Born On This Day...

In 1683 King Philip V of Spain (1700-46)

In 1790 Artic explorer, Sir William Edward Parry

In 1813 Chemist, Thomas Andrews (proved that ozone is a form of oxygen)

In 1821 Women's sufferage leader, Mary Ashton Livermore

In 1832 Naturalist, John Kirk (David Livingston companion)

In 1849 Industrialist, Henry Clay Frick (U.S. Steel co-founder)

In 1852 Physicist, Albert A. Michelson (measured light) (Nobel-1907)

In 1865 American theatre actress, Minnie Maddern Fiske

In 1868 Author, Eleanor Porter (Pollyanna)

In 1875 Historian, Dr. Carter G. Woodson (Black history studies)

In 1893 Cartoonist, Al Kilgore (Bullwinkle)

In 1894 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Ford C. Frick (Commissioner 1951-65)

In 1902 British actor, Sir Ralph Richardson (Dr. Zhivago) [d: 10-10-83]

In 1903 Silent film actress, Pauline Curley [d: 12-16-00]

In 1906 Soviet leader, Leonid Brezhnev (1964-82) [d: 11-10-82]

In 1907 Humorist/author, H. Allen Smith (Low Man on Totem Pole) [d: 2-24-76]

In 1910 French novelist/playwright, Jean Genet [d: 4-15-86]

In 1915 Country singer, Charlie Ryan (Hot Rod Lincoln) [d: 2-16-08]

In 1918 Blues singer, Professor Longhair [d: 1-30-80]

In 1920 TV producer, David Susskind (Mr. Peeepers, Get Smart) [d: 2-22-87]

In 1923 Actor, Gordon Jackson (Hudson-Upstairs Downstairs) [d: 1-14-90]

In 1925 Country singer, Little Jimmy Dickens (Grand Ole Opry) [d: 1-2-15]

In 1926 Football Hall-of-Famer, Bobby Layne (Lions) [d: 12-1-86]

In 1928 Composer, Galt MacDermot (Letting Down My Hair) (89)

In 1934 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Albert Kaline (Tigers) (83)

In 1935 Baseball player, Tony Taylor (Phillies) (82)

In 1940 Folk singer, Phil Ochs (Joe Hill, War Is Over) [d: 4-9-76]

In 1941 Singer/drummer, Maurice White (Earth, Wind and Fire) [d: 2-4-16]

In 1943 Surgeon, William C. De Vries (Symbion artifical heart) (74)

In 1944 Anthropologist, Richard E. Leakey (73)

In 1944 Singer/guitarist, Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) [d: 3-6-13]

In 1944 Singer/guitarist, Zal Yanovsky (Lovin' Spoonful) [d: 12-13-02]

In 1945 Actress, Elaine Joyce (City Of Angels, Mr. Merlin) (72)

In 1945 Singer/guitarist, John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) (72)

In 1946 Actor, Robert Urich (S.W.A.T., Vega$, Spenser For Hire) [d: 4-16-02]

In 1947 Country singer, Janie Fricke (70)

In 1949 U.S. breast stroke swimmer, Claudia Kolb (Olympic-Silver-1984) (68)

In 1956 Actress, Alice Barrett (Frankie Frame-Another World) (61)

In 1957 Playmate/Polish model, Liz Glazowski (April-1980) (60)

In 1957 Keyboardist, Doug Johnson (Loverboy) (60)

In 1957 Basketball player, Kevin McHale (Celtics) (60)

In 1958 Singer/songwriter, Christopher 'Limahl' Hamill (Kajagoogoo) (59)

In 1960 Actor, Mike Lookinland (Bobby-The Brady Bunch) (57)

In 1961 Actor, Matthew Waterhouse (Adric-Dr. Who) (56)

In 1961 Football player, Reggie White (Eagles, Packers) [d: 12-26-04]

In 1963 Actress, Jennifer Beals (Flashdance, Bride) (54)

In 1963 Actor, Til Schweiger (Driven) (54)

In 1964 Actress, Beatrice Dalle (Betty Blue, Sabbath) (53)

In 1965 Actress, Jessica Steen (Linda-Homefront, Earth 2) (52)

In 1966 Actor, Robert MacNaughton (E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial) (51)

In 1966 Actor, Tim Reid (Venus-WKRP, Frank's Place, Sister Sister) (51)

In 1967 Magician, Criss Angel (Angeldust) (50)

In 1967 Guitarist, Klaus Eichstadt (Ugly Kid Joe) (50)

In 1969 Actress, Kristy Swanson (Knot's Landing, Buffy Vampire Slayer) (48)

In 1970 Bassist, Zac Foley (EMF) [d: 1-3-02]

In 1971 Actress, Amy Locane (Andrea-Spencer, Sandy-Melrose Place) (46)

In 1972 Actress, Rosa Blasi (Strong Medicine) (45)

In 1972 Actress, Alyssa Milano (Who's the Boss, Melrose Place, Charmed) (45)

In 1972 Football player, Warren Sapp (Bucaneers) (45)

In 1974 Football player, Jake Plummer (Cardinals) (43)

In 1977 Singer, Elisa ("Dancing," "Come Speak to Me") (40)

In 1980 Actor, Jake Gyllenhaal (October Sky, The Good Girl, Jarhead) (37)

In 1980 Actress, Marla Sokoloff (The Practice, Fuller House) (37)

In 1991 Actor, Jorge Blanco (Violetta) (26)

In 1991 Actor, Keiynan Lonsdale (The Flash) (26)


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