Find out by taking this Cosmopolitan Quiz:

1. When your offers to pick you up, you: 

  • Suggest an UberPool instead you'll have less award alone time, even if you're both exposed to strangers' BO. 
  • Throw a pair of rubber gloves in your purse so you can make a show of removing a mess from his passenger seat. 
  • Insist you drive. You demand control over the mph, aux cord, and sunroof at all times. 

2. You go to #OOTB (as in Outfit Of The Date): 

  • A turtleneck you can sink into every time your cheeks get all flushed. 
  • One of those slogan T-shirts that says "I'm With Stupid." 
  • A flashy piece of heirloom jewelry meant to beg questions about your epic family history. 

3. At a romantic dinner, you're most likely to order: 
  • Sushi. When words fail, maneuvering a California roll into your maw is a legit excuse for silence. 
  • Spaghetti. Being in the splash zone of a steaming plate of Bolognese makes you a prime target for laughs. 
  • Steak for two. You know your meats. Even if he's vegan he'll soon be singing a different tune. 

4. Halfway through the date, you can't stop wondering: 

  • Whether your sweaty palms are imprinted all over then back of his shirt when you went in for a hug. 
  • If that dig at his "ex" crossed the line. 
  • How you still aren't sure what he does for a living. 

5. Your parting words are usually something like:
  • "Safe travels." 
  • "Well, that was interesting." 
  • "Hope you took notes for next time." 

The Break Down:

Mostly "A's"-Super Shy-Eve if you're confident in real life, you clam up under romantic pressure. Nerves are normal, but don't let jitters cloud your awesomeness. Make yourself comfortable by choosing the place. And indulge in a pre-date back-stalk to think up conversation topics ahead of time.

Mostly "B's"-Sarcastic AF-You're extra snarky on setups. Dry human can ease awkwardness, but don't give your date too much of a hard time. Throw in a few earnest responses and make sure it's clear you're being sincere.

Mostly "C's"-Girl Boss-On dates, you take the reins. A woman n charge is sexy, but don't make things all about you. Keep the dynamic balanced by alternating your life deeds with questions of your own, so you leave having learned something about your potential boo.


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