Your favorite snacks reveal tons about your personality. Discover how the tastes that tickle your palate also spotlight your dominant trait:

You're a dreamer
If you prefer sugary cereal, double chocolate brownies and hard candies. Friends and family often catch you with your head in the clouds. You're also very trusting, creative, and artistic, believing that life is to be savored.

You're a diplomat.
Suppose you prefer gumdrops, ice cream, and dips loaded with sour cream. You yearn for tranquility, and you're the one who steps in to settle disputes between loved ones. Although you have opinions, you never force them on others.

You're a nonconformist.
Suppose you prefer dark chocolate, black coffee, and sour candies. You're an unconventional person with supreme confidence in your abilities. You also speak your mind with a refreshing honesty that charms others.

You're a born leader.
Suppose you prefer potato chips, popcorn, and peanuts. You aren't shy about taking charge, and your bold attitude attracts others who eagerly follow you, whether at work or play. Your positive perspective reassures people.

You're a risk taker.
Suppose you prefer salsa, spicy foods, and black pepper on everything. You're a passionate, innovative thinker with an upbeat, intriguing approach to your job. Others also appreciate your infectious sense of fun.


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