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Friday, December 1, 2017


On this date in 1824 that the U.S. presidential election was turned over to the U.S. House of Representatives when the candidates were deadlocked. John Quincy Adams was eventually declared the winner. That was back when we had an electoral junior college.

The great Indian warrior "Crazy Horse" was born on this date in 1842. Why the name "Crazy Horse?" His mom, "Constant Nag" never told him.

On this date in 1903, a bank in Pennsylvania began the very first Christmas Club savings account.
  • Of course, with it only being a few weeks before Christmas, the first year's presents consisted of a loaf of bread and a sponge. 
  • Needless to say, that was a pretty cheap-gift Christmas. The following year was much better. 
  • Or, of course, by Christmas, the customer had only saved $1. And, of course, it was also on Christmas he realized the stores were all closed. It was probably for the best. 

On this date in 1913, the very first drive-in gas station opened.
  • I guess before then, you had to order it through the mail. 
  • Back in those days, you'd have to take a cab to go get gas for your car... which kinda defeated the purpose. 
  • The station was in Pittsburgh, PA, and gas sold for 3 cents a gallon. That doesn't even cover the tax these days. 

It was on this date in 1929 that Bingo was invented by a guy named Edwin S. Lowe. He was trying to figure out a way to make nuns swear. Nothing like yelling out, "Bingo" to make that happen.
  • Did I say "1929"? I meant, I-29. 
  • The game that reminds grandma's everywhere that they still know that word. 
  • I believe he was, oh, 65 at the time. 
  • Was it G-57? (I wonder what the dog's name was before that?) 

In 1939, Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer made his first appearance in a Montgomery Ward catalog. They weren't the best pictures and all of the other reindeer laughed and called him names. Of course, he's had some work done over the years. For example, his nose is now an LED light.

On this date in 1960, Paul McCartney and Pete Best were arrested (and later deported) from Hamburg, Germany, after accusations of attempted arson. You sure don't hear about that in the history books.

In 1969, the first draft lottery in the United States was held since World War II. As they liked to say, there were no winners -- only losers.


A new month! Just 24 days until you-know-what! That's three weeks from Monday, people!

Sarah Silverman turns 47 today. Pretty sure Jimmy Kimmel won't be at the party.

Charlene Tilton, who played Lucy in the old TV soap, "Dallas," turns 59 today.
  • It was easier to count the number of people on the show that she didn't sleep with. 
  • She really put the loose in Lucy. 
  • Wow, she's almost old enough to play Miss Ellie. 

Gilbert O'Sullivan turns 71 today. He sang one of the most depressing schmaltzy songs of the 70s, "Alone Again, Naturally."

Bette Midler turns 72-years-young today. I wonder if she ever knew that she was my hero.

Woody Allen hits 82 today. He's the guy who took "Take your Daughter to Work Day" to the next level. (He plans to spend a quiet birthday with just his wife and his daughter... and the kids they had together.)

Eat A Red Apple Day -- Did you know that red apples usually have five bumps (lobes) on the base of the apple. The "star" you see when you cut an apple in half is due to the fruit's five seed cavities. Each cavity has the potential for 2 seeds, thus 10 seeds per apple are the norm.

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