"Amorous fish blamed for mysterious sound around Florida Bay!"
Truth! A Florida scientist said a mysterious bass sound reported by residents in the Tampa Bay area might be coming from mating fish.

"Venmo to Honor the Three Stooges!"
Trash! The rumor is not true that they're doing spin-off apps, VenLarry, VenCurly, and VenShemp.

"Most Taylor Swift Fans Are Neat Freaks!"
Trash! However, a high number of them like sweeping. They call themselves the Swifty Swiffers.

"Owl invades Connecticut home, hides among board games!"
Truth! Animal rescuers and police in Connecticut were called to a West Hartford home to round up an unusual breaking-and-entering suspect: an owl.

"Kansas City Chiefs May Change Their Name!"
Trash! But if they win the Super Bowl this year, they may change it to the "Sorry About That Chiefs!"

"Instead Of A Wall, They're Building Tennis Courts At The Border!"
Trash! They were afraid neighbors would complain about the racquets.

"Dog helps rescue Michigan man who fell through the ice into the lake!"
Truth! A Michigan man who fell through the ice into a frigid lake can thank the efforts of his obedient dog for his successful rescue, Michigan State Police said.

"Yogurt company offers $10,000 for a one-month digital detox!"
Truth! A yogurt company offers $10,000 to participants who complete a monthlong "digital detox" with their phones locked in a box.


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