Michael Douglas Is a Grandfather! Son Cameron Douglas Welcomes First Child. Michael Douglas has a brand-new role: grandpa! The Oscar winner's firstborn, 39-year-old Cameron Douglas, officially became a father on Monday after his girlfriend Viviane Thibes gave birth to their first child. While they have not yet shared the name of their newborn, Cameron did confirm they are parents to a baby girl. "Today my appreciation for Mother's all over the world has reached new heights...today I took part in a miracle as my baby girl was introduced to the world through a beautiful Amazon warrior," he announced on social media along with along with a photo of his beloved partner in a yoga pose. "I'm so proud of you." Ahead of the birth, Thibes also took to social media to explain the significant role yoga has played in her pregnancy. "As I come to the end of my pregnancy filled with gratitude for the love and support of my friends and family, I reflect on the importance of regular yoga practice," she wrote online last week. "Through my practice I was able to find balance and serenity during challenging times. Like a tree, we want to have strong roots in order to stay grounded. So whatever is your source of strength, nourish it because you will need it when things get out of your control." The arrival of his little one comes more than a year since Cameron was released from prison in August 2016. He had served nearly seven years after he was sentenced for possession of heroin and selling methamphetamine in 2010. However, Cameron's challenging years ultimately strengthened his bond with his famous family today. "In difficult times, we tend to come closer," he told People in November. "Our family is closer now than ever. It is a beautiful sort of trait that we have." Now, there's a brand-new member to joint the Douglas clan. As Cameron penned on social media, "A lifetime of love and fulfillment awaits in utter totality." Congratulations to the new mom and dad! (Eonline)

The Voice Winner Alisan Porter Announces Separation From Husband Brian Autenrieth. Alisan Porter and Brian Autenrieth have ended their relationship. The winner of The Voice season 10 announced the split news on Twitter Monday. "In a sad and honest note Brian and I ended our relationship in March," Alisan shared with her followers. "We remain close friends and are committed to always doing our best for our amazing kids. Thank you for the support and have a beautiful holiday. Xo A." Alisan, who is also known for her role as Curly Sue in the 1991 John Hughes movie, married Brian in March 2012. "We've been friends for 13 years and it's the most incredible feeling to know you're marrying your best friend," Alisan shared with People at the time. The couple has two children together. Alisan gave birth to their first child, a boy named Mason, in 2012. Two years later, Alisan and Brian welcomed a second child, a baby girl named Aria. Alisan also took to Instagram Monday to wish Voice coach Christina Aguilera a happy birthday. "HAPPY BDAY @xtina WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST ALWAYS!" Alisan wrote. And it sounds like she's looking forward to 2018 and new music. "How about two new songs after the new year and a smize! Let's go 2018," she wrote to her Instagram followers over the weekend. (Eonline)

Chrissy Teigen is getting real about the one thing about pregnancy that she does not adore. The mother of one spoke about an issue she struggles with on Twitter Monday night, asking her followers for advice on how to remedy it. "I love being pregnant. I like it more than not being pregnant," she wrote. "But the headaches, my god the headaches. Someone... please help. Don't say water. Or Tylenol. Or iron. Or magnesium. I need witchcraft." Teigen, 32, is expecting her second child with husband John Legend. The two share 19-month-old daughter Luna Simone. The model announced her pregnancy on Instagram in November, with a cute video featuring her daughter and a hilarious caption reading, "It's Johns!" Want all the latest pregnancy and birth announcements, plus celebrity mom blogs? "Luna, what's in here?" Teigen can be heard saying in the background of the clip, with baby Luna pointing at her mom's stomach and proclaiming, "Baby!" Legend -- who commented jokingly on his wife's post with, "Maury will have the final word on this" -- revealed the couple was "working on" baby No. 2 and that "hopefully it will be soon." Teigen has been candid in the past about her and her musician husband's struggle to conceive Luna, revealing in February 2016 that the couple chose to implant a female embryo during the in vitro fertilization round that resulted in the pregnancy with their daughter. "The first little girl didn't work, and then the second is Luna," she told InStyle for their November cover story, explaining that she and Legend started with 20 embryos, but that number was narrowed down to three after screening and based on what was "going to be good for [my] body." The sex of the couple's second child on the way is unconfirmed at this point, but a son wouldn't be a surprise. In January, they spoke with Entertainment Tonight at the 28th Annual Producers Guild Awards, where Teigen said with a smile, "A little boy is next, for sure." The Lip Sync Battle host later clarified her comments on Twitter, writing, "Since this is coming up again, I said our next baby would be a boy because that is the embryo we have left. A boy. So. Yeah." (People)

Sophia Bush Addresses Her Chicago PD Exit: "It Was My Dream Job and I Was Miserable." Sophia Bush stunned fans when she left Chicago PD following its fourth season. Bush remained mum on her decision to leave the hit NBC police drama aside from an Instagram comment, "because I wanted to. End of story," but now she's shedding some light into why she decided to walk away from Detective Erin Lindsay and the Dick Wolf-produced show. Turns it was a long time coming. "I don't have to give everyone the specific break down of exactly why I left until I'm ready to do that. But, the overarching theme for me, was that I landed my dream job. I landed this job that, since I was 20 years old and trying to become an actor, I said I wanted. And aspects of it, don't get me wrong, were wonderful. But, I realized... by the end of the second season I couldn't do that job anymore," she said on Refinery 29's Unstyled podcast. Bush, who previously starred in One Tree Hill, now has a deal with 20th Century Fox to star and executive produce a television show. But before that, she had to make the decision to leave Chicago PD. "How do you quit your dream job," she asked. Bush said she went to her Chicago PD bosses between seasons three and four and put it all out there. "I said, 'Here's where we are. Here's everything you're aware of. Here's how I'm coming to you today. If something really drastic doesn't change, I'm leaving at the end of the year' -- because I understand how the business works and how women are treated -- I said, 'I'm giving you not two weeks' notice and I'm not coming in here throwing s--t and breaking lamps and saying I'm never coming back. I'm giving you 23 episodes notice. I'm giving you that much time. So there will be no conversation in which I was hysterical, emotional, in which I was being a quote irrational female or whatever you want to put on it. I'm literally sitting in front of you like cool as a cucumber," Bush said. "If this has to be like a big swinging dick competition, I promise you I will win. But know this now: if we're not having a very different conversation by Christmas, then you know with 100 percent certainty in December that come the end of April I'm leaving,'" she continued. She noted it was hard to have that conversation with the powers that be on Chicago PD, but "it was so liberating and I immediately felt like these steel anvils had been pulled off my chest. And it was then that I realized I had been drowning and it was then that I knew just how miserable I was going to work every day." Bush praised cast and crew members for brightening her day and noted she made family, but "What you start to realize is that -- like if your house was burning down, you wouldn't hang out inside because your brother was in there and you loved him. You'd be like, 'Yo, I love you. Let's get out of this house!' For me, not to put it on anybody else, but for me, it felt like I was trapped in a burning building. I was just so unhappy and it was my dream job and I was miserable and I had to go." At the end of season four, Bush's character received an offer from the FBI to relocate to New York City. Viewers learned the character accepted it. Head over to Refinery 29 to hear the full interview with Bush, including more about her social and advocacy work. Request for comment from NBC was not immediately returned. Chicago PD airs Wednesdays, 10 p.m. on NBC. (Eonline)

Selena Gomez's mom got so worked up when she found out how serious things are between Selena and Justin Bieber, she had to be taken to a hospital ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us police went to an L.A. area hotel last week to do a welfare check on Selena's mom, Mandy Teefey, at a family member's request. We're told she was taken to a nearby hospital to get checked out, but not under a 5150 hold -- instead, she was voluntarily transported for treatment. Sources with direct knowledge of the incident tell us Mandy had a heated convo with Selena that day about the reunion with Justin. When Selena revealed she and JB were in couples therapy, Mandy flipped ... realizing the relationship was going to be more long-term than she thought. As we've reported ... Justin is a huge trigger for Selena's family, some of whom say they'll never forgive him or accept him for what they think he did to her years ago. Mandy was released from the hospital the same day. We're told she's giving Selena space to figure out what she wants, but the fam already knows what they want ... and it ain't Justin. (TMZ)

Margot Robbie Finds a Severed Human Foot on the Beach. Bryan Cranston, Armie Hammer, Diane Kruger, Robert Pattinson, Margot Robbie and Octavia Spencer recently sat down for The Hollywood Reporter's inaugural movie star summit, where the actors discussed everything from dealing with moody co-stars to researching their roles -- but it was Robbie's surprising/startling story about a severed foot that left a lasting impression. "I recently did a film, and the director asked if everyone could write down the craziest thing that has happened to them in their lives. I had spent two months with this group of people, probably about 60 people, and everyone seems super normal," the Australian actress told her peers. "And then everyone had to write down the craziest thing that happened to them, and it was released on the last day, and you had to guess whose story matched up with who. It just reminded me that fascinating people are everywhere. Everywhere. Someone had been engaged to the princess of Zanzibar. Someone else had been in a plane crash where only 10 people survived. It just reminds you there are fascinating stories everywhere. Everyone has a story." Robbie was then asked to share her story. "I once found -- and no one guessed that this was me -- I found a human foot on the beach in Nicaragua," she said, without offering more details. "Oh, wow, death!" Spencer said. Kruger was curious ("Just the bones?" she asked) while Cranston joked, "And she uses it as a door stop. Or, as Pattinson called it, "just a little souvenir." Robbie, who visited Nicaragua in 2014, didn't say what she did after finding the lost limb. But with award season underway -- I, Tonya is a major player -- the story is bound to come up again. (Eonline)

Jason Priestly had no idea who Harvey Weinstein was when he punched him in the face back in 1995. The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum, who revealed the altercation in a series of tweets last week, opened up about the incident in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly. "I was sitting on a sofa that apparently somebody else wanted to sit. ... Another famous person," Priestley tells Us. "He came over and told me to leave because somebody else wanted to sit there. To tell you the truth, I didn't even know who he was. I thought he was that person's security guard. I was like, 'Who are you? Go away dude.' And then he told me to leave." Priestley, who was sitting by a friend at the time, says that he "got really offended" by the exchange. "I didn't know who he was. I thought he was a bully. Because he's a big guy, right? I thought he was a big bully that was working for somebody else and using his position to bully him and my friend. So I was like, you know what, I don't even want to be around this person. And then he grabbed me. He got physical with me. And so that's when I hit him." He adds: "I think that type of bullying behavior is representative of the kind of person that -- well, whatever -- that type of bullying behavior I think is what he is being accused of by all these other people. It's bullying, it's power plays." Priestley and Weinstein have crossed paths since. "Yeah, and every time I've seen him since we nod at each other. 'Hey Harvey... ,'" Priestley tells Us. "Because we're guys and things happen sometimes. But it was quite an ordeal. It was quite an ordeal." As previously reported, Priestly, 48, recalled the exchange amid reports that the now disgraced film mogul, 65, blacklisted Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. "Heartbreaking... wouldn't be surprised if this happened to my good friend @Jason_Priestley who punched Weinstein in the face at a club one night. Go Jay," actress Tara Strong wrote in response to one of Sorvino's tweets about the story. "[Tara] brought me into that conversation. The conversation about Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd and the way Harvey had gone out of his way to do harm to those talented women's careers," Priestley tells Us. "She actually sent me a text and said, 'You might want to get in on this because we're all talking about you and what happened.' It was a story that I had relayed to her about how I punched Harvey during the Miramax party back in 1995. I just wanted to clarify what it was that had happened." Priestley is just one of many to speak out against Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual harassment or assault by multiple women -- including Sorvino, Judd, Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale and Heather Graham. "I think the sooner that all of us in society stop accepting any type of bullying or harassment from other people -- in spite of people's social standing or net worth or whatever it is -- the sooner it will stop," Priestley says. "I mean, you can't let people get away with that kind of stuff just because they make more money than you or just because they may give you a job in five years. It doesn't make it OK." In light of the scandals plaguing Hollywood, Priestley hopes for change in 2018. "I just wish that it gets better," he says. "It gets better politically, it gets better for women, it gets better for men, it gets better for everybody. I hope it gets better for us as a society." (US Weekly)

Meryl Streep to Rose McGowan: "I Did Not Know About Weinstein's Crimes." Meryl Streep is responding to Rose McGowan's "hypocrisy" tweet. On Dec. 16, McGowan took to Twitter to respond to the news that actresses are planning on wearing all black to the 2018 Golden Globes to protest sexual harassment. "Actresses, like Meryl Streep, who happily worked for The Pig Monster, are wearing black @GoldenGlobes in a silent protest. YOUR SILENCE is THE problem. You'll accept a fake award breathlessly & affect no real change. I despise your hypocrisy. Maybe you should all wear Marchesa," McGowan wrote in a since-deleted tweet. In response to McGowan's tweet, Streep's rep has released a statement to E! News from the actress. "It hurt to be attacked by Rose McGowan in banner headlines this weekend, but I want to let her know I did not know about Weinstein's crimes, not in the 90s when he attacked her, or through subsequent decades when he proceeded to attack others. I wasn't deliberately silent. I didn't know. I don't tacitly approve of rape. I didn't know. I don't like young women being assaulted. I didn't know this was happening," the statement begins. "I don't know where Harvey lives, nor has he ever been to my home. I have never in my life been invited to his hotel room. I have been to his office once, for a meeting with Wes Craven for 'Music of the Heart' in 1998." The statement continues, "HW distributed movies I made with other people. HW was not a filmmaker; he was often a producer, primarily a marketer of films made by other people- some of them great, some not great. But not every actor, actress, and director who made films that HW distributed knew he abused women, or that he raped Rose in the 90s, other women before and others after, until they told us. We did not know that womens' silence was purchased by him and his enablers. HW needed us not to know this, because our association with him bought him credibility, an ability to lure young, aspiring women into circumstances where they would be hurt." Streep then shares, "He needed me much more than I needed him and he made sure I didn't know. Apparently, he hired ex Mossad operators to protect this information from becoming public. Rose and the scores of other victims of these powerful, moneyed, ruthless men face an adversary for whom Winning, at any and all costs, is the only acceptable outcome. That's why a legal defense fund for victims is currently being assembled to which hundreds of good hearted people in our business will contribute, to bring down the bastards, and help victims fight this scourge within." She then addresses McGowan's tweet, "Rose assumed and broadcast something untrue about me, and I wanted to let her know the truth. Through friends who know her, I got my home phone number to her the minute I read the headlines. I sat by that phone all day yesterday and this morning, hoping to express both my deep respect for her and others' bravery in exposing the monsters among us, and my sympathy for the untold, ongoing pain she suffers. No one can bring back what entitled bosses like Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes, and HW took from the women who endured attacks on their bodies and their ability to make a living... And I hoped that she would give me a hearing. She did not, but I hope she reads this." The statement concludes, "I am truly sorry she sees me as an adversary, because we are both, together with all the women in our business, standing in defiance of the same implacable foe: a status quo that wants so badly to return to the bad old days, the old ways where women were used, abused and refused entry into the decision-making, top levels of the industry. That's where the cover-ups convene. Those rooms must be disinfected, and integrated, before anything even begins to change." McGowan tweeted Monday evening, "The Marchesa line was beneath me and I'm sorry for that. Seeing that picture of Alyssa Milano with GC has ignited something in me that I can't quite articulate. There is no map for this road I'm on, I will f--k up. Peace be with you, go with Goddess." In early October the New York Times published a story about Weinstein, sharing allegations of sexual misconduct stretching back over a decade. In response, one of Weinstein's attorneys Charles J. Harder told E! News in October that the article was "saturated with false and defamatory statements." Streep released a statement days after the article was published saying she was "appalled" over the Weinstein claims. (Eonline)

Matt Damon Criticized Again for Latest Sexual Misconduct Comments. Matt Damon's latest comments surrounding the sexual misconduct allegations in and around Hollywood have people talking once again. In a new interview, the actor suggested that men who aren't sexual predators should be talked about more. "We're in this watershed moment, and it's great, but I think one thing that's not being talked about is there are a whole s--tload of guys -- the preponderance of men I've worked with -- who don't do this kind of thing and whose lives aren't going to be affected," he shared with Business Insider. "If I have to sign a sexual-harassment thing, I don't care, I'll sign it. I would have signed it before. I don't do that, and most of the people I know don't do that." His quotes started spreading across the Internet causing some famous faces in Hollywood to voice their opinions. "Matt Damon- SERIOUSLY? You are a smart man. A privileged, white man. This is NOT the time to ask for a pat on the back," Debra Messing shared on Twitter when referencing the Business Insider interview. "How about we NOT celebrate men who are simply decent human beings. Stay on track, Matt. It's not about you." Rose McGowan added, "Matt Damon is dense AF." As for former Law & Order: SVU showrunner and executive producer Warren Leight, he wasn't too impressed with the remarks either. "Matt Damon positioning himself for the remake of Dumb and Dumber," he wrote on Twitter. Just last week, Matt found himself under fire after sharing his views regarding the wave of sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood. "There's a difference between, you know, patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right?" he explained to ABC News' Peter Travers. "Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated, without question, but they shouldn't be conflated, right?" The comments drew criticism from Matt's former girlfriend and Good Will Hunting co-star Minnie Driver, Alyssa Milano and other familiar faces in Hollywood. "Gosh it's so

interesting how men with all these opinions about women's differentiation between sexual misconduct, assault and rape reveal themselves to be utterly tone deaf and as a result, systemically part of the problem( *profoundly unsurprising)," Minnie shared with her followers. (Eonline)

Georgina Chapman stands to get 8 figures if she divorces Harvey Weinstein today, but their prenup says she could fork out much more ... now that they've crossed the 10-year mark. The Weinsteins' 10th anniversary was Friday, and while they obviously have nothing to celebrate ... the milestone triggers a major bump in spousal support. The prenup they signed in December 2007 says Georgina gets $400k annually for every year of marriage, if they divorce now. Before the anniversary, that number was only $300k. The docs also spell out her cut of their marital assets. For the first 5 years of marriage, Georgina gets $250k per year -- and for years 6 through 10, she gets $700k per year. That totals up to a lump sum payment of $4.75 million. But wait, there's more -- a housing allowance. Mrs. W gets $25k per month of marriage, with a cap of $3 mil ... which they've reached after 120 months together. Add in the 10 years of spousal support -- for another $4 mil -- and the grand total is $11.75 million. The numbers are huge, but so are their bottom lines. Weinstein is reportedly worth north of $250 mil ... while Georgina's net worth is roughly $20 million. This all assumes Georgina files for divorce sometime soon. We know she's hired a high-powered NY divorce attorney, but, so far, no docs have been filed. The prenup does have a gag order of sorts -- they both agree not to publish diaries, memoirs, letters, stories, photographs, or do interviews referring to their personal biz or financial affairs. Ditto for movies and TV deals. Sorry, Lifetime. One last thing. If, by some miracle, the Weinsteins are still together a year from now ... Georgina's annual split of their assets goes from $700k up to a cool $1 mil per year. (TMZ)

Jodie Sweetin's ex-husband went crying to the judge for child support now that Jodie's a big star again ... and the judge agreed with him. The "Fuller House" star has been ordered to cough up $2,800 per month to Morty Coyle ... this according to new docs obtained by TMZ. We broke the story ... Morty went to court asking for child support claiming she's now making at least $600k per year, largely in part to the new Netflix series. When the divorce went final in 2016, Jodie said she was earning just $4,000 per month, and the judge said she didn't have to pay child support. What a difference a year makes. (TMZ)

T.J. Miller Denies Allegations of Sexual Assault and Violence. T.J. Miller is denying allegations of sexual assault and violence published in The Daily Beast. The media outlet published an article Tuesday in which an anonymous accuser claimed the Silicon Valley star punched her in the mouth during sex while they were students at George Washington University. The accuser also claimed the actor penetrated her without her consent -- first anally, then with a beer bottle -- and choked her during a separate encounter. Miller, along with his wife Kate, addressed the allegations in a lengthy statement to E! News. "We met this woman over a decade ago while studying together in college. She attempted to break us up back then by plotting for over a year before making contradictory claims and accusations," the Millers claimed. "She attempted to discredit both of our voices and use us against one another by trying to portray Kate to be a continuous abuse victim of T.J. (further efforts to hurt the two of us)." "She was asked to leave our university comedy group because of worrisome and disturbing behavior, which angered her immensely," their statement continued, "she then became fixated on our relationship, and began telling people around campus 'I'm going to destroy them' and 'I'm going to ruin him.'" According to The Daily Beast article, the accuser and Miller were in the same comedy troupe, receSs, and formed a relationship. However, the media outlet claimed the accuser was told she would no longer be a member of the group a few days after the first alleged incident. When asked about the Millers' statement regarding her departure from the troupe, the accuser responded, "Of course not." "We are confident that a full consideration of accounts from and since that time will shed light and clarity on the true nature of not only this person's character, and also on the real facts of the matter (see the emails referenced)," the Millers' statement continued. In the article, The Daily Beast cited emails allegedly exchanged between Miller and someone the accuser dated later in life. Although the emails "didn't directly address the incident itself" -- per The Daily Beast -- they did show "both parties trying to come to a more amicable understanding." "We stand together in stating this is nothing more than an unfortunate resurgence of her lies designed to wreak havoc on two happily married people in the public eye," Miller and his wife continued. "She began again to circulate rumors online once our relationship became public." They also added, "Sadly she is now using the current climate to bandwagon and launch these false accusations again. It is unfortunate that she is choosing this route as it undermines the important movement to make women feel safe coming forward about legitimate claims against real known predators." "We stand together and will not allow this person to take advantage of a serious movement toward gender equality by allowing her to use this moment to muddy the water with an unrelated personal agenda," they said. "We feel we all have an obligation now more than ever to prevent people from using reporters to spin lies into headlines, and focus instead on what is real." The couple concluded, "We both champion and continue to stand up for people everywhere who have truly suffered injustice seeking to have justice brought into their lives." The Daily Beast reported the accusations were addressed by a student court at George Washington University about a year after the alleged incident. A university spokesperson told the publication, "Because of federal privacy law, we are not able to provide information about current or former students' education records." (Eonline)

Dustin Hoffman is "abusive" and "a bully." Or, at least, that's what the three women who've accused the Rain Man actor of sexual misconduct believe. As was previously teased, three of the five women who've accused the A-lister of sexual harassment or assault, sat down with Cynthia McFadden for an interview on NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt. The sit down, which featured Anna Graham Hunter, Cori Thomas, and Kathryn Rossetter, aired on Monday. Their allegations are particularly troubling as two of the women were minors at the time of the alleged misconduct, and another was subjected to unwanted touching by Dustin during months on Broadway. In fact, Rossetter (who starred in Death of a Salesman with Hoffman) vehemently stated that the actor was "abusive" and "a bully." Specifically, Dustin would allegedly put his hand on her thigh every night before the show and would also grope her breasts when they would pose for photos. She added: "He would get more and more aggressive and try and go higher and higher and higher until one day he actually tried to penetrate me with his finger." How awful. On how the experience has affected her, Kathryn explained: "It eroded my self-confidence and my dignity. It was humiliating and demeaning. ... He robbed me of the joy of that experience." Sadly, no one came to Rossetter's defense, as she was told to "suck it up." Hunter encountered her own unsavory experience with Hoffman back when she was a 17-year-old intern working on the TV adaptation of Death of a Salesman. Not only did Dustin supposedly regularly flirt with the then underage girl, he allegedly grabbed her butt while giving a sexually explicit breakfast order. Anna shared: "Everyone burst out laughing and I backed out. I went to the bathroom and cried." The industry vet also reportedly targeted one of his daughter's friends when she was only 16. Per Thomas, the celebrated star became "suggestive" with her while they were alone in a hotel room. Cori noted: "As hard as it is I wanted to choose truth over shame... He came out of the bathroom with a towel around him and literally dropped the towel. And I just froze. I had never seen a man naked in my life at this point." The now 80-year-old then further crossed the line by requesting that Thomas give him a foot rub, a request the teenager awkwardly fulfilled: "I was 16 so I did and he was being suggestive saying, 'You know I'm naked.'" Per NBC, Hoffman's team has called Thomas' claims "defamatory falsehoods." Hmmmm. (Perez Hilton)

Glee's Mark Salling Pleads Guilty in Child Pornography Case. Mark Salling appears to be taking some responsibility for his actions. Just weeks before the Glee star was set to stand trial in his ongoing child pornography case, E! News has learned that the actor has entered a plea agreement. In court documents obtained by E! News, the defendant plans to plead guilty to possession of child pornography involving a prepubescent minor. Mark has agreed to serve 4-7 years behind bars and will be under supervised release for 20 years. He will register as a sex offender and will pay restitution to each victim who has requested it. E! News has learned that the plea agreement still has to be accepted by the judge. The trial is also still set for October 17. We've reached out to Mark's attorney for any additional comment. Back in May of 2016, the Glee star was charged in a federal indictment with allegedly receiving and possessing child pornography, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. "Those who download and possess child pornography create a market that causes more children to be harmed," U.S. Attorney Eileen M. Decker said in a statement. "Young victims are harmed every time an image is generated, every time it is distributed, and every time it is viewed." Since the indictment, Mark was fired from his upcoming mini-series Gods and Secrets. He also pleaded not guilty to federal charges last summer. Mark is most known for his role as high school jock Noah "Puck" Puckerman on Glee. The Fox series ran from 2009 to 2015. Most of his co-stars have stayed silent on his legal troubles except for former co-star and ex-girlfriend Naya Rivera who shared her reaction to his indictment in her book Sorry Not Sorry. "I can't say I was totally shocked, but still–WTF?" she wrote. "My son's nanny actually told me about it when the story broke. Then I had no doubt that God really did have my back along the way." UPDATE: Mark Salling appeared in court Monday and plead guilty to possession of child pornography involving a prepubescent minor, E! News confirms. He is currently out on bail and will be sentenced in early March. His attorney Michael Proctor told E! News in a statement, "Mark is focused on accepting responsibility and atoning for his conduct." (Eonline)


Meghan Markle could be going in a way different direction than Kate Middleton for her wedding dress ... IF she goes with Israeli designer Inbal Dror. Dror confirmed Monday she was contacted by the Royal Family about possibly dressing Meghan for the big day with Prince Harry -- and TMZ has obtained the 3 sketches she submitted. While Kate's Alexander McQueen was more of an a-line gown, Dror's designs are all body-hugging. All 3 include long sleeves -- a tradition for royal brides. See Princess Di, Kate and even Camilla. Most of Dror's designs go for $8k to $10k, but this is next level. Keep in mind, Kate's dress was reportedly almost $500k. It's not a done deal either -- Dror will certainly be competing with other top designers. Meghan's got great taste, though -- Dror dressed Beyonce for the Grammys last year, and she's also fitted Naomi Watts. (TMZ)

Claudia Schiffer made over $200K for 60-second 'Love Actually' cameo. Claudia Schiffer got paid a whopping £200,000 (approximately $267,368) for her 60-second cameo in "Love Actually." The supermodel plays the mum of one of Sam's schoolmates, whose dad Daniel (Liam Neeson) meets and develops a crush on. Her fleeting scene as Carol sees her come face to face with Daniel in a school corridor and he mistakenly calls her Karen. He says: "Well, I hope we'll meet again, Karen." Despite his mistake, she replies: "I'll make sure we do." She also makes a very brief appearance in the airport at the end of the hugely popular 2003 movie. According to the book "How Much?!: The $1000 Omlette... and 1100 Other Astonishing Money Moments" by Andrew Holmes, the film's director Richard Curtis splashed £200,000 on her show-stealing moment. The hefty pay packet is in stark contrast to Kris Marshall, who plays Colin in the film. The actor reportedly returned his pay check for the scenes in which he is undressed by three American women-which reportedly took 21 takes. Despite his iconic role in the film Kris wasn't part of the Love Actually reunion for Comic Relief earlier this year. In the film, Colin moved to America in the hope of finding love thanks to his British accent. Speaking about not being part of it, he told the Mirror: "I did get a very, very sweet email from Richard. "Richard said, 'Look, we're making a charity, where-are-they-now movie of Love Actually, but I didn't have the time or the budget to go and see where your character went'." He added: "But with Emma Thompson and Martin Freeman also not in it, I'm in good company." (Eonline)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Makes Rare Red Carpet Appearance With Wife Mara Lane and Son Wolf. It's been over three months since Jonathan Rhys Meyers publicly relapsed after his wife Mara Lane suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage, but on Monday night the Irish actor took to the red carpet for the Norway premiere of 12th Man premiere with his spouse and young son Wolf in tow. The notable appearance marks the 1-year-old's red carpet debut and the tot was dressed up in a tux that matched his famous dad. Meanwhile, Lane opted for a daring red dress as she accompanied her gussied-up husband to the fashionable event. The Tudors star opted for a three-piece black tuxedo, complete with bow tie and crisp white shirt for the premiere at Fredrikstad Cinema in Fredrikstad, Norway. The period piece, which hits theaters on Dec. 25, is about 12 saboteurs, 11 of which were killed by the Nazis and the true story of the one that got away. On September 9, Lane shared an emotional post on social media, defending her famous husband after photos were taken of him with a policeman at a Dublin airport while he appeared to be intoxicated. In the Instagram post, Lane shared that she suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with the couple's second child and noted that Meyers was having a difficult time coping with their loss. She began, "With much sadness, we open our hearts to share that J and I lost our second child, who was baking in the oven." "Child was very very much wanted (right now especially by J, so he took the news particularly not so well) and we are still working with coping skills over here... when life throws us curve balls such as these," she wrote on Instagram along with a photo of a woman facing a lion. "Depression is a real concern from past abuse as well as alcoholism which he was born with. He has been able to turn any ugliness and hurt in his life into art and is the strongest person I know. I do not know anyone who has been through what he has been through and reached his level of successes. It does seem though that every time we seem to be making so much progress... sometimes it's like two steps forward, one step back." A few days later, the mourning mother revealed that she had laid her unborn daughter, whom she named Willow, to rest under a tree at the couple's home. She wrote on Instagram, "I have been given peace and Baby Willow is now planted in the tree in front of our home that has weeping long branches and leaves so we can brush our faces in soft leaves in passing or we can see the baby dance with the wind in the branches as they sway. It is helping me process the situation ... as Nature does." Meyers previously went to rehab for alcohol addiction in 2007 and 2010. We hope that he he's keeping strong, one day at a time... (Eonline)

Selena Gomez's Mom Pens Emotional Tribute to the Daughter She Lost to Miscarriage. Selena Gomez's mom commemorated an emotional anniversary this week. Mandy Teefey, the famous mother of the musical star, penned a tribute to her unborn daughter on Monday, six years since she tragically miscarried. "Thank you to all the fans who honored our Scarlett yesterday. Dec 17th will never be the same, but we [decided] to celebrate her by writing her letters on red balloons and releasing them," she described their tribute. Fortunately, the sad day had a silver lining all these years later. "Now the 17th is intertwined with the wrap of S2," she continued, referencing the second season of 13 Reasons Why, which she executive produced along with her famous daughter. "So, she was there in spirit as always." The emotional mom shared her gratitude to fans and followers for their timely support. "A moms love for their children is pretty fierce. In order of my girls, Selena, Scarlett and Gracie. Family is what matters, blood or not, #family13 made me smile and feel loved when so needed and they didn't know. Then, I came home to Brian and Gracie to send our love to Scarlett." As she concluded, "Fans, I want you to know you are family because I have a huge family and you are the only ones who remember! XO forever." Back in Nov. 2011, Selena announced the news of her mother's pregnancy on Twitter, writing, "Momma and Brian are finally letting me share the news...My mommy's carrying my baby brother or sister :) I'm the happiest girl in the world!" A month later, the "Wolves" singer took to Facebook to thank her devoted fans for their love during the family's difficult time. "Belated Merry Christmas everybody.. I can't thank you enough for all of your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate every one of you... I love you all so much and we hope you and your family had a beautiful Christmas! Love, Me, Momma, Brian and our guardian angel Scarlett. God bless," Gomez wrote at the time. In 2013, Teefey gave birth to her daughter Gracie Teefey. (Eonline)

Jennifer Lopez has been getting into the holiday spirit with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, and their kids. Lopez, who's currently dating Alex Rodriguez, was spotted with Anthony attending 9-year old twins Max and Emme's school Christmas pageant on the Upper East Side, spies told Page Six. The couple were married for 10 years and split in 2014, but remained friends. Earlier the same day, Lopez was spotted with two female friends at Good Enough To Eat on the Upper West Side. (Page Six)

Is Kaia Gerber dating Patsy Palmer's model son? They met through their famous parents... Supermodel Cindy Crawford and soap star Patsy Palmer have an unlikely friendship, and now apparently their kids are dating. Cindy's 16-year-old daughter and model of the moment Kaia Gerber is signed to IMG. She's appeared in Vogue and walked the top runways last season. While Patsy's son Fenton Merkell, 17, is signed to LA management, The Dragonfly Agency. Their families met when Patsy, best known for playing Bianca in Eastenders, relocated to Los Angeles with her husband Richard Merkell and their four children. A source told The Sun: "It's very early days but they have grown close and seem very happy together. You wouldn't think it likely for sunny LA and rainy Walford to mix together." "Fenton and Kaia have been close pals for a while through their mums' friendship and in recent months it has grown into something more. It helps that they are both trying to make it in the same industry." It sounds like it's early days, but they make one gorgeous couple. (British Glamour)

Diddy just got a huge endorsement from one of the most powerful men in the NFL -- New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft ... who says he's a huge fan of the rap mogul. It's high praise -- and the timing couldn't be better ... with Diddy publicly declaring his intentions to become the next owner of the Carolina Panthers. So, when we saw Kraft in Bev Hills with his GF, Ricki Noel Lander, we asked if he thinks Diddy has the chops to crush in the NFL. "I'm a big fan of Diddy," Kraft tells TMZ Sports ..."He's a good businessman. He's a very good businessman and I have a lot of respect for Diddy." Unclear how they know each other, but this is a pretty big deal for Diddy. (TMZ)

The famous tattoo artist who inks up NBA stars including LeBron James, Tristan Thompson and Danny Green is suing the company behind the NBA2K17 video game ... claiming they used his art without permission. The man behind the suit is James Hayden -- a famous Cleveland-based tat artist who's been inking up LeBron for years ... and owns the copyrights on several designs he put on the NBA star. Ditto for Tristan, Danny and Kyrie Irving. In his suit, obtained by TMZ Sports, Hayden claims he owns the copyright to Bron's famous "Gloria" tattoo as well as his "Lion Design" and LJ's shoulder stars. Problem is ... Hayden says the makers of the video game -- 2K Games Inc. -- created the players in the NBA2K16, '17 and '18 with such detail, they even got the tats right. The suit reminds us of the time Mike Tyson's tattoo artist -- the guy behind the face tat -- sued the people in "The Hangover 2" for not getting his permission to feature the design in the movie. Now, Hayden is suing for a portion of the NBA2K franchise profits. He didn't specify a number -- but the game is a huge success, so we're guessing he's gunning for several million bucks! (TMZ)

Little Boy Calls 911 to Save Christmas From the Grinch. Stealing Christmas is a serious crime, and five-year-old TyLon Pittman was not going to let the Grinch get away with it. After watching videos of the famous Dr. Seuss character, the little boy called 911 to alert the local authorities in Byram, Mississippi of the Grinch's devious plans. "I just want to tell you something," Pittman told a 911 operator in a recording of the call obtained by Today. "Watch out for the Grinch, because the Grinch is going to steal Christmas, OK?" After Pittman's father apologized to the 911 operator for the call, the operator responded, "No, no, it's fine. It's definitely been the most interesting thing that's happened as far as 911 hang-ups for me." Officer Lauren Develle then paid Pittman and his family a visit. According to a video posted by Pittman's brother TeDara Dwayne Graves, Develle asked Pittman how the Grinch should be punished for his crime. "I want y'all to come back to my house and take him to jail," Pittman responded. "We can take him to jail if he comes and tries to steal your Christmas," Develle assured him. "I watched it on my phone," Pittman said. He even showed the footage to Develle as evidence. Thankfully, the Grinch was brought to justice. According to The Clarion Ledger, the police invited Pittman down to the station where he escorted the Grinch from a police car and locked him up. Graves' photos also show the authorities rewarding Pittman for his good deed with a Christmas present. Pittman might be able to help police fight more crime in the future. The Clarion Ledger reported the little boy hopes to be a police officer one day. (Eonline)


Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" Finally Reaches Billboard's Hot 100 Top 10 After Two Decades. Mariah Carey may not want a lot for Christmas...but a top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 wouldn't hurt. In an ironic twist of fate, one of the holiday season's signature tunes, "All I Want for Christmas Is You," finally earned a spot in Billboard Hot 100's top 10 this week, Billboard confirmed. To be exact, it reached number nine, breaking the top ten for the first time in its 23-year history. The 1994 hit previously peaked at 11 last winter, but at the time of its release in Nov. 1994, it wasn't eligible to chart on the Hot 100 because it was not a commercially available single. Fortunately, the rules changed in 1998 and, as streaming became a component of the Hot 100 formula, the track started hitting the Hot 100 annually beginning in 2012. While it is one of the few holiday-themed songs to reach the top 10, it is even more significant for Carey as it marks her 28th Hot 100 top 10 hit. She currently ranks fifth for most top 10 hits ever, tying with Wonder and ranking ahead of Elton John and Janet Jackson. "I honestly never thought we'd be talking about this happening, but I'm so thankful to everyone who embraces this song as part of their holiday tradition," the award-winning songstress told Billboard of the exciting news. As she recalled to the magazine, "It truly warms my heart, and I am proud of this song that I wrote basically as a kid on my little Casio keyboard." (Eonline)

John Legend Starring in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert! on NBC. John Legend is NBC's Jesus Christ. The Grammy, Oscar and Tony winner will star in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert! Airing Easter Sunday, April 1. The live musical production will air from the Marcy Armory in Brooklyn, New York. "I'm thrilled to join the cast of this production of Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert!," Legend said in a statement. "It's such a powerful, meaningful musical and I'm humbled to be part of this performance. We've already formed an incredible team, and, as we finish casting, I'm certain we will put together some of the greatest talents around to do this work justice." Alice Cooper was previously cast as King Herod. "We're all overjoyed to have world-class musical artist and producer John Legend starring as Jesus," Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, said in a statement. "This score demands a singer with an amazing range and an actor with great depth, and there isn't anyone better to bring this story to a new audience. His casting is also groundbreaking as the traditional image of Christ will be seen in a new way." Andrew Lloyd Weber, Tim Rice, Marc Platt, Craig Zeden and Neil Meron will serve as executive producers. Legend, Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorius are also on board as executive producers. David Leveaux is directing. "John Legend is a superstar," Rice, the lyricist of Jesus Christ Superstar, said in a statement. "As a performer, his voice is infectious and effortless. As an actor, he is believable and honest. I'm thrilled he will be able to share his portrayal of Jesus with the world." (Eonline)

Mase surprised the crowd at Harry Bernstein's Annex 88 holiday party over the weekend, showing up at 1?a.m. to perform hits including "What You Want." A bouncer told the '90s rapper "he made a 'good comeback,'?" a spy said. We hear Mase shot back: "I never left." Miguel also stopped by. Meanwhile, over at Jonny Lennon's Funday party at GoldBar, Nas got on the mike. "Somebody spilled a drink on his new suede shoes," says a spy. But Nas "was good natured about it .?.?. he said, 'I knew that was going to happen!'" (Page Six)

Lorde Preps 'Melodrama' Vinyl. Our Lorde and savior is finally blessing us with a vinyl release of Melodrama, the very best album of 2017. The standard and the deluxe edition, which comes with a hand-drawn sleeve and six photo inserts, will both be out April 8; you can pre-order them here. A collector's edition will follow later next year. In March, Lorde will embark on a North American tour with Run The Jewels and Mitski. (Billboard)

Kelly Rowland & Ciara Spread Holiday Spirit, Sing Christmas Carols To Hospitalized Children. 'Tis the season of holiday cheers, love, and kindness, as well as giving back and showing love to the less fortunate. That's the spirit Kelly Rowland and Ciara got into over the weekend when they stopped by the Children's hospital to warm the hearts of children through their voices by singing Christmas carols. The visit was coordinated by the Ciara and Russell Wilson-founded Why Not You Foundation and was a great success. In a post by the Seattle Children's Instagram account, Suzanne Weir, a mother of one of the hospital patients expressed her excitement from the evening, "They brought a smile to these kids' faces...It helped get our minds off things and made us feel better. I felt like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. We could just relax and have fun." Rowland and Ciara also took to their Instagram accounts to express their love for the children. Ciara uploaded a video of the duo blissfully singing a rendition of "Jingle Bells." (Billboard)

Stars Pay Tribute to SHINee's Jonghyun. On Monday, the K-pop world became a bit dimmer with the loss of the vivacious Kim Jonghyun of SHINee. The boy band member was 27-years-old when he passed away due to circumstances being investigated as a suicide. Jonghyun's death has shaken the entire K-pop music industry, where he was a stalwart artist having debuted as a member of SHINee in 2008. Along with his role in the quintet, he also pursued a solo career and was a prevalent songwriter, writing for some of Korea's most popular artists. Through his lengthy career in the fast-paced industry, Jonghyun made many deep connections, and much of the extended K-pop scene mourned his passing, including his agency SM Entertainment. "Jonghyun is the best artist who loved music, enjoyed the stage and cherished communicating with fans through music," the company wrote in a post shared on social media Tuesday morning. "We will remember you forever." (Billboard)

The guitarist from Bad Religion has another bad situation with his ex-wife -- he just got a new restraining order against her. Greg Hetson was granted the protection from Alia Hetson ... after filing docs saying Alia banged on his front door earlier this month around 3 AM, and yelled for him to come talk to her. She left, but returned an hour later to knock on his bedroom window. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Greg says he completely crushed any hope of them getting back together at the end of November, and insists she's been stalking and harassing him ever since. He also suspects she broke into his place through a doggy door. The exes have gone back and forth with restraining orders and police visits for years. For now, she has to stay 100 yards away from Greg. (TMZ)


The Office Revival Reportedly in the Works at NBC. Ready to go back to Dunder Mifflin? NBC is reportedly planning to revive The Office, according to TVLine. Steve Carell will not be returning as Michael Scott, but the new series would involve a mix of old and new characters, all working at the Scranton, PA branch of everybody's favorite paper company. This plan no doubt comes as a result of the success of Will & Grace, which recently returned from the dead and came back to NBC after more than 10 years off the air. The Office ended in 2013 after eight seasons, with most of the original cast still intact aside from Carell. NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt has commented on the possibility of the show's return before, telling Deadline in August that the network execs "often talk about The Office," and that if Greg Daniels, the creator of the U.S. version of the show, were interested, NBC would also be interested. While we don't yet know which original cast members might or might not return (aside from Carell), Mindy Kaling who was both a writer and an actor on the show, has said that she would most likely be involved if it were to happen. "I loved working on the show and I was there for eight years," Kaling said on The Talk back in September. "I think that if Greg Daniels, who did the American version of the show, he's such a genius. And if he were to be in charge of it, I can't imagine that I wouldn't want to help out in some way, or write, and I feel like probably the rest of the cast feels the same." Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, Ed Helms, Oscar Nunez, Angela Kinsey, B.J. Novack, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Phyllis Smith, Craig Robinson, Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein, Ellie Kemper, and Zach Woods also starred at various points during the show's run. NBC had no comment on the report. (Eonline)

Catt Sadler is leaving 'E! News'. "E! News" is losing top anchor Catt Sadler, Page Six has learned. The veteran show business correspondent -- who has been with the network for more than 12 years and on the daily "E! News" broadcast for seven -- is set to announce her departure on Wednesday's show. "E! was very surprised that she's leaving," a source close to Sadler told us. Sadler, who co-anchors "E! News" with Jason Kennedy, has had an increasingly heavy workload of late. She took on a larger role on "E! News" after former anchor Giuliana Rancic exited in 2015, and since it debuted in May she has co-hosted spin-off show "The Daily Pop" as well. An E! spokesperson told us, "We wish Catt Sadler all the best in her endeavors following her decision to leave 'E! News.' We will miss having Catt on set and appreciate her many contributions." (PageSix)


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