On this date in 1791, the Bill of Rights went into effect in the United States, although sometimes, you wouldn't know it. They are the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

On this date in 1836, the patent office in Washington, DC, burned to the ground. If only they had approved that patent for a fire extinguisher sooner.

In 1854, the first mechanical street sweeper went into service. Too bad most of the roads back then were dirt.

On this date in 1859, G.R. Kirchoff described the chemical composition of the sun in his famous "Hot Stuff" dissertation.

In 1877, Thomas Edison patented the phonograph. Finally, he had something to do with all his records.

On this date in 1939, "Gone with the Wind" made it's debut in theaters. It was the inspiration for that famous line, "As God is my witness, I'll never order an extra-large Coke again."

In 1944 that Dwight Eisenhower became a five-star general. For those not familiar with military terms, that meant he was reallyspicy.

Davy Crockett premiered on television way back in 1954. The show -- which aired in five segments -- is considered TV's first mini-series. The show spawned the famous coonskin cap, although Crockett never wore one.


Helen Slater turns 54 today. She originally played Supergirl in the movies. Now she plays Supergirl's mom on the TV show until she'll eventually play Supergirl's grandmother somewhere. People love saying goodbye to her: "Later Slater!"

Don Johnson from the old "Miami Vice" and "Nash Bridges" TV series, turns 68. Back then, he walked around looking cool with no socks. These days, there are two things he always has one: his socks and his turn signal.

Dave Clark of the Dave Clark Five turns 75 today. I don't remember which one he was in the group.

Cindy Birdsong of the Supremes turns 78 today. It used to be there "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"... now, there are.

Tim Conway turns 84 today. Depending on how old you are, you could remember him from McHale's Navy, The Carol Burnette Show or Dorf. Look up Dorf on YouTube.

Underdog Day -- the third Friday in December. "There's no need to fear - Underdog is here!" How about a little "Underdog" trivia?
  • The popular 60's and 70's actor was the voice of "Underdog?" (Wally Cox) 
  • Who is Underdog's girlfriend? (Sweet Polly Purebread) 
  • Sweet Polly Purebread was a reporter. Name her boss? (OJ Squeeze) 
  • Which early 50's sitcom starred Wally Cox prior to his voice work on "Underdog"? ("Mr. Peepers") 
  • Shoeshine Boy, Underdog's alter ego, was "both _____ and loveable." (humane) 
  • For what television station did Sweet Polly Purebread work? (TTV) 
  • Who was Underdog's nemesis? (Overcat) 

Sleep Comfort Day -- According to Dr. Naomi Quenck, a clinical psychologist, here's what those dreams mean:
  • Falling: Means you have a feeling that you're not meeting standards set by yourself or others, and with one wrong step, you'll fall below expectations. This kind of dream is experienced by 75% of people and they usually dream it when they are not feeling well. 
  • Being Nude: This dream stems from people worrying what other people think if they saw them as they really are. 
  • Being Chased: This dream usually pertains to being in a hostile environment, where we must look over our shoulders. It's experienced by 80% of people. 
  • Taking an Exam: This one stems from worries that we'll come up short when people evaluate our competence. You'll most likely have this dream when you're up for a raise or if you're dating someone new. 
  • Flying: This is the only common dream to involve a positive feeling... the feeling that the world is wondrous and at your command. 


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