Be nice to them
The irritating person turns into a lamb who just needed a little love.

Ignore the irritating person and relax
Concentrate on your breathing or visualize that your hands are warming up. These two techniques help you center on yourself and help you feel more relaxed.

Use the irritating behavior as a cue to start doing something you enjoy
If a co-worker comes up to borrow your stapler for the fifth time today, instead of getting irritated, start your favorite activity at work. Get a cup of coffee, take a break or call a friend. Let your favorite daydream flash through your mind.

Be honest
Confront the person with the fact that he's bothering you. Some people just don't realize that their behavior is irritating.

Kid them about their irritating ways
This can be done only if you like the person, otherwise it sounds hostile and won't help. A little humor can reduce tension immensely and put the situation in perspective.


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