(Women's Health) Lightning. Quite beautiful. Thunder. So dramatic. Glistening droplets. Totally migraine inducing? Yes, and that's not all for some of us:

Blame it on The Rain
About 10 percent of people are rain heaters, storms make them angrier and more melancholy. Tame rain rage and start associating wet weather with positive thoughts by indulging in a Netflix binge.

A Pounding Head
As a storm rolls in, atmospheric pressure the weight of the air pushing down against the earth and your body, drops. With less outside pressure, your blood pressure may dip slightly, causing blood vessels that surround the brain to expand, leaving you with a piercing throb. To ward off the pain, pop a non steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) like naproxen if the forecast shows stormy clouds.

Achy Joints
Falling air pressure can also make your joints think shoulders, hips and knees swell and press on nearby nerves and tissue, causing achiness. Avoid high-impact exercise if you feel stiff, and use a heating pad on joints.

Sneezes and Sniffles
High winds and heavy rain dredge up pollen and mold spores and send them flying into the air, most notably in the first half-hour of a storm. Asthma and seasonal allergy sufferers in particular should beware. Take an antihistamine before you venture out; if you have asthma, throw your inhaler in your bag.

Amped Productivity
Finally, a silver lining. Per research, bad weather can usher in a get it done attitude since you're not distracted by fantasies of frolicking outdoors. So use the day to knock out some chores or tackle that looming work deadline.


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