autumn Phillips after 12 years of marriage.
  • Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for the coronavirus in prison.
  • If this helps drive home the seriousness of EVERYONE staying home: A teenager aged just 18 has died in the UK - one day after testing positive for COVID-19.
  • Our "Special Place in Hell" Award this week goes to the Oregon man, who allegedly stole thousands of N95 respirators -- 20 cases of the masks -- worth nearly $2,500.
  • In Portland, what else would you call a food service that delivers to-go orders using out-of-work strippers, but "Boober Eats?"


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