Sometimes, you're going to get overwhelmed. Paula Davis-Laack, the author of "Addicted to Busy," says what you do next makes the difference between coping and losing your mind. When all you want to do is:

Escape to the bathroom to ugly-cry
Do this instead-Take 15 minutes to do something creative even if it's just doodling at your desk. Artistic outlets reduce stress and affect the body in ways that are similar to meditation.

Down a few glasses of wine when you dropped the ball on a project
Do this instead-Set up a weekly or monthly meeting with your boss. Instead of speculating about potential criticisms, you'll get concrete steps to improve your performance.

Put a curse on the painfully slow driver who made you late for work
Do this instead - Make your computer password motivating, like Stay underscore Positive 3. Incorporating upbeat attitudes into your morning routine can brighten your day.

Stay in bed to hide from your to-do list.
Do this instead-Write a different list: an "energy audit" tracking how you spend each hour, so you can identify and nix insignificant tasks like aimlessly scrolling Netflix that suck up energy.


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