There are a lot of ways to tell things about a woman.... this could be the goofiest. A woman's eyebrows reveals her relationship appetite, according to self-proclaimed "web goddess" Serena.
  • Thick: She's naturally drawn towards action and adventure and is quick to look around. She finds it hard to have a permanent relationship with just one partner.
  • Thin: She has little interest in long term relationships.
  • Close-set: She's jealous.
  • Wide-set: She's inhibited and shy.
  • Curved: She's very sensual.
  • Triangular: She prefers to be your best friend rather than passionate mate.
  • Straight: She's very conventional and trustworthy. A gal to take home to meet the parents.

And for the guys too... (from our twisted sarcastic mind)
  • Unibrow: (one brow all the way across the forehead) He might be spending a little too much time at the gym or wrestling bears at the circus.
  • No Brows: He sits way too close to the camp fire.
  • Lifted or Pointed: He could be a Klingon.


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