On this date in 1680, the Pueblo Indians took possession of Santa Fe, NM, after driving out the Spanish.
  • After the big victory, their chief uttered those famous words, "OK... now what?"
  • At least they were nice enough to drive them out, rather than making them walk.
  • The driving was tough, as only a few had learner's permits.

In 1841, John Hampson patented the venetian blind.
  • All though some people just considered it window dressing.
  • It was a special window covering that, when you turned a handle, blocked out the view of his neighbors, the Venetians.
  • It was tough enough inventing a venetian... but blind? Wow.
  • Ever since, it's been the blind leading the blinds.
  • You're pullin' my cord! Nope, true!

In 1858, the first of the many famous Lincoln-Douglas debates took place. Lincoln won the debates, but over the next several decades, Douglas saw a way lot more plays. The winner, of course, appeared on the penny and the $5 bill.

On this date in 1878, a group of lawyers, judges and law professors established the American Bar Association. They were about to celebrate when an ambulance drove by and half the crowd ran after it.

In 1911, the Leonardo da Vinci painting "Mona Lisa" was stolen from Louvre Museum in Paris, France. At first, people thought she might be involved because of that smirk on her face. At that point, no one was smiling.

On this date in 1959, Hawaii became our 50th state. At last, all that pineapple was ours! Moohaahaahaa.


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