Baby Bitten By Another Baby at Day Care...27 TIMES!

Baby Bitten By Another Baby at Day Care...27 TIMES!
When John and Jeanette Betancourt were told their 4-month-old son had been bitten at his San Antonio day care they were ready to write it off as one of those accidents that happen. That is until Jeanette picked the baby and found 27 severe bites-- all from another child-- on her kid! Now the state of Texas has shut down the in-home day care operation, which investigators say is unlicensed and has been in business for eight years. The woman, who was found with eight children in her charge when investigators showed up, told Jeanette that although she heard the baby crying, she didn't think anything was wrong. The day care operator told police she didn't know she needed a license but the Betancourts told officers, "When we went to her house to do the initial interview ... she showed us that she had a license." Fortunately the baby is healing and doing fine according to John. (Houston Chronicle)


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