Have a Fun and Safe 4th... Wait, What?

Meanwhile, in Omaha, 15-year-old Junior Sanchez has organized what he's calling a "Fireworks Fight" on Facebook, and so far over 1,000 people have RSVP'd! That would be people lighting fireworks and then pointing them at each other! This is all supposed to go down on July 4th at Spring Lake Park in South Omaha. Sanchez said he saw one in Chicago and thought Omaha should have one too, although he admits people could get hurt. Janet Bonet got a Facebook invitation to attend and immediately contacted the police and her councilman, Vinny Palermo. A word of warning: those who attend could be arrested, ticketed or charged. Omaha city prosecutor Matt Kuhse said, "If you shoot someone with a Roman candle in the arm or face, they get a burn or a welt and that's considered assault!" He added, "I don't think it's equally smart to broadcast to everyone that you are planning on engaging in potentially assaulting behavior." Sanchez said his parents know about his plans and aren't happy about it. Then why don't they do something about it????!!! What, worried your little snowflake won't like you anymore? Won't be your best friend? Geezum! (KETV News)

And What Did You Accomplish Over the Weekend? 

Proving the old adage "If at first you don't succeed... ", a 69-year-old double amputee has just achieved his lifelong dream of successfully summiting Mount Everest on his fifth attempt, a feat all the more emotional given the fact that Nepal had just lifted a ban forbidding double amputees from climbing the famed mountain. Xia Boyu of China reached the peak at last on May 14, at around at 8:26 a.m. Boyu, who lost his legs from frostbite while attempting the climb in 1975, is doing well after being treated at a hospital after the climb. Unfortunately, his subsequent attempts to tackle the mountain were thwarted in 2014 by ice avalanches, then in 2015 after an earthquake in Nepal, an in 2016 his attempt was halted after poor weather struck when his group was just 200 meters from the peak. Though he was more ready than ever to try again, the Nepalese government suddenly moved to ban amputees from obtaining permits to climb Everest over safety concerns in December 2017. Public outcry and citation of violation of United Nations' convention on the rights of persons with disabilities led officials to lift the ban in March of this year. Boyu moved fast to coordinate a trek, and this time around he was victorious. More than 500 climbers from 38 teams are attempting to reach the mountain's summit this season. (FOX News)

Words Most of Us Will Never Utter: "His Intestines Are Out!"

In Reevesville, South Carolina, 29-year-old Ella LaQuarles Harrison-Elmore was arrested and charged with fatally shooting her ex-husband as he operated a riding lawnmower in the backyard of his home. Harrison-Elmore allegedly shot the victim twice with a shotgun after an argument. She actually called 911 and at one point said, "His intestines are out." An affidavit from the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office said Harrison-Elmore later confessed to the shooting. She was arrested at a neighbor's house and charged with murder. (WCIV-TV News)


For more than a decade, social media - and in particular Twitter - has been a favorite hangout for sex workers looking for business in America. Twitter handed escorts a number of tools that allowed them to protect themselves ― a way to screen clients, anonymity, the ability to find customers without taking to the streets or working for a pimp. But all that came to a screeching halt in April after the U.S. Congress passed a bill known as FOSTA/SESTA (short for Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, respectively) which is aimed at curbing underage sex trafficking and holds internet service providers liable for what users might create on their platforms. The controversial law has had a series of negative consequences for adult escorts who are plying their trade willingly and who say it will only force many more workers into the hands of exploitation and street work, thus there is a much higher chance of ending up in a potentially life threatening situation. Enter Switter and its associated site, Tryst, - which is set up through an Austrian domain thus, out of reach from the U.S. government. It's now the new hangout for your favorite escort so you'll have to look for her or him there. In Austria, where prostitution is legal, escorts can maintain their privacy and safety without breaking any laws. (USA Today)

Well... A Girl Needs to Wear Jeans!

In India, a mother and her four daughters have confessed to hiring contract killers to have their husband/father murdered because he refused to let them wear jeans. No kidding. The dead body of Meharbaan Ali, a police sub-inspector, was found in a sewage canal just 250 meters from his home. Investigators soon figured out that the man's family may had been involved in his murder. Surveillance cameras installed in the area and a thorough verification of each family member's call history helped inspectors crack the case and ultimately get a confession out of the wife and her four daughters. On the video, the hired killers can be seen entering the house. That same evening, the five women helped the two killers load Ali's body onto a motorcycle so it could be disposed of in a nearby canal. Zahida Begum, 52, and her daughters Saba, 26, Zeenat, 22, Iram, 19, and Alia, 18 were all arrested while police search for the two hired killers who are on the run. (Oddity Central)

Violent Vegan Activists!

Butchers in France are asking for police protection from violent vegan activists who apparently want to impose their meat-free lifestyle on the entire nation. In a letter to France's Interior Minister, Jean-Francois Guihard, president of the French Confederation of Butchery, Butchers and Delicatessens (CFBCT), requested better police protection for the 18,000 professional butchers in the country, many of whom have become the targets of vegan activists. In April, seven butcher shops in Hauts-de-France were sprinkled with fake blood, and a butcher shop and a fish shop had their windows broken and their facades vandalized with the spray-painted inscription "stop to speciesism." He made it clear that he didn't expect the police to station personnel outside every butcher shop, but to monitor vegan activist groups to prevent attacks that he likened to "terrorism". Guihard also made it clear that he had nothing against vegans, but added, "We just want people to respect our craft and our customers, which means the majority of French people. Vegans are in a small minority." (Oddity Central)

What the What?

A father and son from Cardiff, Wales are developing a device that could protect swimmers and surfers from shark attacks - using the manufactured scent of dead sharks. No kidding. Collin Brooker and son Simon have already spent over $300,000 developing the Podi, a device that can be attached to a surfboard or worn on a person that slowly releases a chemical based on the scent of dead shark. Sharks have an excellent sense of smell, and can sniff out their prey from up to 1.8 miles away. The theory is that, when they smell a "dead" shark, their survival instinct will kick in, and they will not want to approach the area of potential danger. The Brookers hope to provide a safe space for swimmers and surfers for a 500 meter radius.(Metro)


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