George Clooney was hospitalized after a scooter crash in Italy. He apparently injured his pelvis, legs and arms but has since been released.

Johnny Depp is now being sued by a man claiming that Depp punched him on a movie set last year.

The star of the movie Damn Yankees, Tab Hunter, has died. He would have been 87 today.

Chevron's John Watson was the highest paid energy company CEO in 2017, making $24.8 million last year.

LeBron James has signed on the dotted line with the Los Angeles Lakers. Blaze Pizza celebrated by giving away free pizzas for three hours yesterday.

All 12 boys and their coach have been rescued from that cave over in Thailand.

Alan Dershowitz says he has been getting more grief for sticking up for Donald Trump than he was for defending O.J. Simpson, Claus von Bulow and Michael Milken.

Orioles first baseman Chris Davis is on pace for the worst season in baseball history, with a .157 batting average. He makes over $20 million a year.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to resign if anyone can prove God exists.

A poll says 43% of Americans are now working remotely at least part of the time.

That penalty kick shootout in the World Cup sent an England team member's wife into labor.

Stockton, California, will start giving a monthly $500 stipend to all residents. That's right, they're paying people not to move away.

That engagement ring Hailey Baldwin received from Justin Bieber cost at least $200,000. She is the daughter of Baldwin brother, Stephen.

Disney has pushed back the release of Indiana Jones 5 one year, to July 9, 2021. When it finally gets to the theater, Harrison Ford will be 79.

Former NBA player Kermit Washington was sentenced on Monday to six years in federal prison for convictions on charity fraud.


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