Are you really middle class? Here are signs that show you've made it:

Owning a home
Even though real estate values range widely, being the master or mistress of your own castle is definitely a middle class thing.

Health care
With the cost of medicine skyrocketing, it's imperative to have insurance and the middle class does.

Owning a car
Middle class folks don't rely on public transportation unless they happen to be ecologically conscious and use mass transit to save the environment.

Taking vacations
Not everyone can afford a two week family holiday every year. Feel fortunate if you can, even if it means having to deal with the airlines.

Sending kids to college
You don't have to be a Rockefeller to pay for college, but it sure helps these days. Still, middle class kids continue their education after high school.

Retirement funds
Middle class people don't work until they drop. They're able to retire and even move to warmer places, like Florida and Arizona.


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