Redbook magazine has these suggestions to keep more of your hard earned money:

Carry crisp bills in your wallet
A study found that wrinkled bills encourage people to spend twice as much on the kind of small purchases, like gum or coffee, that make you wonder, "Hey where'd my money go?"

Set up a flexible spending account to pay for medical costs
It's pretax money, so it's like having an up to 40 percent off coupon every time you see a doctor or fill a prescription.

Remove your credit card information from your online shopping accounts
Having to pull out your wallet before making a purchase will give you just enough time for an extra "is it really work it? Gut check."

Take a breath before you step into the real life check-out line
When you rush your cart to the cashier, you're more likely to make some mindless impulse buys that really add up.

Shop after you eat lunch
A study from the University of Minnesota found that hungry shoppers spend 64 percent more on everything, even if it's not edible.


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