Kat Von D Is Pregnant, Expecting First Child With Husband Leafar Seyer. Kat Von Dis readying for her next adventure: motherhood! The celebrity tattoo artist and makeup mogul announced Tuesday via social media that she and husband Leafar Seyer are expecting their first child together. "It's a boy," she captioned an artistic photo of the parents-to-be. Von D, 36, is seen cradling her baby bump while Seyer wraps his arm around her. The wonderful news comes three months after Kat tied the knot with the singer, whose real name is Rafael Reyes, one week after getting engaged. "Today, I married my soul's mate, my mind's twin, my best friend," Kate gushed on Instagram after officially becoming a Mrs. She continued, "It was a beautiful sacred thing to get married alone, just the two of us, but are looking forward to planning a ceremony for our close friends+family soon. Until then, we're sending all of you so much love!" Von D was previously married to tattoo artist Oliver Peck from 2003 to 2007. She was later engaged to Jesse James and DJ Deadmaus. (Eonline)

Khloe Kardashian is learning the balance of new motherhood. A source tells PEOPLE the Keeping Up with the Kardashians personality has been open to having others step in to assist her in caring for her daughter True, whom she gave birth to on April 12. "Khloe seems to like having someone with experience help her, but she still spends most hours of the day with her daughter," the insider explains of Kardashian, 33. The source adds that the new mom is "very hands-on with her baby daughter" and the help she's receiving is more in the form of "support and company" as she spends time with True and boyfriend Tristan Thompson in Cleveland. Kardashian's openness about having help early in the parenting game may or may not have to do with sister Kylie Jenner's apparent change of heart as a new mom. While the 20-year-old was initially reluctant to hire help and had planned to rely on close friends and family to assist her with daughter Stormi, now 3 months, she eventually decided more hands would be a big asset. "With the support and abilities she has to hire nannies and assistants, she's been a really, really great mom," a source told PEOPLE in February of the Lip Kit mogul, adding, "She's incredibly doting and hands-on as a mom. She's always been very maternal." Kardashian and Thompson, 27, were spotted together on Friday, marking their first public appearance since allegations of his cheating were made public almost a month ago. The following day, the Good American mogul cheered on her boyfriend at a Cleveland Cavaliers game, as seen in a photo obtained by TMZ. (People)

Joel McHale reveals that after years of struggling to read, it was not until his son was diagnosed with dyslexia that he too found out he had the learning disability. "When I started The Soup back in 2004, I was so anxious because I can't really read, and I had to read teleprompter," the former The Soup host shared while on pal Dax Shepard's podcast, "Armchair Expert" this week. McHale told Shepard who also has the learning difficulty that he was forced to "repeated grades" in school but teachers failed to recognize he was dyslexic. "They literally diagnosed me [as a] slow-starter," shared McHale, 46, who went on to share how he eventually got a real medical diagnosis. "So my sons are also dyslexic," explained McHale, who shares sons Isaac, 10, and Edward, 13 with wife, Sarah Williams. "One was being diagnosed, and the doctor goes, and she was describing all of the symptoms, and I was like, 'That's what I have,'" said the Community alum. "And she goes, 'Oh I was wondering which one it was because it's passed down.'" The actor-comedian revealed that his father also "clearly has dyslexia." "He would never really admit it for a long time," shared McHale, who added that both he and his father have trouble remembering people's names. "He can't remember names just like I can't," said McHale, adding that "if it's just two people I'm fine." Later on in the podcast, Shepard asked McHale if being "labeled a slow-starter" growing up impacted the star as an adult. "No, I decided not to pursue pop music," teased McHale before seriously explaining that he "always thought [he] was going to show 'em." "I fought it," said McHale, who went on to graduate from the University of Washington. "I thought, 'I know how to get around it.' So I was always figuring out ways to get around stuff." Ultimately, sports gave McHale his "confidence and self-esteem." "I mean I knew I was good at sports, and I knew I loved acting and performing, so I really dove into that, and school always became secondary," explained McHale. "And I knew that I could tell jokes in class, and that always did well." He added: "I always excelled in sports, so I knew I had advantages there. That really gave me like confidence and self-esteem." (People)

Geena Davis' husband has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned. Reza Jarrahy filed legal docs Tuesday citing irreconcilable differences in their marriage. According to the docs, the couple separated last November. They married in September 2001 and have 3 kids ... a girl and twin boys. Jarrahy is asking for spousal support and joint legal and physical custody. He is asking the judge to deny any request by her for spousal support. Jarrahy did not use his real name in filing the docs. The caption for the divorce reads Rob Doe vs. Veronica Doe. We've confirmed the parties are Reza and Geena. This is Geena's 4th marriage. (TMZ)

Nikki Bella Is Living With Twin Sister Brie After "Difficult" John Cena Split. Nikki Bella's friendship with one family member is only getting stronger. Close to one month after the Total Bellas star and fiance John Cena ended their engagement, fans are getting a sense into Nikki's new reality. As it turns out, the WWE star is staying at her twin sister Brie Bella's house for the time being. "I know I've been kind of MIA. I've just been kind of hiding out but I wanted to reach out to you'll and just thank you for all your love and support," Nikki shared in a new video posted onto YouTube titled "NIKKI IS BACK! (and living with the Danielsons?!)." "I can't tell you how much its meant to me especially through a really difficult time." In the clip, the reality star gives fans a glimpse into her San Diego space. She also reveals what's to come when a new season of Total Bellas premieres later this month. "It's going to be a really tough one for me to watch, but hey! That's life, right?" she shared. "Again, thank you all for your love and support with all of that. It's been a tough time but we won't get into that right now because it's the morning." Back on April 15, the couple announced in a joint statement that they were separating after six years together. They were set to tie the knot in Mexico on May 5. "Nicole knows I love her and I miss her, but that is what it is," John previously shared with E! News. "And I'm still here, still going -- and I choose to go." As for Nikki, she has a strong support system and plenty of businesses to attend to. And through it all, the WWE star knows she has the love of friends and strangers alike. "I love you all. Thank you all for your support," Nikki added. "I can't tell you how much it means to me." (Eonline)

Kylie Jenner is blowing off reports that her former bodyguard, and not Travis Scott, is baby Stormi's dad ... because she says the stories are BS. A social media storm started this week ... noting similarities between Stormi and Tim Chung. People have been focusing on eyes, nose and skin tone ... noting what they say are uncanny similarities. Our Kylie sources say the rumor is just that, a rumor with no basis in fact. Our Kylie sources say it's humanly impossible for Chung to be the dad because he never had sex with Kylie. It's not the first time Stormi's paternity has been called into question ... shortly after her birth, stories surfaced claiming Kylie's former bf, Tyga, believed he was the baby's father. Tyga quickly shut down those reports, saying, "I've never said anything about someone else's child or family insinuating my involvement; and will never do so. Please, Stop spreading false stories and attacking people's families." (TMZ)

Jada Pinkett Smith Says Husband Will Smith 'Let Me Have It' for Her Rude Treatment of His Ex. Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith's ex-wife Sheree Fletcher have a friendly relationship now -- but it wasn't always that way. During the debut episode of Pinkett Smith's Facebook talk show Red Table Talk, in which Fletcher appeared as the first guest, the Girls Trip star recalled a time when the two were not on good terms. "Do you remember that conversation we had on the phone that one time?" Pinkett Smith asked Fletcher. "They were fighting words." Fletcher said she had called the house to speak with her then-3-year-old son Trey, whom she shares with Smith, when Pinkett Smith answered the phone. "Very few times in my life I can recall being checked real hard where I didn't have nothing to say," said Fletcher. "But you weren't out of line." Fletcher admitted that she wasn't "respectful" when she called, and Pinkett Smith didn't take kindly to her attitude. "You basically let me know, 'I don't really appreciate your tone,'" she recalled. "And you hung up on me." When Fletcher called back, things only escalated. "I happened to say, 'B -- - you living in the house I picked out," said Fletcher. "You said, 'It's my house now.'" Pinkett Smith said things got so heated that her husband had to step in. "Will Smith let me have it," said Pinkett Smith. "His take was, 'That is Trey's mother and that's just not your place.'" And it seems his words really sunk in. Fletcher said the next time the women saw it each other they made and effort to mend their relationship. "You would always say Re, I apologize," said Fletcher. "You always owned it. Thank you for that." Later in the episode, Pinkett Smith and Fletcher opened up even more about the difficult times they faced trying to become a blended family. Pinkett Smith admitted she started dating the actor while he was still married to Fletcher. "Because I did not understand marriage, I did not understand divorce, I probably should have fell back," Pinkett Smith admits in the clip, to which Fletcher jokingly replies, "You think?" The Set It Off actress and Smith have since been married for 20 years. She previously opened up about the decision to have Fletcher appear on the first episode of the show, which also serves as the Mother's Day episode. "I thought it was important to have that conversation because she was my entry point to motherhood. I was co-mothering with her. At that particular time, before [having a blended family] was popular, before it was even an idea, we were trying to create something that we had never experienced." She added, "We came from broken homes. We didn't have a blueprint. We just had an idea. This is what we think we want. This is what we want to try to do for Trey." (People)

Alan Thicke's widow says his sons are treating her unfairly and believes they might be recklessly spending his money while holding out on her inheritance ... according to new legal docs. Tanya Thicke claims Alan's sons -- Robin and Brennan, who are co-trustees of their late father's estate -- are not only keeping her in the dark about how they are managing his trust ... but are ganging up on her and possibly robbing her from what she's owed. According to the docs ... the sons raised hell over Tanya arranging a burial site monument for Alan -- which she claims she had every right to do -- and retaliated by refusing to reimburse her for it. At the same time, she claims they reimbursed Robin $105,000 for a huge memorial bash the night before Alan's burial ... which she was not on board with. Tanya also believes she's being unfairly charged by the sons for expenses and taxes that should not fall on her. Tanya's lawyer, Adam Streisand, tells us ... "The fact that Tanya still hasn't received her inheritance is unconscionable," and adds if they don't start being more open with what they're up to ... Tanya will get the court to force them. As we reported ... Tanya scored a legal win over the boys last September when a judge tossed their petition to block her from challenging her prenup with Alan, which she never did. We've reached out to Robin and Brennan ... so far, no word back. (TMZ)

Justin Theroux's neighbor is trying to strong-arm neighbors caught in the middle of their property war ... according to Justin, who says it's gotten so scary he needs court-ordered protection. Theroux claims Norman Resnicow is flying into angry, violent tirades with other residents in their building, because he's trying to scare them into not testifying on Theroux's behalf. According to the docs ... Resnicow's repeated verbal assaults are working, he's made them reluctant to testify in the heated feud over renovations at Justin's crib. JT says one resident told him Resnicow's behavior has "reached a very dangerous level for everyone in the building." Theroux also accuses Resnicow of trespassing on his property in order to harass workers and take measurements to help his case. In the docs, he says his neighbor invited a "disreputable tabloid" into their building in an attempt to publicly embarrass him. The actor's asking the court for a restraining order to keep Resnicow from harassing, intimidating or threatening anyone who has or may testify on Theroux's behalf, and to stop using abusive language in emails as well. We reached out to Resnicow ... no word back yet. (TMZ)

Cardi B Breaks Her Silence After Her Entourage Allegedly Attacked an Autograph Seeker. Cardi B isn't afraid to set boundaries when it comes to engaging with her fans. After her entourage allegedly attacked an autograph seeker following the 2018 Met Gala, the "Bodak Yellow" artist took to Twitter to set the record straight on her fan interactions. "If you check my tag pics, I take a lot of pics with fans," the rapper tweeted on Tuesday. "Some people are not fans and sometimes I don't want no pics and I simply don't want people too close cause of [my pregnancy]. I don't know what are people's intentions sooo I be careful. Why can't people respect that?" The tweet has since been deleted. Police confirmed to People that a verbal dispute took place around 2:15 a.m. on Tuesday after a fan approached the rapper for an autograph outside of the Mark Hotel in New York. According to the magazine, a physical altercation then took place between the fan and three members of Cardi B's entourage. People wrote that the suspects fled the scene before the authorities arrived and that the fan was then taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital with minor injuries. TMZ obtained a video of the aforementioned altercation. In the video, the alleged fan, who multiple outlets have identified as Giovanni Arnold, can be heard expressing his frustration over not getting an autograph. "I just asked for an autograph, damn," he said in the video. According to TMZ, Cardi B's fiance Offset then told the fan to "shut up." "Please beat me up, please brother," the fan said. "Be a fool, man. You better invest. You better invest in your money, bro. Do something with your money instead of buying jewelry. You better invest your money, bro because you gonna go broke one day, you heard? It aint going to last forever, bro." Per the video, the altercation then took place between the fan and three members of Cardi B and Offset's crew. Attorney Daniel Szalkiewicz, who is reportedly representing Arnold, told NY Daily News the incident was an "unjustified ambush." "Our client was beaten to a pulp for requesting an autograph," he said. "Our client was held in the hospital overnight for observation. The videos clearly show this was not an act of self-defense. The assailants fled the scene to avoid being arrested for their savage attack. No fan should ever be treated in this manner, and words never justify violence." (Eonline)

R. Kelly's had enough with accusations he's holding women hostage to serve as his sex slaves ... straight-up saying it's all just a ploy to get into his pockets and tarnish his legacy. R. Kelly tells TMZ ... allegations he brainwashed Joycelyn Savage and held her and others captive to be part of a sex cult is a false narrative conjured up by Joycelyn's father and mother who are sour after the singer turned down their services. The singer tells us Joycelyn's father, Timothy, tried getting his attention through Joycelyn about herself and other relatives he thought could have a singing career. When that plan didn't pan out, Kelly says Timothy fabricated stories -- including sex cult tales -- and demanded money. Kelly also points to Joycelyn's mother, Jonjelyn, getting upset Kelly's backup dancers didn't use Jonjelyn's dresses for his tour. Kelly says Jonjelyn owns a clothing boutique she was trying to get off the ground. What's more ... the singer says Joycelyn's parents' claims their daughter was held against her will doesn't add up, since her mother had previously and on numerous occasions visited Kelly's place. R. Kelly responded for the first time since new accusations surfaced alleging the singer gave a 20-year-old woman an STD and sexually abused an underage girl in the 1990s. For what it's worth ... Joycelyn's said plenty of times she's doing just fine. She even went on vacation in L.A. without Kelly. As for the new campaign, #MuteRKelly ... the singer says people are misinformed, believing Joycelyn's parents' lies. (TMZ)


Meghan Markle's Wax Figure Makes Her Debut Ahead of Royal Wedding. Ever wonder what it would be like to see Meghan Markle up close? Madame Tussauds London gave royal admirers an idea on Wednesday by unveiling a wax figure of the former Suits star. The lookalike stands next to a replica of Meghan's fiance Prince Harry and dons her famous green engagement dress from P.A.R.O.S.H. A copy of Meghan's diamond engagement ring can also be spotted on the figure's left hand. While the Harry model has lived at the wax museum since 2014, Madame Tussauds recently updated the figure of the future groom by adding the royal's beard and changing his style. In fact, visitors can see replicas of several royal family members. The museum also features wax figures of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla. While the Meghan statue doesn't make its official public debut until May 19 -- a.k.a royal wedding day -- fans can get a sneak peek of the figure on May 18. Madame Tussauds London is hosting a hen and stag party on the eve of the couple's nuptials, and visitors will be able to take pictures with the statues in front of an array of backdrops, including the couple cutting the wedding cake. Can't make it to London? No worries! Madame Tussauds' sister location in New York is unveiling its own wax figure of Meghan on May 9. Meghan is one of many celebrities to be turned into a wax figure. To see other stars' replicas, click on the gallery. It won't be long now until the real Harry and Meghan tie the knot on May 19. (Eonline)

Hollywood Salaries Revealed: Find Out How Much Jennifer Lawrence and More Stars Are Making. With big star power comes some pretty big salaries. Whether moviegoers want to admit it or not, the decision to see or skip a movie at the theatre depends a lot on whether or not they like the actors or actresses participating in the project. Perhaps that's why some Hollywood stars are earning pretty impressive salaries for upcoming movies. According to Variety, a few actors can still receive at least $20 million for a big movie. The publication points out Daniel Craig's role in Bond 25, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's performance in the upcoming Red Notice and Vin Diesel's spot in The Fate of the Furious. At the same time, Variety reports "those checks are usually handed out for only major franchise installments and often are tied to reaching a significant number of box office milestones." The top-earning ladies include Anne Hathaway who is expected to make $15 million for her role in Barbie. Jennifer Lawrence was expected to make that amount when Red Sparrow was released earlier this year. After looking at Variety's report, however, some fans are talking about Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard's respective salaries from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. According to the publication's findings, Chris will make $10 million while his co-star will make $8 million. This is only the beginning when it comes to Hollywood's salary report. Find out what Ryan Gosling, Michael B. Jordan and more big stars are earning in the full report here. (Eonline)

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are taking their rekindled relationship to the next level ... with a daytime movie date. The 2 were at a cinema a few miles outside Cleveland Tuesday afternoon, and looking very much like a couple again. Khloe and Tristan grabbed snacks together before the movie and were seen leaving in the same car afterward. No word on which flick they caught. We broke the story ... Khloe's family is the opposite of thrilled about her getting back together with Tristan, but they're backing off pressuring her to dump him for good. The new parents have been spending a lot of time together since last week -- cheating scandal be damned -- including Khloe showing up at a Cavs playoff game to support him. (TMZ)

Kris Jenner Takes Over Kylie Cosmetics to Unveil ''The Momager'' Collection. Kris Jenner normally lets her daughters steal the spotlight, but this time she's the one standing front and center. The mom-of-six took over the Kylie Cosmetics (or should we say Kris Cosmetics) Instagram account to make the big announcement that the new collection from the beauty brand, "The Momager," will be released on Mother's Day. She made the grand reveal in a chic video and later shared an inside look at what the lip colors and eyeshadows would look like when she tried swatching for the first time on Kylie's arm. From lush velvets to rich mattes, the lip colors provide a diverse range of colors that would suit any daughter or mother. The lipsticks and eyeshadows were given sassy names inspired by the momager herself, with names like "The Middle Finger" and "Your Sister Is Going To Jail." And the cuteness doesn't end there, with the packaging being just as funny and Kardashian-esque as you'd expect. Naturally, the mother and daughter were playing Kanye West's music while giving followers a preview of the makeup line. Kris' collection is just one of the many collaborations that Kylie has done with various members of her family. The new mom has even created a line of cosmetics inspired by her baby girl Stormi Webster, along with some help with the swatches from her beau, Travis Scott. Earlier, the reality star and her baby daddy were seen engaging in some serious PDA during an afternoon of shopping in New York City. This comes after their "parents' night out" when they got to attend the 2018 Met Gala sans baby Stormi. The 20-year-old and her rapper boyfriend wore Alexander Wang, which Kylie described as "simple, edgy, young." What do you think of Kris Cosmetic's newest collection? (Eonline)

Kim Kardashian West might have had a big night at the Met Gala on Monday but she was not about to take some time to rest and miss the chance to attend another event with sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The threesome, accompanied by momager Kris Jenner, attended the Business of Fashion dinner on Tuesday night at the Chinese Tuxedo in New York City. Kardashian West, 37, wore an eye-catching yellow vintage Versace corset dress with a thigh-high slit and straight black hair. Younger sister and new mom, Kylie, wore a multi-patterned dress by Celine, while supermodel Kendall wore a white dress suit. Their mother, 62, wore a short little black dress, black fishnet stockings and diamond necklace. Kardashian West shared a picture of herself with her mom and sisters inside the party and captioned it simply, 'The fam.' Kardashian West seemed to have a good time alongside Padma Lakshmiand actress Lala Anthony. She shared photos of herself and Anthony, tweeting, "We go together like ketchup and mustard." The event comes just one day after the mother of three turned heads in a gold bejeweled Versace dress continuing her streak of wearing designs from the Italian design house. The Keeping Up with the Kardashian stars all attended the 2018 Met Gala on Monday night. While the three sisters didn't pose together for photographers, they united inside New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art where "they struck poses against the gorgeous walls of the French Wrightsman galleries" in a video shared to Vogue's Instagram page. Kendall, 22, rocked an off-the-shoulder ruched couture top with sheer elbow-length gloves and matching "long train" couture pants designed for her by a close friend, Off-White creative director Virgil Abloh. The model was "reminiscent of an angelic cloud sought to signify Roman Catholicism in renaissance art embodying purity and delicacy of a modern angel," according to the release sent by the brand. Meanwhile, Kylie, 20, made her post-baby return to the red carpet just three-months after welcoming daughter Stormi Webster. Attending alongside boyfriend Travis Scott, she wore a head-turning strapless black Alexander Wang gown with a stomach cut-out, mirrored sunglasses and Chopard diamond earrings. "We were all so nerve-wracked because it was such a big moment, but she killed it," makeup artist Ariel Tejada told PeopleStyle. "It's refreshing for somebody to walk onto a carpet looking refreshed and glowing and just ready to take on the event." (People)

Sharon Osbourne stranded on private jet after forgetting passport. Sharon Osbourne has rich people problems. On Friday, the talk show co-host, 65, found herself stranded on a private jet in Mexico City, unable to exit the plane because she forgot her passport in Los Angeles. Sharon explained on "The Talk" Tuesday that the trouble began around 5:40 p.m. on Friday when she and husband Ozzy Osbourne landed. "So the first thing you think of is, 'Oh. If I sit here, I can get somebody to bring me my passport. I'll sit here for five hours. We're in the airport, and then I can go through immigration.' Well, no. I couldn't," Sharon said. Being in such a bizarre bind, Mexican authorities originally wanted to put her in a "holding tank." She couldn't exit the plane without her passport and she couldn't board a commercial flight back to America without it either. "So then we said, 'Okay. This plane will take me home. Fine,'" she recalled. "So they refilled the plane and the authorities there were saying, 'Fine. You can just leave. Fill the plane and go.' Well they knew that the airport was going to close, and so they closed the airport, and I was sat on the runway in the plane." Sharon was stuck on the tarmac until 10:30 am the next day. She eventually got a second plane to take her home and didn't reach Los Angeles until that afternoon. She shared a snap from the plane showing Ozzy hanging around in bed. She captioned it, "Ozzy on his way to Mexico and performing in front of 80,000 people and I had to miss the whole thing as I forgot my passport at home in the U.S." (PageSix)

Offset's neck is a little lighter today, and he ain't happy about it -- someone jacked a $150,000 chain out of his NYC hotel room ... TMZ has learned. According to law enforcement sources, the chain was stolen sometime Tuesday evening from Offset's room at a SoHo hotel. We're told the jewelry was last seen on a coffee table in the room. It's unclear which piece the thieves made off with, but they had plenty of options after Monday's Met Gala, where the Migos rapper was dripping in multiple gold and diamond chains. No arrests yet. We're told cops are checking surveillance cameras near the elevator banks to see if they can spot the suspect. Offset's week in NYC has been very eventful. We broke the story -- he and Cardi B got into a verbal dispute with an autograph seeker after the Met Gala ... which ended with Offset's entourage beating the hell out of the guy. (TMZ)

Caitlyn Jenner should be stepping up her game repping the transgender community in the U.S. before she jets to the U.K. to address Parliament ... according to "RuPaul's Drag Race" star Carmen Carrera. There's been backlash over the diversity speech Caitlyn is supposed to give Wednesday because some people in the LGBTQ community, including Carmen, don't think she's a great flag bearer. Facts are ... Cait's a white, rich, conservative woman who's also world famous. Carmen's point is Caitlyn's gotta connect better with the common trans woman. Y'know ... put some thigh-high boots on the ground in the community. She thinks the Parliament trip is more about Caitlyn's celebrity, but Carmen has a few suggestions on how she can make some headway here in the states. And one of 'em is return Carmen's calls. (TMZ)

Zach Randolph is ALL ABOUT having a female head coach in the NBA -- especially after working with a female asst. coach on the Kings ... telling TMZ Sports it was one of best experiences of his career. The entire NBA is buzzing about Becky Hammon -- an assistant with the Spurs who's in the running for the head coaching job in Milwaukee. If hired, she'd be the first female head coach in NBA history. Enter Z-Bo who was out in ATL when he stopped to rave about Jenny Boucek ... an assistant player development coach with the Sacramento Kings. "This was the first year we had a [female assistant coach]. This was my first year ever experiencing that and it was a great experience ... probably one of the best experiences." As for Hammon, Randolph says ... "If she knows basketball -- and she KNOWS basketball -- I think she'll be fine." (TMZ)


Taylor Swift serenades boyfriend Joe Alwyn during tour opener. Taylor Swift kicked off her "Reputation" tour Tuesday night in Glendale, Ariz., serenading boyfriend Joe Alwyn in front of an electric crowd. Performing her hit song "Gorgeous," a fan captured video of the British actor watching Swift, 28, on stage as he bopped his head to the beat. After singing the final lyrics, long rumored to be about the 27-year-old Alwyn, the pop princess appeared to point in his direction. Following the end of very public romances with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, Swift began quietly dating Alwyn last year. The pair has stayed under the radar for the most part, aside from him turning up at a Swift performance here and there. They were most recently spotted together in March, hiking in Malibu, Calif. A witness said Swift and Alwyn "seemed very intimate and deep in conversation" at the time. Swift is slated to hit Santa Clara, Calif., next on the 53-date tour, which concludes in Tokyo on Nov. 21. It remains to be seen if Swift's former frenemy, Katy Perry, will be popping up along the way. (PageSix)

Celine Dion's Son Rene-Charles Is a Budding Rap Star on SoundCloud. It's all in the family! It's no secret that Celine Dion is one of the most talented performers in Hollywood and now it seems her firstborn, son Rene-Charles Angelil, is on his way to following in her footsteps. The 17-year-old budding rapper is currently at the top of the R&B and Soul chart for "New & hot" on SoundCloud after releasing a few covers earlier this week. "I woke up like dis.... #ChartTopper," he wrote on social media with the news that two of his The Weeknd remixes had reached the first and second spots on the chart in all countries. His "Catwalks (Sidewalks Remix)" features instrumental from The Weeknd's 2016 track and "Loft Music Remix" does the same with the star's 2011 song. He released the raps under the name "Big Tip." While the tracks aren't exactly the belting love ballads his mother is famous for, it's no surprise that the teen is dabbling in the industry considering the talent in his gene pool. In addition to Dion's decades of musical achievements, his late father Rene Angelil was a music producer and famously managed Dion's career until his untimely death in 2016. Now, we're just crossing our fingers for a mother-son collaboration! (Eonline)

Jennifer Lopez Will Perform at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Let's get loud because Jennifer Lopez is performing at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. The superstar singer announced the big news during her appearance on the Today show. Last month, the sultry singer premiered her new song "El Anillo" on the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Award stage and gave the audience a killer performance, in which the chart-topping popstar was dripping with diamonds. The 48-year-old triple-threat, who was sold more than 75 million albums during her illustrious career, is no stranger to lending her talents to the Billboard Music Awards stage. She first wowed the crowd when she performed "Waiting for Tonight" at the 1999 Billboard Music Awards. She's performed at the award show on several occasions over the years, performing "First Love" at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, where she also received the Icon Award. Previously announced performers include Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, BTS, Camila Cabello, Janet Jackson, Dua Lipa and Shawn Mendes. The show will open with a highly anticipated performance by Ariana Grande. This year, Jackson will be receiving the Icon Award. The three-hour telecast will air live on NBC Sunday, May 20, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Kelly Clarkson will be hosting the show from Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena. Tickets for the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, sponsored by T-Mobile, are on sale now. To purchase tickets online, fans should go here. (Eonline)

Katy Perry Sends Taylor Swift a Literal Olive Branch Before Tour Kickoff. No more bad blood? It looks like Katy Perry has sent Taylor Swift an olive branch, literally, ahead of Swift's opening night on her Reputation Tour. Swift posted a video to her Instagram story on Tuesday which shows the olive branch and a card, addressed to an "old friend." "So I just got to my dressing room and found this actual olive branch," Swift says in the Instagram video. "This mean so much." Swift captioned the video, "Thank you Katy." "Hey Old Friend," the note begins. "I've been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and the feelings between us. I really want to clear the air... " You can also see from Swift's video that the note says "I'm deeply sorry." The two have been in an ongoing feud for the past few years, reportedly over backup dancers. Swift's song "Bad Blood" is also rumored to be about her feud with Perry, with "Swish Swish" said to be Perry's response. One year ago, Perry addressed her "situation" with Swift during Carpool Karaoke on the Late Late Show Primetime Special with James Corden. "What I want to say is that I'm ready for that BS to be done," Perry said. "Now, there is the law of cause and effect. You do something, there's going to be a reaction, and trust me daddy, there's going to be a reaction. It's all about karma, right? I think personally that women together, not divided, and none of this petty bulls--t, women together will heal the world." After posting the video to Instagram, Swift liked a post on Tumblr which talked about Perry's gift. "KATY SENT TAYLOR AN OLIVE BRANCH AND I LOOKED UP THE SYMBOLISM BEHIND IT AND IM CRYING THAT WAS SO SWEET WOW," the Tumblr post reads, along with the definition of an olive branch. Would you like to see the superstars become friends again? (Eonline)


Jordan Peele's next film titled Us, Lupita Nyong'o in talks to star. Jordan Peele has begun lifting the veil on his next directorial project. The Get Out filmmaker and Universal Pictures announced Tuesday that Peele's next feature will be "another original and provocative thriller," titled Us. As previously announced, the film is slated to arrive March 15, 2019. EW can also confirm that Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o is in talks to star in the film, while her Black Panther cast mate Winston Duke and The Handmaid's Tale star Elisabeth Moss are also being eyed for roles. Peele revealed the film's title on social media, tweeting a teaser poster without a caption. The one-sheet describes the film as "a new nightmare from the mind of" Peele, though Universal's accompanying press release did not reveal plot details. Peele will once again direct from a screenplay he wrote, and he's producing alongside Ian Cooper, Sean McKittrick, and horror maverick Jason Blum. The Key & Peele co-creator and star has been busy the past year and a half, releasing his unique genre hybrid Get Out in January 2017 to critical acclaim and an impressive $176 million at the domestic box office (on a minuscule $4.5 million budget). Last July, his wife, comedian Chelsea Peretti, gave birth to the couple's first son. And in March of this year, Peele became the first black screenwriter to win the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. (Entertainment Weekly)

James Gunn just kinda (maybe) gave away a major spoiler about future 'Avengers' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' movies and the fate of his presumably dead characters ... we think. We got the 'Guardians' director Tuesday leaving LAX and asked if it's gonna be difficult to make the third installment to his own franchise now that Marvel may have killed off a majority of his cast in 'Infinity War.' BTW, this is a spoiler alert. If you haven't seen it yet ... oh well. Lucky for you, though, James pretty much spills the beans here without so many words -- sequels are a-comin', and there's a lot more story left to tell. Translation for movie nerds ... Star-Lord and co. aren't REALLY dead, ya dope. They'll probably reintegrate in a year or so. Speaking of killing off major characters, James tells us which famous one from the DC universe he'd rub out if given the chance. Hint ... it's Batman. Damn, we're bad at this. (TMZ)

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Received Equal Pay for Everybody Knows. Penelope Cruz revealed she and her husband Javier Bardem received equal pay for their roles in their new movie Everybody Knows. When asked if they were paid the same amount at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, the 44-year-old actress told reporters, per Variety, "Actually, yes." In addition to talking about their paychecks, Cruz weighed in on what it's like to work with her husband, whom she's collaborated with since their 1992 film Jamn, Jamn. "We don't take the characters home at the end of the day," Cruz said, per Variety. "We have similar ways of work. The fact that we know each other and trust each other helps." While the couple has starred in several films together -- including Loving Pablo, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and The Counselor -- they don't always seek out collaborative projects. "That will be once in a while, if we feel it's right," Cruz added. "I don't think it will be too often." Cruz has also recognized the importance of setting boundaries between her personal and professional life. "When I was in my 20s, I thought the more I would torture myself and the more I would stay in character for months, the better the result would be," Cruz said, per Variety. "I learned it's not really related to that. I have a life and I have a job. That allows me to jump from reality to fiction." Everybody Knows debuted at the festival on May 8. (Eonline)

Jason Statham says Fast & Furious spin-off will be 'brimming' with action and humor. How do you follow a film in which you battle a 75-foot-long megalodon shark? If you're Jason Statham, you do so by re-teaming with the almost-as-sizable Dwayne Johnson. Aug. 10 marks the release of the Statham-starring underwater thriller The Meg, but when the actor recently called in to chat with EW about the movie, he was equally enthused about his next project, the as-yet-untitled Fast and Furious spin-off film pairing his Deckard Shaw with Johnson's Luke Hobbs. "Yeah, I'm doing a big spin-off movie with Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, who I'm a particular big fan of and good friend of," Statham said. "So I'm going to do a big Hollywood splash with a mate of mine. They're developing the script right now, so I can't give you any spoilers on that one. Listen, Dwayne's got a big appetite for action, and he's got a great appetite for humor, and I'm sure it will be brimming with both of those things." The film is being helmed by David Leitch, the director of Deadpool 2 and Atomic Blonde and second unit director of the 2011 Statham movie The Mechanic. Leitch is also a cofounder, with John Wick franchise director Chad Stahelski, of the production company 87Eleven, which has honed the bodies and physical talents of many action stars, including the British actor. "Dave Leitch is someone that I have known for many many years, who is taking the helm and directing this, and he's just a true expert on this kind of stuff," said Statham. "You might have seen Atomic Blonde. He's got Deadpool coming out. He's a really talented guy, and to be working with someone that I've known for so long is a big bonus for me. I've trained with [Leitch and Stahelski] for years. 87Eleven's been a part of my life for a long long time. I know all the stunt guys up there, and I've been in and out of that place for as long as I can remember. They're great lads." (Entertainment Weekly)


Oxygen's In Defense Of Will Take You Inside Some of the Most Notorious Criminal Cases. Oxygen is about to give all you true crime obsessives an in-depth look at four of the most headline-grabbing cases to rock the country from the people most uniquely capable: The defense attorneys for the infamously accused. The network will debut a new original series, In Defense Of, on Saturday, June 23, which will explore the complex relationships between controversial defendants and the attorneys who represented them -- and E! News has your exclusive first look. In each hour-long standalone episode, viewers will hear from attorneys for Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh, Branch Davidians member Clive Doyle, Ted Bundy, and Jodi Arias, where they'll learn riveting details of the most personal moments between attorney and client, detailing the evolution of their relationships while possibly challenging your preconceptions of each case. If the trailer is any indication, the limited series will be a stark look into what it takes to defend the most notorious. And as the attorneys explain in their own words, it's tough work. "Miss Arias threatened to ruin my career," public defender Kirk Nurmi, assigned to Arias' case after the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, reveals. "I do believe the stress of it all is what led to my cancer. It almost cost me my life." "Ted told me, 'You know the reason you've been my lawyer so long is because we're so much alike," Bundy's attorney John Henry Browne, who defended the serial killer for five years, leading him to eventually completely question his line of work, admits. "And that was haunting." The series also features Chris Tritico, who represented McVeigh after the OKC Bombing, which killed 168 people and injured over 600, and Dan Cogdell, Doyle's representation during the 1993 case of the Branch Davidians after a 51-day standoff that resulted in the deaths of 75 people and the largest military force every used against civilian suspects. In Defense Of premieres Saturday, June 23 at 7 p.m. on Oxygen. (Eonline)

Eleanor's Warning to Willow Threatens the Coup Against King Robert on The Royals. Loose lips sink ships and... monarchies too! In the clip from Sunday's season finale of The Royals, Cyrus (Jake Maskall) calls out Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) for spilling the beans about their planned coup to Willow (Genevieve Gaunt). "Do you know what the fatal flaw of every failed coup in history is? Someone talks. Some lone wolf betrays the pack. I'm talking about you, Lobo," Cyrus angrily tells Eleanor. "She told me what Robert (Max Brown) said to her and I realized they were the exact words that I'd written to Jasper (Tom Austen) in a letter that he never got for Christmas," Eleanor explains. Despite Eleanor's big mouth, Liam (William Moseley) still seems to believe that Willow can be trusted. "I agree with Len, we can trust her. If we couldn't, we'd all be arrested by now," Liam says before a SWAT team barges into the palace. So much for that! (Eonline)

How Pauley Perrette Exited NCIS: Goodbye Abby! Goodbye Abby! After 15 seasons playing Abby Scuito, Pauley Perrette's final episode of NCIS aired on Tuesday night, and yes, tissues were definitely cried into. (Warning, spoilers ahead!) After Abby and Clay Reeves (Duane Henry) were held at gunpoint by a mugger, who fired his gun in last week's episode's final moments, "Two Steps Back" wasted no time in revealing the fallout of the shocking moment: While we were initially worried that Abby would be the body in the bag on the autopsy table, once it was unzipped it was revealed to be Reeves, who only just joined the team last season. RIP! Abby, meanwhile, was in critical condition, with viewers being treated to several flashbacks throughout the emotional hour, which included a surprise phone call from Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), who left the team in season 13. (Like McGee, we love you, too, Tony!) "This is the indomitable Abby Sciuto we're talking about. I don't care what the odds are," Palmer (Brian Dietzen) said. "You never count her out." Meanwhile, after investigating the mugger (who was revealed to be Former Army Specialist Kent Marshall, dishonorably discharged in 2008), they discovered it wasn't a random attack; it was a hit on Abby's life. Fortunately, Abby woke up halfway through the episode, which was great for so many reasons...including getting to see McGee do Abby's hair for her due to her arm being in a sling. "Getting pigtails to be symmetrical is harder than it looks!" But we digress! So who was behind the attempt on Abby's life? Marine Sergeant Robert King (Peter Jason), the black ops soldier who tricked Abby into developing a bio-weapon way back in season six. (He was able to escape prison by threatened his night-guard officer's family.) But, like Abby said: He messed with the wrong forensic scientist...who decided to confront King solo (after locking Torres in a coffin in her COOL AF apartment) because of rule No. 45: "Clean up your mess." And Abby does so, slipping cyanide into King's coffee, telling him, "Kate. Jenny. Dorneget. Ziva. Reeves. I am tired of my hero friends dying while villains like you get to live." Offering to save his life if he confessed to ordering Clay's death, Abby continued, "Sometime you have to get your hands dirty to get the job done." (And that she did, actually spiking his coffee with extra caffeine!) After announcing to the team she was going to arrange for Reeves to be buried next to his mother in London, she revealed, "I'm not coming back. I'm leaving NCIS. Clay died saving my life and I owe him a debt and I tend to see that through. Clay always wanted to start a charity in honor of his mom and since he's not here to make that happen, I will. I know you may not understand, but it's something I have o do, not just for him, for me." She continued, "It wasn't an easy decision. You guys are my family and this is my home, but you have to go with your gut and my gut is telling me that I have to go." And when McGee said he didn't think he could say goodbye to her (Sob!), she said, "It's not goodbye for good, it's goodbye for now." Instead of an in-person goodbye with Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Abby left him a note and it was so beautiful, we're just going to leave it right here" "Hey, Gibbs. You're probably wondering what's with the retro communication. Truth is, I chickened out. I was afraid that if you asked me to stay, I might waiver because there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. When I think back on when things in my life got difficult you were always there to tell me that it would be okay. And it would be because you would make it okay. But Gibbs, Reeves is gone and it's not something anyone can fix. Not even you. I hope you know what you mean to me, Gibbs. Every moment, every lesson, every hug. I'm thankful for it all. No matter what we faced over the years, there was only ever one thing I needed to hear from you." And when he looked out his window, Abby was standing there, leading him to sign to her that he loved her. Viewers, this is when we dissolved into a puddle of tears, trying to watch through our waterfall of tears as Abby packed up her belongings in the lab. Before the episode aired, Perrette admitted she was "worried" for fans to watch her NCIS swan song. "I'm so worried about you guys for Tuesdays episode of the #GoodbyeAbby," the fan-favorite tweeted. "It's sad, But I hope, hope, hope you will all watch. I want the world to watch. I did my best work for you. And TONS of flashbacks. Everyone is there. Love you! Get everyone to watch please." Back in October 2017, Perrette announced she was leaving the CBS hit on Twitter, shutting down false rumors about her departure. "So, it is true that I am leaving NCIS after this season. There has been all kinds of false stories as to why (NO I DON'T HAVE A SKIN CARE LINE AND NO MY NETWORK AND SHOW ARE NOT MAD AT ME!)," she wrote. "It was a decision made last year. I hope everyone will love and enjoy EVERYTHING ABBY not only for the rest of this season but for everything she has given all of us for 16 years. All the love, all the laughter, all the inspiration... I love her as much as you do." What did you think of Perrette's final episode? Will you miss Abby? NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. (Eonline)

Why Roseanne Tackled Muslim Panic Head-On. In the short seven weeks that it's been on the air, ABC's revival of Roseanne has courted its fair share of controversy. And Tuesday night's episode is no different. In "Go Cubs!," the revival's seventh episode to air, Roseanne Conner was forced to confront her bias against people of Muslim faith when she needed to befriend her new neighbors in order to use their Wi-Fi so granddaughter Mary could Skype for her mother Geena, who's stationed over in Afghanistan. It was an episode that allowed for the series to play Roseanne's Islamaphobia for laughs before delivering something of a heartwarming "we're more alike than we are different" message. And it was an idea that came from Roseanne Barr herself. "Roseanne said 'What if a Muslim family lives next door?' And all of the writers looked at each other for about five seconds and went 'Yeah, we're doing that,'" co-executive producer Dave Caplan explained in a featurette released by the network. "She starts from being very fearful from this family that moved in next door that she doesn't know and once she gets to know them she realizes there's probably more similarities than differences," he continued. "And she was pretty clear about that she wanted to get a comeuppance for her own bias. That was her idea." While Roseanne does get a comeuppance, she also gets to undergo a Very Special Episode-sort of transformation, coming to her neighbor Fatima's (Anne Bedian) defense in the grocery story with a full-throated rebuke of a cashier's ignorant comments. "I want people to laugh. That's my main focus, is that it's funny. And in the funny, it's kind of heartwarming," Barr explained. "I don't think about how can I break territory? I just thought it would be really relevant for a show about immigrants and prejudice. So we find a way to cut to the humanity of each other. And I like that for, you know, my show." Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. (Eonline)

Grey's Anatomy Fans, Sarah Drew Wants You to "Stop Attacking" Her Co-Star. Dr. April's official diagnosis? Think before you tweet. Exiting Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew just wishes we could all get along like we used to in middle school aka stop tweeting hate at her co-star Kelly McCreary. Drew took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend McCreary, whose character is currently romancing Jackson (Jesse Williams), her beloved character's ex, on the ABC hit drama. "I know these characters mean so much to you -- believe me, they mean a lot to me, too -- but I do not feel defended when you attack my friends," she wrote. "My beautiful, loving, loyal sister, Kelly, is a brilliant, fiercely talented team player who ALWAYS shows up and dedicates herself to the stories she is asked to tell. Please stop attacking her for doing her job. When you hurt her, you hurt me. When you show kindness to her, you show kindness to me. Please be Kind." After nine seasons, Drew, who is currently waiting to hear if her Cagney and Lacey reboot pilot is picked up to series by CBS, is set to make her final appearance on Grey's in the season 14 finale on May 17, and judging from the promos, it's not looking too good for April. After Drew and Jessica Capshaw's exits from the show were announced, some outraged Grey's fans theorized that star Ellen Pompeo's massive raise was the cause. But Pompeo was quick to shut down the rumors on Twitter. With a pair of tweets, Pompeo addressed fans of the show and took the media outlet to task. "Its unfortunate that @DEADLINE chooses to try to pit women against eachother on #InternationalWomensDay #shameonyounotme," she wrote. "I'm a big girl @DEADLINE can take shots at me if they want but to the fans please don't fall into that trap. This is above my pay grade." And Pompeo recently spoke to E! News about the fans trying to "cause problems" by trying to blame Drew and Capshaw's exits on her new contract. "It doesn't help for fans who supposedly love us and love the show and support us to then try to cause problems for us -- isn't cool and ultimately it's why women have to start speaking up, right?" she said. "Because it's patriarchy at its best, is to say because one woman gets something, the other women won't," she said. "That's what they've wanted us to believe and I just have to continue forward and celebrate my female coworkers. Support them and uplift them and be transparent and honest is really all we can do." Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. (Eonline)

Lethal Weapon Loses Clayne Crawford But Is Trying to Recast His Role (Report). Lethal Weapon is done with Clayne Crawford. After complaints about his behavior on set, it's being reported that Crawford has been fired from the Fox series, and that producers are trying to recast Riggs so they can bring the show back for a third season. Crawford spoke out two weeks ago after reports surfaced that his behavior was putting the show's chances of renewal in danger. Deadline reported complaints of "emotional abuse and creating a hostile environment." In a lengthy statement, he described two incidents on set that he says he was reprimanded for. He says he "reacted with anger" when he felt that working conditions were unsafe, and then also takes responsibility for an incident during an episode he directed when an actor was hit by a piece of shrapnel during a scene. "I am incredibly sorry if my passion for doing good work has ever made anyone feel less than comfortable on our set, or feel less than celebrated for their efforts," Crawford's Instagram statement continued. "Furthermore, I apologize to all the crew and cast for any negative attention Lethal Weapon is receiving because of these incidents." Now, Crawford has been fired from the show entirely, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, multiple actors have already passed on taking over the role of Martin Riggs, alongside Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh. Fox will present its new and returning series at the Upfronts on Monday, but they have until June 30 to make a decision due to actor contracts. Warner Bros TV had no comment, and E! News has reached out to Crawford's team. Lethal Weapon's season two finale aired Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on Fox. (Eonline)

Clayne Crawford Addresses Lethal Weapon Exit Report: "You Can't Fire Me on My Day Off!" Lethal Weapon is done with Clayne Crawford. After complaints about his behavior on set, it's being reported that Crawford has been fired from the Fox series, and that producers are trying to recast Riggs so they can bring the show back for a third season. Shortly after news of his exit from the series broke, Crawford addressed his firing on Twitter. "Wait, wait, wait......you can't fire me on my day off!" he wrote. Just two weeks ago Crawford spoke out after reports surfaced that his behavior was putting the show's chances of renewal in danger. Deadline reported complaints of "emotional abuse and creating a hostile environment." In a lengthy statement, he described two incidents on set that he says he was reprimanded for. He says he "reacted with anger" when he felt that working conditions were unsafe, and then also takes responsibility for an incident during an episode he directed when an actor was hit by a piece of shrapnel during a scene. "I am incredibly sorry if my passion for doing good work has ever made anyone feel less than comfortable on our set, or feel less than celebrated for their efforts," Crawford's Instagram statement continued. "Furthermore, I apologize to all the crew and cast for any negative attention Lethal Weapon is receiving because of these incidents." On Tuesday, Crawford also took to Instagram to address his exit, explaining he's yet to year from Fox or Warner Bros.. "I hope I'm not fired!! Dang." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lethal Weapon is looking to recast Crawford's part, with multiple actors have already passed on taking over the role of Martin Riggs, alongside Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh. Fox will present its new and returning series at the Upfronts on Monday, but they have until June 30 to make a decision due to actor contracts. Warner Bros TV had no comment, and E! News has reached out to Crawford's team. Lethal Weapon's season two finale aired Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on Fox. (Eonline)

NBC News claims management was clueless about Matt Lauer. NBC News' internal investigation following Matt Lauer's firing says it doesn't believe there is a culture of sexual harassment at the division and that current management wasn't aware of Lauer's behavior until the complaint that doomed him. But the network says more needs to be done to ensure its more than 2,000 employees can complain about bad behavior and not fear retaliation. To that end, NBC News Chairman Andy Lack says employees will be able to discuss this with people outside the company. "We cannot change the past," Lack said. "What we can do is learn from it and try to make it right." NBC Universal was criticized for turning to its general counsel, Kim Harris, to conduct the investigation and not allow outsiders to examine the culture. Harris' report was primarily concerned with Lauer, and no specific complaints about others were discussed. There was no mention of a former NBC News employee's accusation last month that former "Nightly News" anchor Tom Brokaw made unwanted advances on her, which he has denied. NBC said the work of its all-female investigative team was reviewed and approved by two outside firms. Lauer, the former "Today" show host, was fired in November after it was found he had an inappropriate sexual relationship with another NBC employee. Three additional women subsequently made complaints about Lauer. Investigators found no evidence that anyone "in position of authority" at NBC News knew that Lauer had sexual relationships with others in the company until the Nov. 27 complaint by a woman about an affair that began at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Two of the four women who complained about Lauer said they believed someone in management knew. The report said that Lauer, who is married, was flirtatious and engaged in sexual banter in the office. Several women said that he had complimented them on their appearance in a sexually suggestive way. Investigators threw cold water on a published report that a button allowed Lauer to lock his office door without getting up from his desk. The button closed the door, but didn't lock it, the report said. Some of the 68 people interviewed said they were aware of other rumored extramarital affairs in the news division. Most were already known and dealt with; some are being looked into, the report said. "The investigation team does not believe that there is a widespread or systemic pattern of behavior that violates company policy or a culture of harassment in the News Division," Harris' report said. (PageSix)


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