Born On This Day...

In 1554 Pope Gregory XV (1621-23)
In 1728 Poet, Thomas Warton (Pleasures of Melancholy)
In 1859 Feminist, Carrie Lane Chapman Catt (founded League of Women Voters)
In 1870 Civil engineer, Joseph B. Strauss (built Golden Gate Bridge)
In 1878 Psychologist, John Broadus Watson (spokesman for behaviorism)
In 1890 Playwright/novelist, Karel Capek (coined the word "robot")
In 1898 English actress, Gracie Fields (We're Going To Be Rich)
In 1901 Cartoonist, Chic Young (Blondie) [d: 3-14-73]
In 1904 Dancer/choreographer, George Balanchine [d: 4-30-83]
In 1908 French author, Simone de Beauvoir (The Second Sex) [d: 4-14-86]
In 1913 Richard M. Nixon, 37th U.S. president (1968-74) [d: 04-22-94]
In 1914 Jazz drummer, Kenny Clarke (modern bebop drums) [d: 1-25-85]
In 1915 Actor, Fernando Lamas (Won Ton Ton, Cheap Detective) [d: 10-8-82]
In 1915 Actress, Anita Louise (My Friend Flicka) [d: 4-25-70]
In 1917 Actor, Herbert Lom (Detective Superior-The Pink Panther) [d: 9-25-12]
In 1920 Jazz singer, Betty Roche (Duke Ellington) [d: 2-16-99]
In 1925 Actor, Lee Van Cleef (A Few Dollars More) [d: 12-16-89]
In 1928 Author, Judith Krantz (Scruples, Princess Daisy, Dazzle) [d: 6-22-19]
In 1928 Singer/songwriter, Domenico Modugno (Volare) [d: 8-6-94]
In 1934 Country guitarist, Jimmy Day (Willie Nelson) [d: 1-22-99]
In 1934 Football Hall-of-Famer, Bart Starr (Packers) [d: 5-26-19]
In 1935 Actor, Bob Denver (Dobie Gillis, Gilligan's Island) [d: 9-2-05]
In 1935 Sportscaster, Dick Enberg (NBC, CBS) ("Oh my!") [d: 12-21-17]
In 1936 Actress, K. Callan (Martha Kent-Lois & Clark) (88)
In 1940 Actor/singer, Jimmy Boyd (Howard-Bachelor Father) [d: 2-28-09]
In 1941 Folk singer, Joan Baez (Night They Drove Old Dixie Down) (83)
In 1941 Actress, Susannah York (Superman, A Man For All Seasons) [d: 1-14-11]
In 1942 Singer/guitarist, Dick Yount (Feeling Groovy-Harpers Bizarre) [d: 11-11-07]
In 1943 Singer, Kenneth Kelly (Shining Star-Manhattans) [d: 2-17-15]
In 1943 Singer, Scott Engel (The Walker Brothers) [d: 3-25-19]
In 1944 Guitarist, Jimmy Page (Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, The Firm) (80)
In 1947 Football player, Terry Brown (Vikings) (77)
In 1948 Guitarist/singer, William Cowsill (The Cowsills) [d: 2-17-06]
In 1950 Football player, Robert Newhouse (Cowboys) [d: 7-22-14]
In 1950 Actor/singer, David Roger Johansen (New York Dolls) (74)
In 1951 Singer, Crystal Gayle (Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue) (73)
In 1954 Singer, Lance Hoppens (Orleans) [d: 7-24-12]
In 1955 Singer, Luci Martin (La Freak-Chic) (69)
In 1955 Actor, J.K. Simmons (The Closer, Law & Order, Oz) (69)
In 1956 Actress, Kimberly Beck Hilton (Kim-Peyton Place, Capitol) (68)
In 1959 Auto racer, Mark Martin (NASCAR) (65)
In 1959 Baseball player, Otis Nixon (Yankees, Indians, Expos) (65)
In 1963 Guitarist, Eric Erlandson (Hole) (61)
In 1964 Actress, Melissa Morgan (Young & the Restless) (60)
In 1965 Basketball player, Muggsy Tyrone Bogues (Bullets) (59)
In 1965 Actress, Joely Richardson (101 Dalmations, Nip/Tuck) (59)
In 1967 Singer, Steve Harwell (Smash Mouth)[d: 9-4-93]
In 1967 Singer, Dave Matthews (Dave Matthews Band) (57)
In 1970 Guitarist/songwriter, Carl Bell (Fuel) (54)
In 1970 Actor, Marco Sanchez (Chief Ortiz-seaQuest DSV) (54)
In 1971 Figure skater, Elizabeth Punsalan (Olympics-1994) (53)
In 1973 Jamaican rapper, Sean Paul (51)
In 1974 Actor, Omari Hardwick (Dark Blue, Kick Ass) (50)
In 1978 Football player, Chad Johnson (Bengals) (46)
In 1978 Singer, A.J. McLean (Backstreet Boys) (46)
In 1982 Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton (married Prince William) (42)
In 1989 Punk singer, Cody Carson (Set It Off) (35)
In 1989 Actress, Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries, Fam, Love Hard) (35)
In 1990 Singer, Kevin Ghost (Ghost Town) (34)
In 1993 Actress, Ashley Argota (True Jackson VP) (31)
In 1995 Actress, Nicola Peltz (Bates Motel, Transformers: Age of Extinction) (29)
In 1997 Actress, Lauryn McClain (Daddy's Little Girls, House of Payne) (27)
In 1998 Actress, Kerris Dorsey (Bridget-Ray Donovan) (26)


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