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Monday, December 11, 2017


If you can put it off until tomorrow, why do it today? Well, eventually you'll run out of tomorrows. So why do we procrastinate? The New York Times interviewed productivity experts and came up with four reasons.

1. We're overwhelmed.
So many of our colleagues have been laid off that there is more work for those who remain -- sometimes so much work that it can be paralyzing when the boss wants us to be both creative and efficient at the same time.

2. We worry what others think of us.
Sometimes the job is just too hard. After all, if you never finish that difficult project, you won't be judged. Some people think it's better to be accused of lacking effort or having poor time management skills than lacking ability.

3. We're distracted.
The average employee admits to wasting as much as two hours a day on non-work tasks. Facebook, Twitter and personal e-mail can be very distracting.

4. We have a fear of success.
if you do a job very well, the boss will expect even more of you next time -- and you know deep down you might not be able to deliver. The end result? You procrastinate on the immediate task.

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