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Thursday, December 14, 2017


(Cosmopolitan) Think those notebook doodles mean nothing? According to psychologist Angela Bradley, your pen is guided by your subconscious:

Someone Else's Name
You're hung up on another person maybe you're in love or maybe you two have beef.

You're struggling with a tricky situation or confused by which direction your life should take. Either way, it's your move.

If it's the biblical kind, you're craving protection. But X crosses indicate pent-up frustration about something.

It's obvious you've got love on the brain, whether you have a bae already or you're ready to couple up.

Keep dreaming for real. Your ambition and positive outlook will get you far and give you even more chances to shine.

You're vibing hard with the universe at large, which basically means you've found balance and wholeness in life.

Steps or a Ladder
You'll do anything to reach your lofty ambitions, and you have the patience to wait it out too.

If they're pointing up, your focus is on others; down on you; left, the past, and right, the future.

A House
If it's neat and simple, you have a happy home life. But if it's a mess or slightly askew, you may feel trapped.

You tend to be social, sensitive, and feminine. Rounded, childlike blooms reflect a strong sense of home.

A storm's a-brewin'. Something has you worried. The tighter the swirl, the more complicated the problem seems.

What if you don't doodle?
It's not a sign of mood problems. But you may want to try it sometimes. Simple scrawling can help with focus, uncover your deepest thoughts, and enhance memory processing.

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