It's Tuesday the 13th!
Happy birthday to Sacha Baron Cohen, who turns 44. He gave us Borat, even though we tried several times to give it back.
Figure skater Nancy Kerrigan turns 45 today.
  • Despite her age, she'd like to do a triple Lutz on Tonya Harding.
  • She's yelling, "Why me! Why me!" It's because it's your birthday!
  • Every time I think of her, I'm reminded of that old song that goes, "A knee a whack, a knee a whack, a knee a whack, a knee a whack."

Former NFL receiver Jerry Rice turns 53 today. Back in his playing days, he caught everything that came his way. Sure a little penicillin every now and then, but a very successful career.
Chris Carter, the creator of the old TV series, "The X-Files" celebrates a birthday today. The truth out there says he's turning 58.
Robert Lamm, one of the last original members of Chicago still hanging with the group, turns 71 today. Or is 25... or 64?
Paul Simon who had the hit years ago "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" turns 74. Or is that 'who had the hit years ago, "74 Ways to Leave Your Lover" turns 50?

Skeptics Day -- Nearly half the population, 45%, think visitors from outer space are living on Earth. The most skeptics live in Canada, where only 16% accept the idea that spacemen reside here, and There Netherlands, where only 8% do.


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