Guess Who's About to Be the King of Oil Production?

Guess who's about to be the king of oil production in the world? That would be America. Yep, the US is on pace to leapfrog past Saudi Arabia and Russia and reclaim the title of the world's biggest oil producer for the first time since the 1970s. The latest forecast from the US Energy Information Administration predicts that US output will grow next year to 11.8 million barrels a day which would make the US the world's leading producer of crude. However, Saudi Arabia and Russia could upend that forecast by boosting their own production, ironically, something President Trump has urged the Saudis to do to contain rising prices. The United States led the world in oil production for much of the 20th century, but the Soviet Union surpassed America in 1974, and Saudi Arabia did the same in 1976, according to Energy Department figures. The last decade or so has seen a revolution in American energy production, however, led by techniques including hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and horizontal drilling. The US has been pumping more than 10 million barrels a day on average since February, and probably pumped about 10.9 million barrels a day in June. (Marketwatch)

Get A Room!

In Newark, New Jersey, not only was 39-year-old Tameka Hargrave cheating on her husband with a 56-year-old mechanic, the couple unintentionally killed themselves by having sex in a parking garage. They died from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning! Kahali Johnson found his wife and the unidentified mechanic, dead in the parking garage. It seems Johnson was getting free work done on her vehicle in exchange for sex. Johnson said he arrived at his apartment and smelled a strong odor in his home. He said an alarm went off and he began investigating the smell to the garage where he found his wife, the mechanic and a running car. Police arrived and pronounced Hargrave and the mechanic dead. Newark police spokesperson Catherine Adams said the deaths "appeared to be accidental." (FOX News)

So It Is Possible to Accidentally Steal a Car

In Cornwall, Canada, an elderly woman apparently accidentally stole a car and kept it for two weeks before she was finally told. It's not as hard as you'd think. Apparently she drove her rented black Nissan Sentra sedan to a nearby Walmart to pick up some groceries, but upon exiting the store she got into a black Infiniti QX50 luxury SUV parked nearby instead. Seems strange because although made by the same parent company, the vehicles really aren't much alike. The reason is it worked is because the Infiniti owner had left his key fob in the car, so the door opened and she was able to start it. Since the rental car used the same system she was none the wiser to the mix-up and drove off on her merry way. When she went to return the car several days later, she did complain about how it was messy and had golf clubs in the trunk. Then confusion ensued. The rental agent turned into an investigator and took her to retrace her steps, which first led them to the Walmart parking lot where they found the Nissan still parked. Since the Infiniti owner had reported his car stolen, the police were able to track him down and return the car. Despite the inconvenience, he didn't press charges against the woman, and the police let her off with a laugh. (FOX News)

Let Your Hair Down Girl... Said the Navy!

The Navy says it will now allow servicewomen to sport ponytails and other hairstyles, reversing a policy that long forbade females from letting their hair down. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson says it makes the Navy more inclusive. Many black women had asked for changes to the female grooming standards. A female sailor, Yeoman First Class LaToya Jones, announced the new policy during a Facebook Live event Tuesday with Richardson. The new standards went into effect Wednesday. Lock hairstyles, or ropelike strands, are also now allowed. Wider hair buns, too. And women can wear ponytails while in uniform. Lt. Cmdr. Jess Cameron says while allowing new hairdos may seem like a small thing, it sends a larger message. "I think it's a step forward," she says. "They're getting more female feedback in the service, and updating what I think are somewhat antiquated guidelines that maybe no longer serve their purpose in today's society, today's military." (Newser)

Hate Kylie Jenner? This Will Make Your Head Explode!

Lover her or hate her, Kylie Jenner is on her way to becoming the world's youngest billionaire. If she does she'll unseat Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is only 20 and already an extremely successful businesswoman. According to Forbes, Jenner is on course to become the youngest self-made billionaire ever. Her current fortune is estimated to be $900 million. Most of that comes from her thriving Kylie Cosmetics company, which she started just two years ago. The business has only seven full-time employees and she owns 100% of it, though "momager" Kris Jenner takes a 10% cut for handling the business side of things. Jenner, who had a baby girl in February, will beat Mark Zuckerberg's record if she makes her first billion before she is 23. Meanwhile, half-sister Kim Kardashian West's wealth is estimated to be a paltry $350 million. (Forbes)

Wake Up!

A central New York man got a very rude awakening when a 6-foot-long red-tailed boa constrictor suddenly fell through his bedroom ceiling and landed on top of him! Can you imagine? The state Department of Environmental Conservation says this all went down in the Oswego County village of Pulaski, 35 miles north of Syracuse. DEC officials say the responding officer determined the large snake had escaped its enclosure in another apartment. Fortunately our sleeping friend wasn't injured. It's actually legal to own those things in New York and the snake was reunited with its owner. (Newser)

No More Papa in Papa John's!

After showing his true colors and inexplicably using the N-word during a media training exercise, there is no more "Papa" at Papa John's pizza. The company's founder, John Schnatter, has resigned as chairman of the board. Schnatter later apologized for his language but not before Forbes broke the story that the pizza chain's marketing firm broke ties with the company afterward. When asked how he would distance himself from racist groups, Schnatter reportedly only complained that Colonel Sanders never faced a backlash for using the N-word. He stepped down as CEO last year after blaming slowing sales growth on the outcry surrounding football players kneeling during the national anthem, but remained chairman. Dear Mr. Schnatter - a little advice: It seems every time you open your mouth, you get you and your former company into trouble. How about you promise to SHUT UP for the rest of your life? (Forbes)

What the What?

On Daytona Beach's famed boardwalk, Jamie Roehm was working outside Jungle George's, dressed as one of the minion characters from the Despicable Me movies. That is until, 25-year-old Ryan Nihart decided he'd be a big man and attack him. According to the police report, Roehm said Nihart slammed him onto the pavement and kicked him when he tried to get back up. Even worse, police said witnesses cheered on Nihart during the alleged attack. The store owner and others finally stepped in and helped detain Nihart until police arrived. He was charged with battery and criminal mischief. Reportedly, Roehm declined medical treatment, saying he was mostly bruised. The store owner told police the $300 minion suit was destroyed. Who attacks a minion? For cryin' out loud! Somebody call Gru and get the freeze gun! (Palm Beach Post)


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