45 percent of men ages 25 to 40 say they have had an office romance, compared with 35 percent of women, according to a Harris Interactive survey sponsored by Glamour and Office romances -- long the bane of human resources departments -- are actually on the rise and are far more common today than they were a decade ago. Why? Not only are there more women in the workforce -- it does take two to tango, after all -- but also there are less taboos against it. Even when the man and the woman are single and willing, not all interoffice romances are acceptable. while 75 percent of employees agree that a romance between peers is perfectly acceptable, only 14 percent think dating your own manager is OK and just 18 percent approve of going out with a subordinate. One of the greatest dangers of an interoffice romance is sexual harassment. What was once flowers and kisses can turn into accusations and lawsuits. What constitutes sexual harassment? Employed adults said these qualified:
  • Being threatened with your job for not performing sexual favors for your supervisor of the opposite sex. 
  • Being asked out on a date by your supervisor of the opposite sex. * Supervisors complimenting employees on their body or physique.


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