Maintenance Day -- Are you high maintenance?

Ladies, take this little quiz to find out. Answer true or false to the following questions.The first outfit I put on is never the one I end up wearing.
I have a housekeeper.
I demand a phone call, or a very good explanation, when someone is late.
I would never ride in a convertible with the top down for fear of wind blown hair.
My partner should compliment me often, especially before we go out at night.
I sometimes require much sleep in order to look and feel my best.
I expect my significant other to give me gifts "just because."
At a restaurant, I order my meals with special requirements.
I never leave the house without blow drying my hair or using a hair product.
My getting-ready-for-bed regimen last for more than 15 minutes.

Add up your true answers.

1-3: Your are a dreamboat! Self-sufficient no matter what is thrown your way. Although you will probably grow to be an easygoing loaner or hermit.

4-6: You can get by with little maintenance. Usually you can do your own thing but occasionally you can be a pain in the patootie.

7-9: Wow are you needy! Do you remember a time when you could accomplish task on your own? I hope your significant has a fat pocketbook loaded with patience to fill your needs.

10: You are pathetically high maintenance. Either that or the person you had fill this out for you misunderstood your barked out commands. You might think about these results the next time you are at the nail salon in your Liz Claiborne outfit and Gucci shoes going over next months events in your daytimer.


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