• Quebec has adopted a law that will force people to show their faces when taking the bus or borrowing a book from the library, pushing ahead with legislation that is being criticized for targeting Muslim Canadian women. 
  • The attempted breakup of Catalonia from Spain is starting to get intense. 
  • There's a 5,000-mile long "river in the sky" that is dumping rain and snow on the Northwest U.S. They're calling it "The Big Dark." 
  • Ed Sheeran had said he was in a bicycle accident. Now, we're hearing that he actually broke both of his arms and that there may be some show cancelations in the near future. 
  • While at the Cubs game, Bill Murray helped a couple announce to the world that they're having a baby in a Facebook message. 
  • Belgian scientists say they've discovered a definite relationship between sugar and cancer. 
  • Division III Occidental College announced this week that it is canceling the rest of their football season, because they don't have enough healthy players. 
  • The bidding process to be the city chosen as Amazon's second headquarters is now closed. Where will it go? The city of Stonecrest, Georgia is offering, if they're picked, to change their name to Amazon, Georgia. 
  • Chelsea Handler says she's going to turn in the keys to her Netflix talk show after two seasons. 
  • Luke Bryan says he's having a blast on the set of the new American Idol. 
  • An Australian woman is claiming that "American Horror Story" inspired her to kill her grandfather. 
  • The Nissan Rogue is the first U.S. car to offer semi-autonomous driving. 
  • Netflix says their most binge-watched show is "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life." 
  • Just two months after her split with Chris Pratt, Ana Faris is said to be dating cinematographer Michael Barrett. 
  • Alex Rodriguez and J-Lo are still house hunting. Looking for that perfect home to move in together. 
  • The very first sex doll brothel has opened up in Germany. 
  • Nissan has suspended all car production in Japan after finding that some final vehicle checks were still being carried out by uncertified inspectors at three of its plants. 
  • Billy Joel is expecting his third child at age 68. 
  • A Kentucky boy is baffling doctors, after the 7-year-old slept for 11 straight days without an explanation. 
  • You know in the song, "Free Falling" by the late Tom Petty, the lyrics: "And all the vampires, walking through the Valley, move west down Ventura Boulevard." In honor of the singer, a Vampire Walk was held last night on Ventura Boulevard in the California city of Sherman Oaks. 
  • E! is wrapping up "Fashion Police" with a Look-Back-At-Joan finale on November 27. 


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