Men's Health lists these ways to naturally boost brainpower:

Focus better with meditation
A 2018 study from the University of Miami found that of the people who attended a three month long meditation retreat, those who continued the practice regularly and intensively did not show age-related decline in sustained attention seven years later.

Get more done with chocolate
The active ingredient in dark chocolate, cocoa flavanols, maybe immediately improve visual information processing and working memory performance. Have a square or two and stick with natural cocoa: "Dutch processing" reduces flavanol content.

Augment your memory with games
A 30-minute brain-training session based on the "n-back test," requiring participants to recall squares and letters they'd seen previously, improved their working memory, compared with those who didn't train. Try it yourself at cognitivefun.net/test/4.

Cultivate your creativity with tea
In a new study, people who drank a cup of hot black tea where better at spatial creativity and language innovation than those who drank hot water. One explanation: People believe that tea drinkers are smart and innovative, so they act the part when served a cup.

Hike your happiness with exercise
As little as ten minutes of exercise per week may elevate mood. More research is needed to determine which forms of exercise produce the most pronounced effects, but preliminary findings show that aerobic and stretching/balancing activities such as yoga or tai chi have benefits.

Address Your Stress
To avoid dementia later, control stress now. That's the take away from a four-study review of nearly 30,000 people. Researchers found a link between those experiencing midlife anxiety and those who developed dementia within ten years. Anxiety may hasten the aging of b rain cells, raising vulnerability to cognitive decline.


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