Born On This Day...

In 37 Roman emperor, Nero (54-68)

In 1812 Journalist, Joseph Moses Levy (founded London's Daily Telegraph)

In 1832 French engineer, Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel (Eiffel Tower)

In 1852 Physicist, Antoine-Henri Becquerel (discovered radioactivity)

In 1859 Linguist/author, Dr. Ludwik Zamenhof (Esperanto)

In 1861 Automaker, Charles Edgar Duryea (invented first U.S. auto)

In 1881 Actor, James Schneider (Keystone Kops)

In 1891 Country singer, Alvin Pleasant "A.P." Carter (The Carter Family)

In 1892 Business tycoon, J. Paul Getty (founded oil empire)

In 1896 Novelist, Betty Smith (A Tree Grows In Brooklyn)

In 1906 Producer/playwright, Kermit Bloomgarden (Music Man) [d: 9-2-76]

In 1911 Cartoonist, Dr. Nicholas Dallis (Rex Morgan MD) [d: 7-6-91]

In 1916 Pianist, Buddy Cole (Buddy Cole Trio) [d: 11-5-64]

In 1918 Actor, Jeff Chandler (Return to Peyton Place) [d: 6-17-61]

In 1922 Disc jockey, Alan Freed (coined term "Rock & Roll") [d: 1-20-65]

In 1926 Country singer, Rose Maddox [d: 4-15-98]

In 1928 Ventriloquist, Jimmy Nelson (Nestles, Farfel) (89)

In 1928 Artist, Friedrich Hundertwasser [d: 2-19-00]

In 1928 Singer/actor, Jerry Wallace (Primrose Lane) [d: 5-5-08]

In 1930 Author, Edna O'Brien (Fanatic of Heart, Casualities of Peace) (87)

In 1932 Singer/songwriter, Jesse Belvin (wrote "Earth Angel") [d: 2-6-60]

In 1933 Actor/comedian, Tim Conway (McHale's Navy, Carol Burnett Show) (84)

In 1936 Actress, Karen Morrow (Aunt Minerva-Tabitha, Jim Nabors Hour) (81)

In 1939 Singer, Cindy Birdsong (The Supremes) (78)

In 1939 Baseball player, Stan Bahnsen (Yankees) (78)

In 1940 Sportscaster, Nick Buoniconti (Dolphins, Inside The NFL) (77)

In 1942 Singer/drummer, Dave Clark (Dave Clark Five) (75)

In 1942 Actor, Geoffrey Davies (Dick-Doctor in the House) (75)

In 1946 Drummer/songwriter, Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge) (71)

In 1946 Singer/actor, Harry Milton Ray (Ray, Goodman & Brown) [d: 10-1-92]

In 1948 Actor, David Gwillim (RADA) (69)

In 1949 Actor, Don Johnson (Miami Vice, Tin Cup, Nash Bridges) (68)

In 1950 Actress, Melanie Chartoff (Fridays, Parker Lewis) (67)

In 1951 Singer, Ken Knox (Chairmen of the Board) (66)

In 1954 Actress, Felicity La Fortune (Ryan's Hope, All My Children) (63)

In 1955 Bassist, Paul Simonon (The Clash) (62)

In 1959 Actress, Heidi Bohay (Megan-Hotel, After Hours) (58)

In 1961 Bassist/songwriter, Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo) (56)

In 1961 Director/writer, Reginald Hudlin (House Party) (56)

In 1961 Football player, Daryl Turner (Seahawks) (56)

In 1962 Singer/bassist, Tim Gaines (Stryper) (55)

In 1963 Actress, Helen Slater (Supergirl, Billie Jean, Ruthless People) (54)

In 1966 Actress, Molly Price (Bless This House, Faith-Third Watch) (51)

In 1968 Actor, Garrett Wang (Ensign Harry Kim-ST: Voyager) (49)

In 1970 Actor, Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson-Stargate SG-1) (47)

In 1979 Actor, Adam Brody (Seth Cohen-The O.C.) (38)

In 1981 Actress, Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey, Anna Karenina) (36)

In 1982 Actor, Charlie Cox (Stardust, Moby Dick) (35)

In 1982 Actor, George O. Gore II (Michael Kyle Jr.-My Wife and Kids) (35)

In 1983 Actress, Camilla Luddington (Grey's Anatomy, William and Kate) (34)

In 1983 Singer, Ronnie Radke (Escape the Fate, Falling in Reverse) (34)

In 1984 Bassist, Max Green (Falling in Reverse) (33)

In 1988 Football player, Josh Norman (Panthers, Redskins) (29)

In 1988 Rap singer, Lady Leshurr ("Queen's Speech") (29)

In 1995 Basketball player, Jahlil Okafor (Duke, 76ers) (22)

In 1998 Actor, Chandler Canterbury (Knowing, Repo Men) (19)


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