Football is back. Men's Health tallied up some stats:

76% of men watch NFL games

6% record all their favorite matchups to watch over again

38% of fans check in on their team's Facebook page before the game

90 minutes before a game NFL players and coaches must stop tweeting

94% of guys who yell at their big screen when they feel frustrated by a play

30% of NFL fans will rally their team in person at least once a season

16% of men throw parties for their pals on Super Bowl Sunday

70% of women would rather watch the Super Bowl than have sex

50% of men would rather watch the Super Bowl than have sex

61% of men fold Saturday's college games into their weekend plans

47% of football junkies attend at least one high school game every year

7% of men would not allow their sons to compete on the gridiron

79% of men think the NFL is doing enough to prevent concussions

44% of those guys have had a concussion themselves

15% of guys score their participatory thrills through fantasy football


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