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Friday, December 1, 2017


77 percent of employees report working with people who act so childish in the workplace that they might as well be on an elementary school playground at recess. How bad is it? More than half say they have witnessed a co-worker whining, while nearly half have seen someone pout when something didn't go his or her way. That's the word from and the Harris Poll, which surveyed 3,000 full time, U.S. workers and more than 2,000 full time hiring and human resource managers across industries and company sizes to find out the most childish behaviors they have seen in their workplace.

  • The top 10 childish behaviors witnessed in the workplace: 
  • Whining: 55 percent 
  • Pouting over something that didn't go his/her way: 46 percent 
  • Tattling on another co-worker: 44 percent 
  • Playing a prank on another co-worker: 36 percent 
  • Making a face behind someone's back: 35 percent 
  • Forming a clique: 32 percent 
  • Starting a rumor about a co-worker: 30 percent 
  • Storming out of the room: 29 percent 
  • Throwing a tantrum: 27 percent 
  • Refusing to share resources with others: 23 percent 

These behaviors do not go unnoticed to management and higher ups, either. When asked to name specific immature or adolescent behaviors they have seen at work, employers reported the following observations of one or more employees:
Company owner threw tantrums, yelled and slammed doors when he didn't get his way.
Employee hid to get away from duties and work responsibility.
Employee intentionally set up a co-worker to get him/her in trouble.
Employee ate other employees' food from the company refrigerator.
Employee blocked parking spots to prevent other employees from parking closer to the front door.
Employee gossiped about all of his direct reports, then pretended to be their advocate.
Employee constantly pulled up inappropriate content on her cell phone and showed it to her "clique."
Employee went to lunch and never came back.

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