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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


It's the season for holiday parties, and experts say your demeanor at a bash reveals clues to your personality. Discover why you are or aren't on the invitation list by answering the following questions:

You think the perfect house warming gift is:
  • A plant. 
  • A humorous welcome mat. 
  • Gossip about all the neighbors. 

Your idea of a great party is:
  • A small group of dinner guests. 
  • A rip roaring get together. 
  • One where all you have to do is show up. 

When the music starts, you:
  • Chat with the shy person in the corner. 
  • Kick up your heels on the dance floor. 
  • May do a partial striptease if you've had enough to drink. 

Your favorite party outfit is:
  • Low key and feminine. 
  • Something in a vivid color. 
  • Whatever will draw the most attention. 


Mostly "a" -- You're an outgoing person who takes the time to talk to everyone in the room. Your obvious interest in what others have to say makes you a winner.

Mostly "b" -- You're a bright light who can turn the dreariest party into a blast. Your clever conversation and sense of humor make you a welcome addition to any gathering.

Mostly "c" -- You're so self-obsessed that you rarely take the feelings or desires of others into account. So don't be surprised if you're all alone in your pursuit of the limelight.

Mostly "d" -- We don't think you were paying too much attention.

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