On this date in 1540, England's King Henry VIII has his 6-month marriage to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, annulled.
He asked his subjects to just consider it a 6-month test drive.
In Henry's defense, he thought he was marrying Anne of Cleavage.
After all, there was no sense losing her head over it.

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was read aloud to General George Washington's troops in New York.
He concluded with the words, "Sports and weather next!"
It was an early form of "books on tape."
It was part of "a bedtime story."

On this date in 1816, Argentina became Independent of Spain. Otherwise, there would have been one less team in the World Cup.

In 1850, The 12th U.S. president, Zachary Taylor, died in the White House of natural causes, after serving only 16 months. Don't think it.

On this date in 1868 the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution went into effect. It's the one that guarantees "do process." In honor of the amendment, Nike temporarily changed its slogan to "Just do process."

In 1932, the NFL's Boston Braves moved to their new city and introduced their new name -- the Washington Redskins. To the time machine.

On this date in 1936, the temperature in New York's Central Park reached a record high of 106 degrees. It was so hot, the muggers just handed out You-Owe-Me's.

In 1977, a 6-foot pancake was cooked and flipped in Hampton, New Hampshire. Even more impressive was the 40-foot spatula. You think that was impressive: you should have seen the bacon that went with it!

On this date in 1988, famous dog trainer Barbara Woodhouse did her final "lie down" in England at age 78.

In 2000, Justin Timberlake proposed to Britney Spears. She accepted, but fortunately for Justin, it never happened.


We're already 29% of the way through July.

Baseball's All-Star Game is a week from tomorrow in Washington, DC. It's the 89th annual midsummer classic.

Fred Savage -- little Kevin from "The Wonder Years" -- turns 45 today. He gets by... with a little help from his friends.
It's weird seeing the kid who played in your childhood 20 years ago being 20 years older. And confusing.
Funny, but as you get older, there's always less wondering and more knowing.
As his brother Wayne use to always say, "Happy birthday to butthead..."
He now demands more respect from his older TV brother, Wayne, and has asked to be called "Mr. Butthead."

Another sign of the apocalypse -- Courtney Love turns 54 today. Go figure. C'mon, everybody sing: "F-in' birthday to you, F-in' birthday to you."

Tom Hanks turns 62 today, but don't count on him retiring anytime soon. Although, as you know, he can act any age. Talk about a career that has spanned everything: from "Bosom Buddies" to being stranded on an island with a volleyball.

It's O.J. Simpson's birthday today. He made it to 71, somehow.


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