Born On This Day...

In 1730, Merchant Joseph Hewes (signed the Declaration Of Independence)
In 1783, French novelist Marie-Henri Beyle
In 1783, French poet/novelist Stendahl
In 1832 French impressionist painter, Edouard Manet
In 1862 Mathematician, David Hilbert
In 1872, Physicist Paul Langevin (sound detection system for submarines)
In 1884, Cartoonist George McManus (Maggie & Jiggs, Bringing Up Father)
In 1890, Businesswoman Cordella Knott (co-founded Knotts Berry Farm)
In 1898, Russian filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein (Battleship Potemkin)
In 1899, Actor Humphrey Bogart (Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, Key Largo)
In 1899 Historian, Joseph Nathan Kane
In 1900, Actress Mary Philips (Farewell To Arms) [d: 4-22-75]
In 1903, Cowboy actor Randolph Scott [d: 3-2-87]
In 1905 Actor, David Newell (Runaway Bride, White Heat) [d: 1-25-80]
In 1906 Actor, Bob Steele (Duffy-F Troop, Big Sleep) [d: 12-21-88]
In 1907 Actor, Dan Duryea (China Smith, Peyton Place) [d: 6-7-68]
In 1910, Jazz singer/guitarist Django Reinhardt [d: 5-16-53]
In 1915, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart (1958-81) [d: 12-7-85]
In 1919 Actor/comedian Ernie Kovacs (Ernie Kovacs Show) [d: 1-13-62]
In 1923 Actress, Florence Halop (Night Court, St. Elsewhere) [d: 7-15-86]
In 1925 Bandleader, Marty Paich (Sonny & Cher, Smothers Brothers) [d: 8-12-95]
In 1928, Actress Jeanne Moreau (Going Places, Jules et Jim) [d: 7-31-17]
In 1930, Singer, Ken Errair (The Four Freshmen) [d: 6-14-68]
In 1930 Astronaut, William R. Pogue (Skylab 4) [d: 3-3-14]
In 1933, Actress Chita Rivera (West Side Story, Sweet Charity) (91)
In 1934, Baseball player Joe Amalfitano (Dodgers) (90)
In 1936 Actress, Arlene Golonka (Millie-Mayberry RFD) :[d: 5-31-21]
In 1936, Football player/author Jerry Kramer (Packers/Instant Replay) (88)
In 1940, Singer/songwriter Johnny Russell (Act Naturally) [d: 7-3-01]
In 1942, Director Willy Bogner Jr. (On Her Majesty's Secret Service) (82)
In 1943, Actor Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, Code 3) (81)
In 1944 Actor, Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Ladyhawke, Batman Begins) [d: 7-19-19]
In 1944, Singer, Jerry Lawson (Persuasions) [d: 7-10-19]
In 1948 Singer, Anita Pointer (Pointer Sisters) [d: 12-31-22]
In 1949 Astronaut, Robert D. Cabana (STS-88, STS-65, STS-53, STS-41) (75)
In 1950 Actor Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver, Stargate: SG1) (74)
In 1950, Bassist/pianist Bill Cunningham (Box Tops, Big Star) (74)
In 1950, Keyboardist/singer Danny Federici (E Street Band) [d: 4-17-08]
In 1951 U.S. runner Margaret Johnson Bailes (Olympic-Gold-1968) (73)
In 1951, Pilot Chesley Sullenberger (landed the jet on the Hudson River) (73)
In 1953 Football player/sportscaster Pat Haden (Rams) (71)
In 1953, Singer/guitarist Robin Zander (Cheap Trick) (71)
In 1955 Trumpeter, Reggie Calloway (Midnight Star) (69)
In 1957, Princess Caroline of Monaco (Grace Kelly's daughter) (67)
In 1957 Bassist, Earl Falconer (UB40) (67)
In 1958 Actress/Playmate, Lorraine Michaels (April-1981) (66)
In 1959 Actor Tyrone Power Jr. (Shag) (65)
In 1963, Actress Gail O'Grady (Donna-NYPD Blue, American Dreams) (61)
In 1964, Actress Mariska Hargitay (Falcon Crest, Law & Order SVU) (60)
In 1964, Dancer/actress Kelly Parsons (Mickey Mouse Club 70s) (60)
In 1966, U.S. volleyball player Scott Fortune (Olympic-Gold-1988) (58)
In 1968 Football player Eric Metcalf (Browns, Falcons, Chargers) (56)
In 1971 Singer, Marc Nelson (I Like You, Move Closer) (53)
In 1972, Model/host Lisa Snowdon (Britain's Next Top Model) (52)
In 1973, Reality star Lisa Wu (The Real Housewives of Atlanta) (51)
In 1974, Actress Tiffani Thiessen (Saved By The Bell, 90210) (50)
In 1976, Actor Tony James Lucca (Mickey Mouse Club, Zack-Malibu Shores) (48)
In 1981 Actress Julia Jones (Twilight, Black Cloud, Jonah Hex) (43)
In 1982 Actor Patrick Levis (Grant-Maybe It's Me) (42)
In 1982 Actor, Geoffrey Wigdor (J.J.-Loving) (42)
In 1985 Dutch model, Doutzen Kroes (Victoria's Secret) (39)
In 1985, Reality star Shallon Lester (Downtown Girls) (39)
In 1987 Singer, Andrea [Teodora Rumenova Andreeva] (Upotrebena) (37)
In 1994 Baseball player Addison Russell (Cubs) (30)
In 1995 Football player J.T. Barrett (Buckeyes) (29)
In 1998, Singer Rachel Crow (The X Factor) (26)
In 1999 Folk singer, Madi Davis (The Voice) (25)
In 1999, Singer, We McDonald (The Voice) (25)


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