Michael Jackson's nephew says Drake should've left MJ's unreleased track off his new album ... because Michael wasn't ready for the world to hear it. Drizzy's "Scorpion" hit Friday ... a track called "Don't Matter to Me" on the album samples an unheard Michael song that was recorded before "Thriller." Rebbie Jackson's son, Austin Brown, was in Hollywood Friday and flat out says he's not OK with Drake using the unreleased Michael track. Austin believes if MJ didn't finish the song, Drake shouldn't have used it. Brown does give Drake some props for his talent, but his overall message is clear -- don't touch the secret stuff. (TMZ)

Babyface says it's a serious stretch to say Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" rips off Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" ... and the evidence is right there for anyone to hear. The singer and mega producer -- who knows all about creating hit music -- was at LAX when we asked him about Sheeran being hit with the $100 million lawsuit over copying Gaye's hit. Babyface says to his well-trained, experienced ear only the chord structures are similar -- and there's a lot more to a song than that. He named 2 other major elements that clearly aren't copied. Simply put -- Babyface doesn't think it's copyright infringement and p.s. ... this isn't like Robin Thicke's case with the Gaye family. We broke the story ... a company that owns a third of "Let's Get It On" claims Ed jacked the melody, rhythms, harmonies, drums, bassline, tempo, syncopation and ... yeah, basically EVERYthing. It's not the first time for Sheeran, either ... the heirs of a 'Get It On' co-writer also sued back in 2016. Ed recently responded in that case with a similar argument to what Babyface is saying. (TMZ)

Former "American Idol" champ Taylor Hicks says he had inside information about who was getting eliminated each week when he was on the show -- and says he wasn't the only one. Taylor was on WJOX radio Friday in Birmingham, AL when he dropped the bombshell. As he put it, "I had an 'in' in the whole production of the show" who told him the results before they were revealed during season 5. Mr. Soul Patrol says the only night he didn't get the info was the finale in 2006 -- where he was up against Katharine McPhee. He did say executive producer Nigel Lythgoe gave him a "wink and a nod" before the results were announced. To be clear, Taylor's not suggesting the voting was rigged. However, if what he's saying is true ... you'd have to question the shocked looks on contestants' faces when Ryan Seacrest revealed the elimination. Also ... for how many other seasons was Taylor's source tipping off contestants? We've got calls in to Nigel and FremantleMedia, which produces 'Idol.' UPDATE: Lythgoe tells us he strongly denies giving Taylor, or any contestant, the heads-up on results at any time. (TMZ)

Drake's new album hasn't even dropped yet, but he already sent shock waves through the hip-hop world when he released his track list ... and one of the songs features Michael Jackson. Our sources tell us ... the track -- titled "Don't Matter to Me" -- is actually a previously unreleased MJ song that Drake raps and sings along with. The format is similar to the 2014 song, "Love Never Felt So Good" ... which was a Jackson tune turned into a duet with Justin Timberlake. Drake's new album, "Scorpion," will be available everywhere June 29 ... and the tracklist shows the King of Pop isn't the only superstar featured -- Jay-Z will showcase his talents as well. The #6 track listed on the album was released a few weeks back, and the music vid's already racked up more than 25 million views thanks to the 'Degrassi' cast reunion aspect. We have a feeling "Don't Matter to Me" might get even more, though. (TMZ)


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