"America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon turns 35. Or would you prefer "Mariah Carey's Ex?" I know he does.
Matt Damon turns 45 today. Yep, he wasn't Bourne yesterday. He and Ben Affleck are like brothers. Matt would be the successful brother.
Robert Bell turns 65 today. He was the "Kool" of Kool and the Gang. If his name rung a Bell, that's Kool.
Sigourney Weaver turns 66 today.
  • Probably the most famous Sigourney I know.
  • But she can still kick an alien's arse, provided they have one.
  • As a special surprise, an alien baby will burst out of her chest and sing Happy Birthday.

Chevy Chase turns 72 today. As a special treat, Cousin Eddy is not coming over to spend a couple of months. And while birthdays terrify him, you can just imagine how he feels about Christmas.

Wow, Paul Hogan, Crocodile Dundee, turns 76. He's gone from "Krikey!" to creaky.


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