Born On This Day...

   In 1769 French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte I (1804-13, 1814-15)
   In 1771 Novelist/poet, Sir Walter Scott (Lady of Lake)
   In 1803 Governor, Sir James Douglas (first governor of British Columbia)
   In 1853 Opera soprano, Emma Calve (Carmen)
   In 1858 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Charles "Charlie" Comiskey (White Sox owner)
   In 1860 Florence Kling DeWolfe Harding, wife of President Warren Harding
   In 1879 Actress, Ethel Barrymore (First Lady of American Theatre)
   In 1887 Novelist, Edna Ferber (Showboat, Cimarron, Giant, American Beauty)
   In 1888 Actor/writer, T.E. Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia)
   In 1890 Physiologist, Elvin Morton Jellinek (studied alcoholism)
   In 1900 Painter, Jack Tworkov (abstract expressionist) [d: 9-4-82]
   In 1904 Puppeteer, Bill Baird (Kukla, Fran & Ollie) [d: 3-18-87]
   In 1911 Blues singer/songwriter, Buster Brown [d: 1-31-76]
   In 1912 Food icon/author, Julia Child (Art of French Cooking) [d: 8-15-04]
   In 1912 Actress, Wendy Hiller (David Copperfield) [d: 5-14-03]
   In 1920 Actor, Huntz Hall (The Bowery Boys) [d: 1-30-99]
   In 1922 Sculptor, Leonard Baskin [d: 6-3-00]
   In 1924 Playwright, Robert Bolt (Dr. Zhivago) [d: 2-20-95]
   In 1924 Conservative activist, Phyllis Schlafly [d: 9-5-16]
   In 1925 Actor, Mike Connors (Joe Mannix-Mannix, Today's FBI) [d: 1-26-17]
   In 1925 Actress, Rose Marie (Sally Rogers-Dick Van Dyke Show) [d: 12-28-17]
   In 1925 Bass vocalist, Bill Pinkney (The Drifters) [d: 7-4-07]
   In 1930 Singer/saxophonist, Jackie Brenston (Rocket 88) [d: 12-15-79]
   In 1931 Actress, Janice Rule (Alvarez Kelly, Doctor's Wife) [d: 10-17-03]
   In 1932 Actress/model, Abby Dalton (Joey Bishop Shop, Falcon Crest) (86)
   In 1933 Singer, Floyd Ashton (What Kind Of Fool-Tams) [d: 7-11-13]
   In 1933 Singer/guitarist, Bobby Helms (Jingle Bell Rock) [d: 6-19-97]
   In 1933 Actress, Lori Nelson (The Creature, How to Marry a Millionaire) (85)
   In 1935 Actor, Jim Dale (Barnum, My One & Only) (83)
   In 1935 Civil rights activist, Vernon Jordan (83)
   In 1936 Actress, Pat Priest (Marilyn Munster-The Munsters) (82)
   In 1938 U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Stephen Breyer (1994-) (80)
   In 1941 Guitarist/singer, Don Rich (Buck Owens, Hee Haw) [d: 7-17-74]
   In 1942 Drummer, Pete York (Spencer Davis Group) (76)
   In 1944 Actress, Barbara Bouchet (Casino Royale) (74)
   In 1944 Broadcast journalist/author, Linda Ellerbee (Our World) (74)
   In 1944 Singer/producer, Frederick Knight (I've Been Lonely So Long) (74)
   In 1945 Football Hall-of-Famer, Gene Upshaw Jr. (Raiders) [d: 8-21-08]
   In 1946 Songwriter, Jimmy Webb (MacArthur Park, Up, Up & Away) (72)
   In 1946 Politician, Kathryn Whitmire (first woman mayor of Houston TX) (72)
   In 1947 Astronaut, Manley Lanier Carter, Jr. (STS-33) [d: 4-5-91]
   In 1947 Conga player, Gerardo Velez (Spyro Gyra) (71)
   In 1949 Actress, Ann Ryerson (Private Carol Winter-Private Benjamin) (69)
   In 1950 Drummer, Tommy Aldridge (House of Lords, Whitesnake) (68)
   In 1950 Princess, Anne (daughter of Queen Elizabeth II) (68)
   In 1950 Singer, Billy Griffin (The Miracles) (68)
   In 1950 Actress, Tess Harper (Crimes of the Heart, Amityville 3D) (68)
   In 1951 Singer/guitarist, Bobby Caldwell (What You Want Do For Love) (67)
   In 1955 U.S. basketball player, Kenneth Carr (Olympic-Gold-1976) (63)
   In 1955 Actor, Larry Mathews (Ritchie-Dick Van Dyke Show) (63)
   In 1957 Actor, Zeljko Ivanek (Mass Appeal) (61)
   In 1958 Country singer/songwriter, Paul Jefferson (60)
   In 1960 American tennis player, Maureen Louie Harper (58)
   In 1961 Singer/guitarist, Matt Johnson (The The) (57)
   In 1965 Reality star, Jill Vertes (Dance Moms) (53)
   In 1967 Rap singer, Adam Yauch (The Beastie Boys) [d: 5-4-12]
   In 1968 Actress, Debra Messing (Dana-NYPD Blue, Grace-Will & Grace) (50)
   In 1970 Actor, Anthony Anderson (Law & Order, Blackish, To Tell the Truth) (48)
   In 1972 Actor, Ben Affleck (Pearl Harbor, Daredevil, Batman V. Superman) (46)
   In 1972 Actor, Vince Poletto (Tanner-All My Children) (46)
   In 1972 Singer, Michael Graham (Boyzone) (46)
   In 1974 Actress, Natasha Henstridge (Species, The Whole Nine Yards) (44)
   In 1976 Playmate, Priscilla Taylor (March-1996) (42)
   In 1977 Actress, Nicole Paggi (Providence, Sydney-Hope & Faith) (41)
   In 1978 U.S. Volleyball player, Kerri Walsh-Jennings (Oylmpic-Gold-2004-08-12) (40)
   In 1985 Actress, Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead) (33)
   In 1989 Singer, Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers) (29)
   In 1989 Actor, Carlos Pena Jr. (Big Time Rush, Grease Live) (29)
   In 1990 Actress, Emmy Buckner (Liv and Maddie) (28)
   In 1990 Actress, Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games, Silver Linings) (28)
   In 1994 Drummer, Tristan Evans (The Vamps) (24)
   In 1994 Actress, Danielle Morrow (iCarly) (24)
   In 1995 Singer, Kieran Ackerman (4Count) (23)
   In 1995 Rap singer, Chief Keef (Glo Gang) (23)


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