Kate Winslet turns 40 today. For actresses, 40 is the new 80. She's done quite well considering her career started on board the "Titanic." Yes, she got on board a sinking ship and it was the smartest thing she ever did. Or, she'll continue to have a great career, as long as she watches out for those icebergs.
Parminder Nagra is also 40 today. Her career began with the movie, "Bend it Like Beckham." Apparently, she bent it too much because she ended up on "E.R."
Former NBA star Grant Hill turns 43 today. He was on the original Dream Team, with Mr. T... oh, wait. I think I'm confusing my teams.
Daniel Baldwin celebrates birthday number 55. I can't remember if he's my third or fourth favorite Baldwin brother.
Rockin' Steve Miller turns 72 today.

  • He can still fly like an eagle when nature calls.
  • Still a rocker, not ready for the walker.
  • He specialized in pop rock music. You'd put a little in your ears and you'd hear it crackle.


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