(Cosmopolitan) Whether you suspect something is up with your guy right now or just want to take a peek at his psyche, check him out in bed. Certain subtle moves can clue you in to stuff that is secretly brewing in that brain of his:

The Poser
Your guy may be subconsciously copping this cocky looking pose as a way for him to work some swagger even in his sleep. He is probably desiring some more power in your relationship. Basically, you are so take-charge that he does not have as much of a say in things as he would like. So step back and let him direct the plans this weekend. It will give you a break and allow him to take on the responsibility he is hungry for.

The Clencher
He is clenching his fists because he is probably feeling aggressive. Something is bugging him quite possibly something he is not even consciously aware of. If you have not noticed any problems in your relationship, then it likely has nothing to do with you. However, that inner struggle means he may get a bit testy. Encourage him to do something physical, like hit the gym with you he will be able to work out some of that tension until he pinpoints the real issue.

The Crotch Cradler
Your guy is cradling his junk, aka his most sensitive area, because he may be feeling uncertain. It could be work issues or family drama, but whatever it is, he is craving comfort. Sleep so you are spooning him this subconsciously signals that you are on his side and want to support him. And when you are out of bed, make sure to give him extra affection to let him know you are around if he wants to talk.

The Tangler
Sleeping with his legs tangled up in the sheets can indicate that he feels like he is not pleasing you enough. No mater how tough he may act, your man has a hidden sensitive side. The worry that he is not up to par can cause him to loss and turn, getting him ensnared in the bedding. Tell your guy the next day how happy he makes you to put his mind at ease.


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