Have you ever sold a home? Did you do it fast? What was your secret? We got these from
  1. If you do only two things before showing your house, clean, and clean some more. People want to come into a space and visualize themselves living there, and if there are spills on the table, toys on the floor, and dog mess everywhere, people can't focus on the space.
  2. Accentuate the positive, camouflage the negative. If you have large windows or a great view, hang long, simple curtains to accentuate them. If you have spacious rooms, remove any too-bulky furniture or unnecessary pieces that would make the space feel cramped.
  3. Appeal to the widest possible audience. If you have a hot-pink accent wall, paint over it with a more neutral shade that matches the other walls. Pack away that collection of Star Wars figurines. Stash kids' toys or dog toys in another room.
  4. Create a welcoming environment. You want buyers to make an emotional connection to your home, replace dim light bulbs with new ones and make sure there is a pleasant, but not overpowering, smell in the house.
  5. Develop a quick-clean plan for last-minute showings. You never know when a realtor may have an interested client, so it's important to have a speedy cleaning plan for spontaneous appointments. Invest in a nice-looking storage trunk for stashing day-to-day clutter in a hurry.


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