On this date in 54, A.D., the Roman emperor Claudius I died, after being poisoned by his wife, Agrippina, with a little help from the local Chipotle.
  • She was angry after catching him with their slave, Lewinskia. Ironically, Agrippina is Latin for Hillary. 
  • He was poisoned by his wife Agrippina, which is Latin for "I told you not to trust her chicken salad." 
  • At first, a lot of people suspected his brother Guiltius. 

Horace Hayden was born on this date, back in 1769. Horace became famous after founding the very first dental college in the U.S. Unfortunately, because of shoddy construction, after only 10 years the buildings needed braces.

On this date in 1775, the United States Navy was born. See and I thought they didn't look a day over 150. Everybody sing: "Anchors uh weigh a ton, Anchors uh weigh..."

The cornerstone laid was laid for the construction of The White House way back in 1792. The site was personally chosen by George Washington. No official name was given to the structure so it was known by a variety of titles including the "President's House" and "Executive Mansion." The exterior walls were made from sandstone reflecting a grayish-brown color, but when whitewashed in 1798, it prompted some popular usage of the term "White House." Here's more White House trivia:
  • Which president installed a toilet seat in the White House bearing his college emblem, the University Of Michigan? (Gerald Ford) 
  • Which president had electric lights installed in the White House? (Benjamin Harrison) 
  • Who was the first president to have a phone on his desk in the White House. (Herbert Hoover) 
  • A bathtub and inside toilet were provided by which president? (Millard Fillmore) 
  • President Theodore Roosevelt gave this structure its official name in what year? (1901) 
  • There are 132 rooms and 32 bathrooms in the White House. 

On this date in 1838, a meteorite shower fell on Cold Bokkeveld, South Africa. It was there on this very day that the cast iron umbrella was invented.

In 1860, the very first aerial photograph was taken from a balloon over Boston. The photographer was quoted as saying, "What's that kid down there doing with the giant dart gun?" The photographer was trying to get a good picture of the jerk who was supposed to be holding on to the rope.

On this date in 1945 that Chocolate manufacturer Milton Hershey died. It was a dark day for chocolate. Or, was it a day for dark chocolate? Let me get back to you on that one... He was wrapped in foil and placed in a box.

On this date in 1971, the very first World Series night game was played with Pittsburgh defeating Baltimore, 4-3. Up until that time, the cool teachers would bring in a TV and let you watch the game during school. It was a different time.


Tiffany Trump, the President's daughter by Marla Maples, turns 24 today. You don't hear much about her. She's 4th in line to the throne.

Sacha Baron Cohen turns 46 today and plans a small, quiet, offensive celebration at home. He gave us Borat, even though we tried several times to give it back.

Figure skater Nancy Kerrigan turns 48 today. She's the figure skater who popularized the phrase, "Why me?" Her rival, Tonya Harding, was famous for saying, "If you can't beat your opponent, beat your opponent."
  • She was a big deal back when "taking a knee" meant something entirely different. 
  • Despite her age, she'd like to do a triple Lutz on Tonya Harding. 
  • Every time I think of her, I'm reminded of that old song that goes, "A knee a whack, a knee a whack, a knee a whack, a knee a whack." 

Former NFL receiver Jerry Rice turns 55 today. Back in his playing days, he caught everything that came his way. Sure a little penicillin every now and then, but a very successful career.

Chris Carter, the guy who gave us "The X-Files" turns 60 today. Think of how he had to go through the A through W files just to finally get a hit.

Robert Lamm, one of the last original members of Chicago still hanging with the group, turns 73 today. Or is 25... or 64?

Paul Simon who had the hit years ago "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" turns 76. Or is that 'who had the hit years ago, "76 Ways to Leave Your Lover" turns 50?


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