• The NFL distributed a record $8 billion to its teams from the 2017 season. Despite all the controversy, the money kept coming in.
  • They're shooting new episodes of "The Orville." Patience.
  • Meanwhile, the ratings for the 2018 World Cup were down 32% from the 2014 game.
  • The Bloomberg wealth ranking says that Jeff Bezos' worth is now over $150 billion. (Yes, with a B.)
  • Just a few weeks after her engagement to 68-year-old David Foster, Katharine McPhee's father has died.
  • Starbucks is reportedly worried it could be bad for business if former CEO Howard Schultz runs for President.
  • President Trump already has $88 million in his war chest to run for President in 2020.
  • Then there's the Oregon man who crashed into a police cruiser with $45,000 worth of ecstasy in his car.
  • A city council candidate in St. Paul, Minnesota, was arrested after posting topless photos of his wife on his campaign website.
  • Several former NFL stars have joined a professional flag football league. Nate Robinson and Seneca Wallace are among them.
  • Tom Cruise loves doing his own stunts. While filming the latest Mission: Impossible movie, he actually broke his foot in one fall and the crew thought he had died. "Mission Impossible: Fallout" opens a week from Friday.
  • China can have its film flops, too. For example, last weekend, the fantasy film "Asura" hit theaters. It cost $113 million to make. It earned only $7 million and was pulled from theaters. Ouch.
  • Just thought of this. With all the Amazon Prime ordering going on, I would think porch thieves would view the next couple of days as their prime time, so let's all watch out for each other.


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