Ladies, have you ever wondered why first dates are always such a disaster? According to a recent survey, here are ten things that they hate you to do on a first date.
  1. When he asks where you would like to go, don't shrug, he doesn't want to make all the decisions. Give him some input. 
  2. Don't look disappointed when your food arrives, you did pick it after all. 
  3. Being interested in him is a good idea but don't spend the evening giving him the Spanish Inquisition. 
  4. Wanting to share dessert is another no no. 
  5. You may think you're being discreet constantly checking your phone, but he will have noticed how bored you are. 
  6. Harping on about your ex all night is a sure fire way to guarantee there will be no second date. 
  7. Keeping eye contact is good, staring at him all night like some demented bunny-boiler is not. 
  8. Don't swear, the odd four-letter word can spice up a conversation but to eff and blind all night is only showing your ignorance. 
  9. Don't tell him he would look gorgeous in a blue shirt. He wants you to like him as he is. 
  10. It's only fair to offer to pay your share of the bill. If you're lucky he will refuse, but don't expect him to pay it all.


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