• Would you rather drink a gallon of hot dog water, or a glass of someone else's sweat? 
  • Would you rather have your eyes always moving as if watching a tennis match or be forced to use only one scent of cologne, "Bacon 'N Herb?" 
  • Would you rather have hundreds of fair weather friends or have only one trusting and loyal friend? 
  • Would you rather live next door to a maximum security prison or next door to an all nude strip club? 
  • Would you rather be the person who administers the syringe at lethal injections or be an IRS auditor? 
  • Would you rather have to endure getting tobasco sauce eye drops or fill your pants with raw pork then kick a pit bull in the side? 
  • Would you rather always be able to tell what the person on the other end of the phone looks like just by hearing their voice, or always be able to tell if a movie is going to be good just by hearing the title? 
  • Would you rather find out your teenage daughter was pregnant or that she had a serious drug problem? 
  • Would you rather have constant diarrhea or constant terrible body odor? 
  • In an effort to make professional golf more exciting to watch, would you rather have all the golfers tee off of their own big toe or allow loud heckling and screaming from fans on the putting greens?


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