"Avocados Are Actually Bad For You!"
Trash! Only if you eat them whole and forget to take out the pit

"New Disorder: Snapchat Dysmorphia is a Real Thing!"
Truth! IT's the term referring to people seeking plastic surgery to look more like their filtered selfies! Researchers say the fixation may be a new version of body dysmorphic disorder (or BDD), a mental ailment that makes people obsess over any perceived flaw in their appearance. How sad.

"Las Vegas is America's Most Livable City!"
Trash! Only if the next spin lands on 21-red.

"Girl Tells Cop She's a White Thoroughbred and Shouldn't Get a Ticket!"
Truth! After being pulled over for blowing through a stop sign at 60mph. Also had a 0.18 blood alcohol thing. She also mentioned she was a cheerleader, a dancer, and a sorority girl who graduated from a "high accredited university."

"Baseball to Start Using a Self-Scratching Clock!"
Trash! But could you at least check to see if the camera is on you before heading there?

"Eight Dead While Attending a Man's Wake!"
Truth! In Peru. Apparently the meat stew served after the wake was tainted and made many sick while killing eight!

"Nutella Looking for Non-Professional Tasters!"
Truth! Could there be a better dream job?

"Democrats Want to Impeach President Trump With Real Peaches!"
Trash! They wouldn't mind going fruitless.


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