The very first Thanksgiving Day service was held at Phippsburg, Maine, on this date in 1607. Our Thanksgiving was moved to November after everyone realized there were no football games to watch while the turkey cooked.
In 1639, Jonas Bronck settled in what is now known as the Bronx, in New York.
  • Let's all give him a Bronck's cheer!
  • Could have easily been called, The Henry.
  • As far as how Queens got it's name, don't ask, don't tell.
  • Of course, when they saw Jonas coming down the street, they didn't say "Hello"... they'd just say (Bronx cheer).
  • That was when one of the local natives came up and said to him, "You's settlin' here?"

On this date in 1778, Captain Cook passed through the Bering Strait. Later, he would return to pass through the Bering, drunk.
In 1848, The Free-Soil Party nominated Martin Van Buren for president at its convention in Buffalo, New York.
  • Where's a Free-Soil Party when you really need one.
  • Van Buren promised if elected, everyone would get a free box of dirt.
  • It rained, his opposition began slinging mud and politics was born.


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