All based in actual science. Popular Mechanics talked to Omer Ibrahim of SkinCare Physicians in Boston and this is what he said:

Platelet-rich plasma
Available in some doctor's office. Doctors draw blood and remove the blood cells from it, leaving behind a fluid called plasma. The plasma is then injected into the scalp, where doctors believe that cytokines, proteins in the blood that induce blood vessel growth and help to repair wounds, cause the patient's hair follicles to revert to the growing phase.

Available in some doctor's offices. Doctors prick balding areas of the scalp with very tiny needles. "Almost painless," says Ibrahim. The tiny injuries case the skin to go into repair mode, which in turn release cytokines that make hair go into a growing phase. Micro-needling has been used on its own, but has also been shown to be effective in conjunction with Rogaine.

Stem-cell therapy
Still being researched. Stem-cells from your own body can be used to regrow specific types of tissue, like new skin for burn victims. It's thought the same can happen with hair follicles if stem cells are applied or injected into the scalp. Scientists have even considered using them to 3D-print new follicles outside the body, but, like all stem-cell research, this is in its infancy.


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