Drama behind the Miss America Organization continues. A war is brewing behind the scenes of the Miss America Organization under new chair Gretchen Carlson -- and a battle over the swimsuit competition was just the beginning. Two former Miss Americas and two former state titleholders have left the board, after just months on the job. Kate Shindle (now president of the Actors' Equity Association), Laura Kaeppler Fleiss (who married "Bachelor" whiz Mike Fleiss), Jennifer Vaden Barth and Valerie Crooker Clemens posted a message to a private Facebook group claiming that Miss America's account of their departures was inaccurate. Barth and Clemens claimed, "Neither of us resigned voluntarily" and that "pre-signed" resignation letters they'd had as interim members were used. Fleiss wrote, "I stepped away from a board that I felt had become incredibly toxic." Shindle added, "Many of us .?.?. -- expressed concern that we were expected to be a rubber-stamp board .?.?. I felt that our good-faith attempts to practice oversight were characterized as destructive, hostile and/or unappreciative." The remaining board fired back in a response, alleging that Fleiss and Shindle opposed Carlson as chair, then "maintained an adversarial tone that permeated every discussion and decision," and that Barth and Clemens "voluntarily and with full knowledge" gave in their resignations. Miss America last month said it would ditch swimsuits, and sources say the move divided the ranks. Some members allegedly felt they were misled that the choice had to do with the pageant's TV broadcast. One insider said of the swimsuit move: "That was an inflection point." Miss America's board posted that "despite assertions you may have heard, the swimsuit decision was made unanimously by the board, including the former trustees. Any attempt to portray that decision as one made on an uninformed or misinformed basis is false." President Regina Hopper further told us of the swimsuit issue: "In any transition, there are always those who disagree with or find it hard to accept change." (PageSix)

Kim Kardashian West met one-on-one with several prisoners to discuss what it's like being locked up ... and their concerns about going back into the real world. Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Kim arrived at the California Institution for Women in Corona Friday afternoon with a few bodyguards and first toured the grounds and living quarters. Then, she met with 15 women to get a picture of what their day-to-day lives are like behind bars, how they feel about it ... and what their hopes, plans and anxieties are once they are released. We're told Kim was there for several hours, and her trip is part of her mission to create a program for women to help them adjust to real life once they get out of prison. As you know ... Kim was vital in the release of imprisoned grandmother Alice Marie Johnson last month, and she's clearly not done advocating for prison reform. (TMZ)

Serena Williams Misses Her Daughter's First Steps While Training for Wimbledon. It's every working mom's sad possible reality. Serena Williams said on Twitter on Saturday that she missed seeing her and Alexis Ohanian's 10-month-old daughter Alexis Olympia take her first steps while she was practicing for Wimbledon at the All England Club. "She took her first steps... I was training and missed it. I cried," Serena tweeted. On Friday, the 23-time Grand Slam champion beat France's Kristina Mladenovic 7-5 7-6(1) at Wimbledon, reaching the fourth round as she continues her pro tennis comeback following her pregnancy. Serena had flown to England with her daughter and shared a photo of the baby sitting on a tennis court. The tennis star had begun her maternity leave after she won her record 23rd Grand Slam title at the Australian Open in January 2017 -- when she was nine weeks pregnant. She missed competing in last year's Wimbledon because of her pregnancy. Serena returned to play tennis in December, four months after giving birth, losing an exhibition match at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi. In March, Serena played her first official pro tennis match at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California. In May, she played in the French Open, where she won her first major match since becoming a mom. "In some weird way, I still want to be the best in what I do, whether it's fashion or tennis. I just want to be the best and I want to work the hardest. I also want to be the best mom," Serena told E! News that month. "Why limit myself?" (Eonline)

Here's Who Fans Think Demi Lovato Shaded With Her ''Good Luck on Your Blog'' Tweet. Don't mess with Demi Lovato. The pop singer's inner ice queen made an appearance on Twitter this week, sending her loyal Lovatics into overdrive trying to identify the person at the receiving end of her shade. "Good luck on your blog," Lovato cryptically wrote online without further explanation. The mysterious message prompted an online manhunt for the person who allegedly did Demi wrong, and it appears as if fans have finally found their suspect. Enter Mike Bayer, her longtime sober companion and CEO of CAST Centers, a wellness and addiction treatment center which Demi also co-owns. Lovato and Bayer have a long history together, and just months ago made a joint appearance on Good Morning America to discuss the importance of mental health. Bayer, who also works on the advisory board for Dr. Phil, was featured in Lovato's 2017 Simply Complicated documentary and previously joined the performer on tour. So what prompted Demi to take an apparent falling out to social media? The internet has pointed our attention to a video Bayer shared to Instagram, in which he details his "biggest pet peeve" in working with celebrities. "I worked in entertainment for many years being a life coach for a lot of different pop stars and actors, and my biggest pet peeve is when they use excuses because they call themselves 'artists'," Bayer said. "I'm here today to explain to you that being an artist and being talented are two different things. To me being an artist is living your authentic life. I believe everyone out there is an artist." He continued, "I think if somebody uses it as an excuse to be late, or insincere, or rude, or unapologetic, that's not being an artist. That's being a jerk. And you shouldn't stand for that." Demi's supporters quickly flooded the video's comment section with endless references to her tweet. (For the record, Lovato and Bayer have not addressed the subsequent social media uproar and the status of their professional relationship.) Last month, the 25-year-old revealed in her new song "Sober" that she had recently broken six years of sobriety. Lovato is currently in between legs of her Tell Me You Love Me World Tour. (Eonline)

Khloe Kardashian blasts Twitter troll who says True isn't cute. Khloe Kardashian has raged at a "disgusting" fan who claimed her daughter True wasn't cute "at all." The reality star was incensed when she saw the cruel Tweet a troll had posted about her baby girl. In a now deleted tweet the follower said: "Is it just me or is @khloekardashian baby, True, not cute at all?" followed by a grimacing face emoji. But Khloe saw the Tweet, and the protective mum-of-one immediately lashed out. Responding to the fan's tweet she said: "What self-respecting adult would even comment on a child's appearance? "What type of disgusting human being are you? It's pathetic that you are this miserable in your life." "I just don't get why people have that much energy to actually project all of this negativity. That takes a lot more energy than just being kind." Meanwhile The Sun exclusively revealed Friday how Khloe will prove sister Kim's fall out with her boyfriend Tristan is finally over with the family all planning to attend True's lavish christening in LA. Khloe will reunite her family with a stunning celebration for baby True now Kim and Tristan are talking again. The Sun Online revealed last May how Khloe had staged an intervention to get them on speaking terms after the new mum took back Tristan after his cheating scandal. Khloe's hard work behind the scenes paid off, as just days ago Kim cornered Tristan at Khloe's birthday party and made him unblock her from Instagram. The 37-year-old star fell out with the NBA player after he reportedly cheated on her younger sister when she was pregnant with their daughter True. (PageSix)

Tristan Thompson went house hunting this week without Khloe Kardashian and looked at a $2 million modern home that's move-in ready. Tristan and a bevy of realtors were spotted in Woodland Hills this week, not far from where Khloe lives, checking out an amazing 7-bedroom, 8 bath home ... and, yes, there's a basketball court in the backyard. Tristan already owns a nice crib in Cleveland, where he lives during basketball season, but he's been in L.A. since the season ended. He's been shacking up with Khloe in L.A., so it's possible she just sat this trip out with their newborn, True. Last year, at about the same time, the couple looked at a huge crib in the San Fernando Valley which also had a basketball court and pool, but didn't pull the plug on the place. (TMZ)

Hailey Baldwin made Justin Bieber shave off his mustache. 'Stache today, gone tomorrow. According to fans on Twitter, Justin Bieber, 24, confirmed that his girlfriend Hailey Baldwin, 21, is responsible for his new clean-shaven look. While walking around Brooklyn with Baldwin on July 5, the pop star ran into a crowd of Beliebers who were quick to praise his fresh face, asking him about the inspiration behind the sudden change. One fan tweeted, "We were all excited he shaved his mustache and he said 'yeah Hailey made me shave it off, well not made me but you know haha.'" Twitter user @bieberhonoret wrote, "Ok i just found out that yes it's true Hailey did make him shave the mustache but he tried to deny that she did lmao," later clarifying, "He didn't wanna make it seem like Hailey really made him do it but I mean we all knew lol." Now that Beliebers have discovered the follicular power Baldwin holds over their idol, they're begging her to refocus her efforts on Bieber's shoulder-length locks -- but it seems the pop star might not cave as quickly on that front. According to a third fan who tweeted about her Bieber encounter, "JUSTIN LITERALLY SAID HES GONNA KEEP GROWING OUT HIS HAIR." (PageSix)

Madonna is being buzzed about in Mykonos. Madonna may be in Mykonos, spies tell Page Six, as the latest star to hit the Greek isle. A jet-setter on Friday told us: "Madonna just arrived." It would make sense since, as Page Six previously reported, top party planner Bronson van Wyck -- whose pals and clients include the Material Girl and Beyonce -- is throwing an epic "Homeric" birthday bash there. We can only imagine what Madge'll wear. But another source said Madge was "in the studio" -- so we'll see if she surfaces. (PageSix)

How Kim K. upped her security and downsized her lifestyle after Paris robbery. Kim Kardashian still feels the effects of her Paris robbery almost two years later. "I travel with a couple of security people and my nanny. At home I have multiple security people. I need someone on every edge of my property," Kardashian, 37, wrote in an essay for Wealthsimple released Thursday. "I live in a gated community, and I have them right at my gate. Someone came in yesterday, a friend, and was like, 'Do you always have security standing outside your door? Because you never did before.' And I was like, 'Yeah -- 24/7.' It's just what I have to do to make me feel safe or make me able to sleep at night. And I think that had to happen after what happened in Paris." The reality star says the October 2016 incident only lasted between seven and eight minutes, and believes it was so brief because the robbers monitored her on social media and knew which specific pieces of jewelry they wanted to steal. "I had done interviews about my jewelry and my pieces, so they always knew it was real, and I guess I was so open about talking about that," she lamented. "When you get engaged, you want to post the photo of your ring." Kardashian was staying at her apartment at the Htel de Pourtals when masked men tied her up, gagged her and left her in a bathtub as they made off with nearly $10 ?million in jewels, including her massive $4 million diamond engagement ring. Three months later, French police charged 10 people in the heist; in April 2018, another suspect was arrested. Since the robbery, Kardashian has spoken about how she doesn't place as much value on material goods anymore, which she admitted is a relief for her accountants. It's also been reported that Kardashian doesn't keep any jewelry in her homes, opting to store her rocks elsewhere. "I don't like presents anymore. I just don't want that stuff right now. I don't buy a lot," she wrote for Wealthsimple. "I used to buy myself something every birthday and just be like, 'OK, if I work hard all year then I can treat myself to something.' Like a car or a pair of earrings. Something that I really wanted all year. But I've been getting rid of my cars. I used to really care. I loved cars. I still like them and I have a certain look, but I don't care like I used to. I don't need my flashy car. It doesn't really matter to me." However, her husband Kanye West's spending habits are another story. "Kanye is a bigger shopper than me. He has big archives of stuff," she revealed. "He shops for furniture. He shops for like, everything." (PageSix)

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian joined a growing group of celebs to flee L.A. for the calmer vibes of Idaho, joining the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Adam Levine and Harry Styles ... and it's especially interesting given the political divide between Coeur d'Alene and Hollywood. Kimye and fam holed up at a $1.85 million cabin in Coeur d'Alene over the holiday ... an area that's recently become a hot spot for celebs. Coeur d'Alene is super conservative ... 66% of voters chose Trump in the 2016 general election. That same year, there were reports of KKK activity in the city. It's in stark contrast to everything about Kim and Kanye. It seems, however, celebs are left alone when they visit, regardless of their political views. The crib Kim and Kanye rented has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and incredible views of the water. Not to mention, it's got plenty of fun stuff for the kids including an inflatable aqua park. As for the decor -- it's a far cry from their Hidden Hills mansion -- with a ton of wood, stonework and homey touches. Sources in the area tell us the Gretzkys regularly visit ... and Adam Levine and Harry Styles -- just to name a few -- recently vacationed there. The Wests have really made the Rocky Mountains a second home in the last year, with a lengthy stay in Wyoming, where Kanye perfected his 5 recently released albums. (TMZ)

The Las Vegas massacre last October was not the first time a gunman entered the Mandalay Bay hotel with the intent of gunning down visitors ... this according to new legal docs. Victims of the October shooting have sued Mandalay Bay, claiming the hotel was negligent by not properly thwarting the attack. The hotel has responded by saying it owed no legal duty to the victims, in part because there was no prior warning or incident that would have put it on notice. According to docs, there was indeed a "nearly identical situation" 3 years before the October rampage. On November 29, 2014, a housekeeper discovered a guest on the 24th floor had brought multiple semi-automatic assault weapons into his room. One of the weapons was a high-powered rifle equipped with a scope, which was positioned so it pointed out of his hotel room onto the Las Vegas Strip. The docs claim the weapons were positioned to "shoot at a large mass of people." The housekeeper thwarted the effort and the man was ultimately convicted and sentenced to 40 months in prison. (TMZ)

Well, THAT didn't take long ... LeBron James hasn't played a minute for the Purple & Gold yet ... but that hasn't kept him from getting the Kobe Bryant treatment ... getting a MASSIVE mural in the streets of L.A.!! Just days after announcing his decision to bail on Cleveland again, King James has been painted on Baby Blues BBQ in Venice ... donning his new threads and trademark stare. We're told the artist behind the mural is Jonas Never -- who just completed a piece for the late Anthony Bourdain -- with the help of fellow artist Menso ... and it took about 12 hours to complete. (TMZ)

Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings is the most HATED man in his neighborhood -- with neighbors telling TMZ Sports they've called police between 30 AND 40 TIMES on the guy. Here's the deal ... law enforcement tells us cops were called to Jennings' L.A. valley home in the early hours of July 5 after neighbors complained about an insanely loud rager at BJ's pad. No arrests were made -- but multiple neighbors tell us they're fed up with Brandon because he treats the house like a nightclub, with crazy parties, blaring music and huge crowds almost every night of the week. In fact, neighbors tell us they've spoken with Jennings and have pleaded with him to keep it down because the area is filled with families -- kids who have school and parents who work -- but the pleas have fallen on deaf ears. The neighbors have taken their gripes to the Nextdoor app -- where they've strategized about how to get Brandon to be more considerate. The crazy part ... Slash -- the rockstar -- used to live in Brandon's home and the neighbors say he was WAY more quiet and respectful than BJ. One neighbor, Ivan Kuznetsov, tells TMZ Sports it's not personal ... he just needs to sleep. "I have nothing against parties. Partying is nice. It's just not the right place with everyone trying to sleep." We reached out to Brandon for comment -- so far, no word back. (TMZ)

Dr. Conrad Murray hopes Joe Jackson 'finds redemption in hell'. Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, claims the late Joe Jackson's alleged abuses of the singer included "chemical castration." "Joe Jackson was one of the worst fathers to his children in history. The cruelty expressed by Michael that he experienced at the hand of his father ... the fact that he was chemically castrated to maintain his high-pitched voice is beyond words," Murray, 65, claimed to The Blast in a video released Friday. The "chemical castration" theory stems from allegations that Joe had Michael receive hormone injections when he was 12 years old in an effort to cure his acne and prevent his voice from deepening, an allegation Murray previously made in his 2016 self-published book "This Is It! The Secret Lives of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson." Michael, who died in June 2009 from a lethal mix of propofol and other sedatives, had claimed throughout his life that Joe was physically abusive to him and his siblings while growing up, but never mentioned undergoing any sort of hormonal treatments. Still, the conspiracy theory has stuck somewhat, with Reddit threads and even podcast episodes devoted to the claim that Joe was determined to have his prodigal son hit high notes through adulthood. Joe passed away at 89 in June. Since the Jackson patriarch's death, grandson Prince Jackson defended his honor, fuming on Instagram, "Keep talking all the st you want that he abused my dad. He raised these kids right, otherwise they would have been in gangs or fking dead." Still, Murray, who maintains his innocence despite serving four years for involuntary manslaughter, insists that Michael's children were brainwashed and that Joe was a monster. "I would not shed a single tear for the passing of this cruel and evil man, Joe Jackson," he said in the video. "It is said only the good die young. I hope Joe Jackson finds redemption in hell." (Eonline)


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