1. Create a Campaign
If your ideal job is related to social media, and even if it's not, one extreme way to get noticed is to create a social media campaign. Between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a personal website and/or blog, creating a large following and professional image will impress any potential employer.
2. Sell Yourself
Want that dream job enough, and you might consider investing money in it. That doesn't mean you should include a crisp bill with your resume, but it might mean spending some cash on ad space. Taking out a professional looking ad in a magazine or journal relevant to your field will make a lasting impression.
3. Win a Contest
Is your dream career in a creative field? Take some time to find and compete in contests that will showcase your skills. This could apply for graphic designers, artists, musicians, web developers, programmers, video editors, writers and many other jobs. Look for contests with well-known sponsors, or even those sponsored by the same companies you are applying to work for. Even if you don't catch the attention of a particular employer, you will have more direct examples to add to your portfolio for future applications.
4. Unique Resumes
It's usually a big no-no to add strange fonts, colors or pictures to your resume, and that's because most people don't do so with any greater purpose or coherency in mind. However, if you are applying for a job that requires you to be creative, why not showcase your talent from the start? If you are a graphic designer, your resume can be a piece of art; if you are a programmer, consider writing an interactive program or website to stand in for a traditional resume.
5. Jump Through The Hoops
It's becoming increasingly popular for job postings to get creative as well. If you need to hire a social media analyst, why not have the applicants generate a following in order to be hired? Editing jobs often include an editing test as part of the hiring process, but companies may now be bringing it to the fore by asking for a completed test alongside or instead of a resume.

6. Go Viral
You may have heard stories about unemployed people standing outside with cardboard signs asking for a job, or listing their experience. While that probably isn't number one on your list, you might consider the online equivalent-going viral. Create a YouTube video, article, comic or picture series and start posting it around and you may just hit it big.


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